Weight Loss After a Hysterectomy

Thursday, August 18, 2022

 Hey Mofos! 

I hit my 6 month mark after evicting my uterus and I'm feeling pretty good. 

I'm lying. People always ask, "do you feel back to normal?"

WTF IS THAT?! Normal certainly isn't bleeding all your iron out monthly and it certainly isn't normal  to have your bladder squished and your uterus and fibroids sitting on other organs causing immense pain and uncomfortableness. I don't know what normal is. 

I'm feeling like a stranger in my own body-- like this is the body I had when I was fighting with the fibroids off and on, low iron off and on, bloating and heavy disrespectful periods. When I look in the mirror, I don't see a body rid of all this, I still see this body. I see some progress with the hair loss--it's growing back in fully and THICK DO YOU HEAR ME?! AMEN!! My eyebrows are baaaack! Nails strong and I'm not itching like crazy cuz of low ass iron. 

Anyhoo, I know some folks drop all this weight after they evict their uterus, but some gain. My weight stayed the same. As you know, I was so excited hoping my body would be cooperative and be in the number of releasing the fibroid weight, but despite my uterus + fibroids weighing 5'levum whatever it was.. nothing. Now, I will say I am still dealing with swelly belly so when I get up in the morning, I'm like YESSSSSS COME THRU STOMACH, but a few hours later.. it's like oh you back to looking pregnant. 

So, I hopped back into working out at 4 months or so, went hard as hell close to the 5 month mark, and nothing. Not an ounce lost. Just more fatigue and tears. Clothes still looking like I need to buy the right size and more frustration. Wait, scratch that, I still can't wear my clothes with buttons comfortably, it's like my stomach doesn't want to be touched. 

I'd had enough of not feeling good about how I look. I see myself on camera weekly with Check the Rhymes and I thought wow, my chins are chinning, my face is full, and if I sit a certain way, you'll see the tire around my waist, swelling the more stressed out I get, and the more I move around. I used to take tons of selfies and pics, but now that is rare and if I do take them, y'all ain't gonna see em. The acne is a whole other hormonal ass story. 

Now, let me just say I started seeing a nutritionist right after I was told my fibroids had returned in 2020. MY WEIGHT NEVER CHANGED. IS IT MEEEE?! Or is it them? Either way, I knew it was time to break up with this nutritionist because it felt like a whole lot of yapping, me eating what they said and still nothing. So, I was getting desperate to feel some kind of new normal, feel cute, sexy, feel like a grown up Meik Meik and not like a PE teacher (no shade) wearing gym shorts, and tee shirts all the time and dreading if anyone invited me anywhere because that brought on a whole new anxiety of what to wear. I had resorted to wearing elastic everything. 

So I found out my insurance would cover Medi-Weight Loss. So here I am, week 1 and while most folks get to do a version of Keto the first week to put them into Ketosis, my body said nawl sis, we got sugar issues so for my first week, I had to incorporate high protein, low carb things from a list they gave me and eating every 2-4 hours-- 6x a day. I remembered, this is how I lost weight in 2007 doing the reality show--so I KNOW this works. It's just a matter of prepping (which I didn't) and finding foods you like. Since I'm working from home, I decided not to prep the first week so I could figure out the combos of things I like. I still refuse to eat that rubber looking turkey bacon, but anyhoo. I also can't take the supplements they force on you-- because I can't swallow pills and they are expensive af. I do get the weekly b vitamins injection cuz I need all the help I can get. 

I felt so proud of myself for  sticking to it, despite getting frustrated. 

*Resumes writing after weigh in*

For week 1, I have lost a total of almost 4 pounds (we round up over here for them point whatevers LOL) and 2 inches in my waist (measured before swelly belly kicks in cuz hysterectomy remnants). Talking to the nutritionist made me realize  the entire reason I couldn't lose weight since 2020-- BECAUSE THE RAGGELY HOE ok lemme be nice, the nutritionist I had been seeing had me on a diet to MAINTAIN my weight with 50'levum grams of carbs daily vs now where I do under 50g. She had me eating beans, more beans, and more beans, products that had more carbs than protein, and the list goes on. The way she had me eating, I was eating out at least 3-4 times a week. So far with this diet, it's been 1x a week and that's only because of people's birthdays or special events. I also know what to order to stay on track.  

So.. onto week 2, I'll keep y'all posted on the progress. Do what works for your body! It may take forever and a day to figure that out, but I knew when I wanted to drop this weight it was about being healthier, and getting my numbers down after fibroids and low iron skyrocketed everything, and I wanted to feel "cozy" in my skin. IFYKYK! 

What has your experience been with losing weight after a hysterectomy or a myomectomy or UFE? 

Also, be prepared to be sick of me wearing crop tops when I get to that point. Ok bye! 

Oh yeah and listen to the Ladies Edition podcast for all things women's health and fibroids and other ish. 


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