The Weight Loss Journey Continues

Saturday, September 10, 2022


Hey Mofos! 

I am triflin but we have established that when this blog started 50'levum years ago. I am behind on weeks 3 and 4 of the weight loss journey, but I am down now a total of 9 pounds! 

BUT I will say week 4 was rough because I lost only over half a pound and I was looking at my body like girlllllllll you know we have a goal, but after some clarifying and revisiting my diet and what I did different because week 3, I lost over 3 pounds. I had started a new supplement to balance my hormones which caused me to bloat badly, then I was eating protein bars as meal replacements versus eating a meal, like every single day because I've been on the go or crazy busy. THENNNN these mofos at Medi Weight Loss all seem to have conflicting info. I asked the one nutritionist if Quest bars were okay, she said yes, while the one today told me no, don't eat those unless it's once a week, there are better bars. I need them to all get on the same page cuz they are wearing me out! 

So onto week 5 and hoping I lose a few more pounds as I let go of those protein bars that I was relying on heavily and try to meal prep ahead of time for the days I'm super busy. 

What are some meal prep tips I should know? Drop em in the comments!


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