Weight Loss After a Hysterectomy: Week 2 Weight Loss Journey

Thursday, August 25, 2022

 Hey Mofos! 

The weight struggle and journey after a hysterectomy continues. 

I'm on week 2 of the medi-weight loss plan and it has gotten easier so that I'm adding in various meals but still able to stick to the plan. I even ate out a couple of times--I just had to find healthy options. 

I did notice this week, my need for electrolytes was a bit intense, but I also kicked up my workouts like a whole fool. Then.. nausea set in thanks to some new meds to bring my A1C down, so eating became challenging for a couple of days. 

This week I'm only down 1.2 pounds and while it's frustrating TO ME-- it's still a win because I lost. My fat mass and BMI came down, and my waist is half an inch down from last week. Progress is progress! I have been able to wear shirts that were too tight a few weeks ago, so yay!! 

I've also been working on releasing the traumas that I'm convinced led to my fibroids and cysts and ultimately my hysterectomy. We've been talking a lot about that on the podcast, so make sure you tune in! One of these days I'll share my before and after photo when I get to my goal! 

So that's the update. How are you guys doing out there??


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