Mofo'n WHET?

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What up Mofos?!

I know .. It’s been forever since I’ve posted, but listen…a sista been busy writing, and writing, and writing some more..and about to start judging competitive cheerleading so..there’s that.


Some folks can tear a nerve up like nobody’s business.

What you mean Meik?

I’m glad you asked. You ever been around someone so stupid at times, that their confidence in their logic has you questioning everything you have ever known in life?

Chile.. stroll with me to last week.

Most folks mammys have taught them to drink 7-up, sprite, or gin-gell (ginger ale for the slow folks) when they have an upset stomach or hell trying to fight the bubble guts til you can get home and handle things in peace. I mean, I don’t know about ya’ll but ain’t it rude to blow up a bathroom that ain’t yo own??

Anyhoo so I go to the vending machine because eating this greasy arse pizza has my stomach doing all kinds of back flips and my first attempt was a FAIL. Damn machine took my lil bit of change and said f yo drink. Lawwwwd.. and the stairs leading to the other vending machines.. I might don’t make it. So I decide to put another dollar in and pray that God hears my prayer to deliverT me some gin-gell.
Listen.. TWO GIN-GELLS came out the machine! GLORRRAAYYYYY! So me being the friendly person I am..I offer one of the cans to my “friends.” Why do I have "friends in quotes? Cuz..they ain't really my friends but.. hell it made the story easier to tell.

Y’all..when I tell you that I just… I can’t find the words.. I am still unable..

Patti responds with “Uhhhh that’s not ginger ale..that’s Canada Dry.”

I swear I want to fight her.

Bish whet?!

Y’all I had to look up to the heavens and back at the gin-gell can because Patti said this ish so confidently that I thought maybe I misread the damn ish.

I look down.. can looks like this:

I respond with..hmm that’s weird.. it says ginger ale.. and this heffa says “naw..that’s Canada Dry, and I know ginger ale, that’s not it.”

Jesus. Was she dropped on her head 50’levum times? I mean.. or is it me that’s confused?

So I check the can again, because maybe my stomach hurting is causing my eyeballs to play tricks on me..
Yep.. still says gin-gell

So uhhh you don’t want this? Patti responds with “ewww nooo.. besides you only drink real ginger ale when you are sick, not for fun! Even tho that’s not ginger ale, I’m not a fan of Canada Dry.”
I just…….. IS IT ME? AM I SLOW?

So I ask a couple other people..hell one of em even googled and we all touched and agreed that she indeed is boo boo the mofo’n fool.

I can’t take it.

At this point I just sit down.. drink my gin-gell and rock.. hoping someone or something will hit her in the head.

I guess the lesson here is if you gonna be dumb.. stand in your truth and own it. Bless.

I KNOW y'all have some dumb arses you have come in contact with.. tell me about it in the comments!

Ya'll stay classy and smart!


A Mofo's Rude 'Tude

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Hey Mofos!

You know this summer didn't go by without some mofoish activity! YOU KNOW BETTER RIGHT?

I told bits and pieces of this story on Twitter but some of you are pushy and wanted more words LOL So here ya go!

I just really wonder what the entire hell goes on in the minds of some folks, especially when they are invited somewhere for FREE and ............

What happened Meik?

I'm so glad you asked!

Motown the Musical is in town for a 2 week run and lemme just add it is one of the best musicals I have seen, ok hell, I am bias since I love ALLLLLLLL things old school and Motown for that matter--hell they gave us MJ! Anyway, I digress, so I had an extra ticket so I invited a friend that I know claims to love theater and since we'd gone out a few times, why not just go together? So IDK if I'd classify this as a date, y'all can tell me cuz you got all these new fangled got dayum rules and ish these days. I'm too old and too tired to keep up.

So.. prior to the show I was invited to attend a media event to stare and eyeball other members of the media because..well.. we're stuck up and don't mingle..sounds like the Charlotte dating scene huh? Imagine that. Anyway, we'll call him Bryan for the fun of it. Bryan was attending an event also and via text we thought we were gonna be at the same party but turns out there were a couple going on that evening. Either way, I had the tickets--but yet he tells me to brang my arse to the building where he is, mind you the building where I am WITH THE TICKETS has the show right downstairs and I'm all up in the open bar.. don't judge. Just take a sip...and another..and another..and one more!

So he finally agrees to meet me there and when he FINALLY shows up after going to the wrong place and blaming me for his lack of comprehension of a text with the exact location (this is the first of many blank stare moments), and his texts asking me if I have extra tickets for his friends, he arrives and greet him at the entrance only to get a oh hey and he makes a beeline to speak to someone he knows. Well, I grab my drink and head over to give him this gift bag for the guests since I had an extra one and I wait....and wait....and WAIT..hell I still don't know who that dude was talking to if that gives you any indicator.. so let's add RUDE MOFO to this list..

I don't know about y'all but I always introduce folks..if I can't recall your name.. I just say this is my friend Boo Boo and let y'all take the introductions from there.. I am not going to keep talking and act like you don't exist because WHY? Anyway.. *takes a sip* give him the gift bag and its in the shape of a record.. so it says MY GUY/MY GIRL on it and he informs me that it's gay. Oh.. well hell, you ain't gotta take it.

So as we are all heading to the show, I run into a fellow media-ite and we're chatting and I say this is my friend Bryan..and the media friend says, "nice to meet you, what do you do?" THIS MAN... Y'all..........................................responds with, "I'm just her hoe for the night." lsjf;akldsfjklasdjf;lkasdjflkadjsfladsjf;a

WTF DID HE JUST SAY?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I bout slid to the floor while making sure I didn't spill my alcohol *Thanks Bey*

So I just grab him and say excuse had I not already given this fool his ticket I woulda sent him on his merry way, but I figure let's try to salvage this evening. I tell him I have to go to the restroom before heading into the show, and he says he's going to the concession stand.



This means, he ain't asked if I wanted a piece of got dayum ice or a napkin to make sure it don't melt. So I blink and wait..and blink and he turns away and walks off. this a new fangled rule where I shoulda said "GET ME A DRANK" or .. I don't .. chile..

So then the ushers inform us that we have to hurry up because the show is about to start, we discover we have a couple flights of long sets of stairs to hurry down. If you have been following me, you know I have nerve damage in my left leg and while it's not 100%, I still struggle on stairs with walking and have to go slow and I even told him let's take the elevator..and I was wearing some baby wedges which makes walking a little more difficult (hey I was trying to be cute!)...well clearly he wasn't trying to hear take the elevator, so we are walking down the stairs, me a bit slower than him..and I tell him go ahead I'll catch up.. He turns and yells "THIS IS WHY YOU NEED TO GO TO CROSSFIT AND LOSE WEIGHT AND GET YOUR STAMINA UP!"



This mofo.. who has NEVER ONCE asked in the almost 2 years that I have known him about my leg...decides the best response is "well when can you wear heels then?"

I mean, how much time do you get if you push someone down the steps in front of everyone cuz................

I respond with probably never, and your concern with my heels has nothing to do with the journey I have been on and these wedges may be as high as they get, and he says well at least you won't have ugly veins in your legs like some ladies will since they wear heels all the time. Is this some back handed arse compliment?!

Chile.. I shoulda sat in the aisle, but no.. the kicker for me was him trying to tell ME.. lover of all things Jackson family related, that Berry Gordy never signed the Jackson Five. BIH WHET? I get it, not everyone is up on who was on the Motown label, but dammit.. EVERYBODY knows that Berry gave the J5 their start.. but no..he tells me it wasn't was Diana Ross that put them on.

Excuse me while I count the f's that I no longer have for his company...

and DONE. I AM OVER THIS EXCURSION..DATE.. FRIEN--ehhh I aint even calling his arse a friend.

The ultimate slander came when he said he don't like Stevie Wonder. WHO HASN'T BEEN INFLUENCED BY STEVIE?! All of the music today... most folks cite Stevie or hell at least someone off the Motown label as an influence..but to not like Stevie?! chile...

Needless to say there was a lot of eye rolling and pretending like I was there alone after this LOL

Afterwards, a please don't walk me to my car, me and my nerve damaged leg would rather take our chances of being snatched up then having to deal with this mofo.

I enjoyed the play..just not the company.. so needless to say, it made me realize his true character.. that to say the hateful things about me and my leg when I've fought, pushed and rehabbed this leg to where it is today over the past 2 years and lost 16 pounds after that gawd awful medicine made me gain be made to feel like all of your efforts were pointless...nawl bruh.. I'm good on this friendship..if that's what it ever was.

Lesson Learned: Folks will reveal their true nature.. if you let em stick around long enough. I should have used my good leg and kicked him in the balls and called it a night. While the comments hurt my feelings, I realized one thing.. I'm tough and someone's rude behavior ain't gonna change the progress that I've made.

Stay classy!


Burying the Mofo'n Lead

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What's up Mofos?! Yeah.. Don't look at me like that.. I already know I'm trife for neglecting the blog, but hey.. you knew this when you decided to read it right?

Let's catch up.. I have been writing, writing, writing, and more writing, still trying to lose weight..oh and STILL single. The end.

Glad we got that out of the way.

Today I wanna talk about asking people for advice.

What you mean Meik?

I'm so glad you asked. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with leaning on your pals for a little advice every now and then..but let me just get into this story.

So .. my friend..hmm let's call her Elle, anyway, so Elle's friend/coworker/someone I don't know had a loss in their family. Lemme pause this for a moment to address this ish right now..


LOSS--> detriment, disadvantage, or deprivation from failure to keep, have, or get vs LOST---> no longer possessed or retained I mean I can see where things can get a little tricky.. BUT WHY JEEEEZUS CAN YA'LL NOT GET THIS RIGHT?! Not to mention "SO AND SO PAST AWAY" VS "SO AND SO PASSED AWAY" I just... I look at facebook, and other social media and wonder if some of y'all finished the 4th grade. Anyhoo..

Let's continue..

So Elle hits me up via text message and asks the following:

Is it appropriate to wear jeans and a tank top to visit the family?

Me: Sure, folks wore any and everything when they came to visit us after my grandma died. Just make sure you take some cake, pie, or chicken because that's what we do.. we eat when in mourning.

Elle: Ok thanks!

I'm at work minding my own biz when I get another text from Elle 30 min later..

It's at the funeral home, does that mean we have to view the body?

Me: Yes, probably..if this is the wake.

So I continue on with my hour later during my break, I'm on the phone with my mama and I'm telling her about my good deed of telling Elle to make sure she takes some chicken to the family.



Uh oh.


WHAT. DID. I. DO?!!!!!!!!!!

My mama says: "Um, I hope you didn't tell that girl to take that chicken to the funeral home, because that would be quite embarrassing."


LAWD ... all I can think is.. I just told her to wear jeans and a tank top and grab a bucket of KFC to take down to the fune home.


AND IT IS A WHITE PEOPLE FUNE?! *slides to the floor*

I don't even know the white people fune rules!!!!!!!!!!!! Lawd do they eat chicken when mourning? Lawd, I hope she didn't get all the fixins..but damn that sounds yummy.. if I had time on break to run...FOCUSSSSSSSSSS... ok.. so I'm pacing back and forth like wtf do I do? The wake probably started half an hour ago..but knowing black folks.. maybe she's late..cuz after all..she had to go get that bucket of chicken right?

So I start with a text:

Hey. you gone yet?

no response


So I wait about five minutes..send another text:

Hey girl.. Hey... ummm.... what time is the wake?

No response..

Now I'm freaking out.. totally imagining the horror of the white folks in this fune home and the smell of KFC chicken..or maybe she got a box of Bojangles chicken..cuz their biscuits are really delish..FOCUSSSSS *side note.. this diet is making me so hungry and I am craving some chicken for some reason* Anyhoo.. so I do what any respectable friend would do at this point..send another text..


Now I'm hyperventilating thinking what have I done?! She is prob ignoring me cuz she is PISSED.

Still no response.

Okay... so I get on twitter and ask 4000 of my closest friends what to do? These mofos just laugh. Some help y'all are.

I'm checking my phone every few minutes..okay..maybe she left the phone in the car.. I can't call down to the fune home cuz IDK which one..and wtf am I gonna say?? "Can I speak to the black chick that just brought the chicken in??" or "Can the negro that brought the chicken in to y'alls nice white people fune come to the phone?" I mean... so meanwhile my mama calls back asking have I gotten in touch with her.. NOPE.. oooooooooh this is bad. Thanks mama.. THANKS.

So one more time.. another text:


still no response for like 2 more hours.

Y'all.. at this point I have had so many images in my head, even her falling over the darn casket with the bucket of chicken.. to touching the casket with greasy chicken fingers. lawwwd. Maybe just maybe she took a cake or pie instead..but that's still bad.. cuz ... I ain't never seen folks bring food into a fune home before. LAWD.

*rocking back and forth humming* WHAT AM I GONNA DO!?!

Fast forward to damn near 3 hours later...

Elle FINALLY texts back:

I was very under dressed for the wake, everyone else was dressed up.

Now I'm thinking to myself at this it MY FAULT YOU BURIED THE LEAD? No pun intended.

So I say oh, well ummmm so... did you get my abort chicken text?

Elle: I didn't take the chicken inside. I figured I'd leave it in the car.

ME: JUMPING UP AND DOWN ON MY GOOD LEG HALLLLLLEEEELUJAHHHHHHHHH!! Whew.. I just knew the stench of chicken would be in that poor deceased person's hair and clothes.. and the family would be sideeyeing her or escorting her and that bucket right on outta there to the the parking lot. Thank goodness everything was all good..but y'all I laughed til I cried about this ish LOL LOL LOL

The lesson here is this: Don't ask advice without giving all the important deets up front. I work in television news..I need the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, and HOW before I can fully give you allllll of this expertise. Had I known she was going to the funeral home up front, the advice woulda have been a bit different.. and I guess on my end, I shoulda asked the important info of WTF YOU GOING? before dispensing my .08. Since I love leaving you with songs.. here ya go:

Stay Classy--


I'm Mofo'n Unbreakable --2 Years Later

Hey Hey Mofos!! I'm back! Grab a chair.. stay awhile..

"You'll never break me, 'cause I'm UNBREAKABLE"--- The late great King of Pop Michael Jackson sang those words in the song UnBreakable and honestly.. after all I've been through over the past two years... I may just be that..UNBREAKABLE.

What you mean Meik?

I'm glad you asked! June 25th is a date that sends me on an emotional roller coaster and not just because of the anniversary of the death of my beloved Michael Jackson. It's also the date when my life changed.

June 25, 2013-- I walked just as normal as I please into CMC Main Hospital to have 8 fibroids removed.. and when I woke up, little did I know I was about to embark on a hellish long yellow brick road to recovery that may never end up at the Wizard's mofo'n doorstep to get whatever it is I needed..hell by the time I get there I will have probably forgotten. For those that are new to my blog or you just need a refresher.. you can catch up on what happened several posts ago here:

Caught up? Good.. let's continue. I lost my grandmother in April 2013--that was the first swing life took at me, and I'll be damned if a couple months later it didn't swing and hit me right in the forward to 2015.. I could sit here and rock in a corner, which I had honestly fully absolutely planned to do, bought beer and wine and had my "woe is me kit" ready with a box of tissue.. but then after talking to my granddeddy..the King of Don't Let Life Kick You Down.. I had to rethink some things. So two years later... here it goes..and forgive me if I'm all over the place..this was originally a facebook post gone awry..

Imagine.. being a single person of 20 something years old (U LET ME HAVE THIS..THIS IS MY STORY!) and waking up after what you think is a normal routine fibroid surgery.. and not being able to feel your leg.. move your leg.. and it just keeps getting weaker and weaker and no one can tell you what happened?? why it happened? how it happened? While the doctor is shoving the blame on you and then you feel like you don't really have someone to lean on--well that's what I thought I was..but CHILE.. I have to say..without God, I don't know how I could have even started to take the first steps to figuring out how to deal with not being able to use my darn leg. I have to say I relied heavily on my family and the few friends I let in--because it's hard when you are going thru something that nobody else understands. I could sit here all day and tell you I CANNOT FEEL MY LEG--I CANNOT LIFT MY LEG ..I CANT WALK NORMALLY and unless you have been thru it.. then I think it's hard to get. So I thank them for pretending they got it and listening and not trying to shove unsolicited advice on what I should do down my throat --they knew I wasn't gonna listen..LOL
Thank you to those that call, text, fb, tweet, or whatever to check in on lil ole me. I appreciate it a lot. I have to say my fam and friends are the best..not being embarrassed to be seen with me (hell if u were u didn't say anything so thank u for that), waiting for me and walking slow to get to wherever we were going and not complaining, holding my cane so I could try to be cute in front of a ole sessy dude and get ignored, and not saying DAMN YOU GOT FAT! (that one meant A LOT!!) And just encouraging me to keep a positive 'tude and to keep pushing and allowing me to just deal with this in MY way and not yours. :)

One other thing that got me thru.. listening to MJ-- as my leg kept getting weaker... my self esteem plummeted and my weight ballooned so I listened to "P.Y.T" on repeat to remind myself that I'm still a pretty young that ish didn't really work, but I do love the song. "Beat It" gave me the fiyahhhhh I needed under my arse to beat this plexopathy (I couldn't spell the other word that goes along with this condition but hell u get the point LOL) and "Unbreakable" because what I was NOT about to do was let this thing break me. So I pushed.. pushed.. never gave up.. when one doctor told me nothing was wrong I went to another..and another and another.. lemme tell you what.. DO NOT LET SOMEONE TELL YOU NOTHING IS WRONG WHEN U KNOW UR BODY IS OUT OF SORTS.. I'm glad I didn't give up -- I went to physical therapy to work on my gait, I got my arse in the pool to work on my leg strength, and I may have had to go out of town for my neurologist..but dammit.. this man got me to a point where I no longer needed to carry a cane. For that he gets ALLLLLLLL the love! There were days when I shut myself off from folks..didn't wanna talk or I just didn't want to pretend that things were okay so "Leave Me Alone" became my anthem as I snuggled with my peanut butter M&M's and Starbucks..but I had to remind myself sometimes that "You are Not Alone."

I'm not going to lie.. I'm human..and "Scream" is another song that stayed on repeat and still does..shoot there are days that I cried and still cry, scream, and ask God, my leg, the nerves in my leg, and back to God, hysterically screaming for my grandma to come back and help me thru this, then the doctors WHYYYYYYYYY? Nothing is more frustrating than thinking you are making some strides towards getting better only to end up with jacked up tendons from limmping for so long so now you're stuck in a boot that's too dayum big that makes the most obnoxious noises so you can't even spy on folks. Can't sneak up on NOBODAAAYYYY. I listen to "Human Nature" and "Man in the Mirror" a lot because I don't understand how people can be so cruel sometimes. I have dealt with folks that I thought were friends that made fun of me when they thought I wasn't around, imitated how I was walking when I could barely walk thinking it was funny, making up nicknames, (chile middle school ish), and even those I passed in the hallways/aisles/parking lots that couldn't respond to a friendly smile and hello, instead they stared at my cane, my leg and JUDGED. Dammit now I'm crying writing this. *fights air* While I may make jokes.. it's kinda like my family.. I can talk about em but nobody else betta say one dayum word--unless you know me well enough to know WHEN to joke and HOW. Most times I'm just offended by some of the remarks that have been made, or I just don't respond because honestly I don't know how without cursing a mofo out. Even the weight comments had me not wanting to leave the house except for work, grocery store, etc.. but bishhhhhhh I can walk now so I'm all over the place limping or dragging this boot along.. I am tryin to get my social groove back--ok when my leg cooperates but I'm no longer using it as an excuse! Who knows, maybe I'll *gasp* start dating again. Jeezus. Shoot if MJ can get on stage and do an entire hellified performance sitting in a chair on the Soul Train Awards cuz of a hurt ankle, I can get my arse out the house and do what I gotta do. NO EXCUSES.

So now that I've gone all around the world and back the main point I wanted to make is this.. life throws you curve balls that hit you dead in your dayum face or the throaK.. it's all about how you decide to hit back.. you can be "Bad" and "Keep the Faith" or you can sit in a corner and "Scream" -- I chose to keep "Lookin Thru the Window" and look ahead to the my Sophia from the Color Purple voice "I know dey is a Gawd and I will walk again in these heels!!" 2 years later.. I can walk better than I could last year at this time.. I can lift my leg a little higher, I even see a lil muscle definition returning to my thigh, calf muscle still numb as hell, and there are days my entire leg/foot says f it and decides to blank out and become numb..or decides to remind me it's still recovering with a few love shocks known as nerve pain.. but hey, I take what I can-- small victories mean a lot in this case. I'm even rockin baby wedges..when I couldn't even THINK of anything more than flats or sneakers last year.. the journey continues..this is my new normal for NOW and it's "Another Part of Me" and you know, one thing is for sure, I have found that I am stronger...and definitely unbreakable. My grandma's words ring true.. "It sure feels nice to know when someone cares something about cha." Indeed Grandma..Indeed.. I see exactly what you mean.

Lesson learned: Never give up on YOU! That is all.

Now I gotta go blast some Michael Jackson and moonwalk --okay..shuffle around the room like I'm moonwalking..SAME THING DON'T U JUDGE ME! :)

-Until Later..


H-Town: A Blast From the Past

I know I know.. I ain't ish..but heyyyy Mofo's I'M BAAAACKKKKKK! I missed you all! But you know where you can find me if I'm not blogging..over on Twitter @Mofochronicles or I'm busy writing for or see.. I haven't neglected you COMPLETELY.

What brings you back now Meik?

I'm glad you asked! My 90's baes H-Town!

What you mean Meik?

Well..originally I started off writing a review of the show for one of the other sites since it is Black Music Month and all, but then I decided I just gotta keep it all the way real and squeal and fan girl versus trying to remain here I am.

The revival of the 90’s R&B groups hitting the road and doing shows across the country would be remiss if one group out of Houston, Texas wasn’t among them. H-Town made a stop in Rock Hill, South Carolina over the weekend thanks to RJ Productions. This was my first time going to Rock Hill and it was definitely an experience.

If you know me, you know that H-Town is one of my favorite groups so this was super exciting for them to be coming back to the Carolinas. I have been rocking with that group since they first burst onto the scene in the early 90's. In my head Dino was the bae-est bae's of all bae-dom. I was going to marry him and have allllllllll the sleepy eyed babies with huge dimples he wanted! But clearly that didn't happen and hell I never got the opportunity to meet him, but luckily I was able to catch H-Town when it was all three members. I digress tho.

The past two times that I have seen H-Town in Charlotte, it was just club appearances, so this was the first time I got to experience G.I. and Shazam without front man and singer to the gawds Dino Conner. God rest his soul. I swear I don’t think I have ever gotten over him passing away in 2003. For the deets on that and the interview head over to and read my tribute. Anyhoo, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when my sister and I got to Rock Hill, South Carolina. The area is kind of a down home small town feel so I don’t know if that’s correct but hey, that’s the impression I got. However, it is hotter than a mofo across the state line.. lawd jeezus, I think I left my perm sitting in SouF Cackalak from all the sweating! Not to mention, the venue was in an auditorium..which was cool, but jeeezus it was hot in there.. not sure what was going on with the a/c but I forgot all about that ish when H-Town and their "Fever for Da Flavor" got on stage.

(note the fellas have grown up from sessy shirtless young men into mature sessy bae material.. I'm here for it!)
Let's address this ish right here and now.. over the years, I’ve heard the nonsense that folks have ASSumed without Dino, H-Town wouldn’t be able to hold their own during a concert. SHEEETTTT lies you tell. ASSuming gets you nowhere.. until you have gone to an actual show and seen them perform.. then what exactly are you basing your ASSumptions on? I'll wait.

From the moment they took to the stage they had everyone on their feet, including me and this heavy arse boot I have to wear (thanks to the nerve damage in my leg and tendons being munked up.. WHOLE OTHER STORY).. While I can’t give you the exact rundown of the playlist order, I can tell you they sang ALLLLLLL the jams.. From "Don’t Hold Back the Rain," "Lick You Up," "Like it Slow," to "Knockin’ Da Boots" —chile.. I GOT MY ENTIRE LIFE LAST NITE! (Again, s/o to Rich Jamison for bringing the fellas to the area—I always have nothing but love for folks that bring good music round these parts!).. which reminds me.. someone in the audience kept screaming sing "KICKIN DA BOOTS" and I think I bout tinkled on myself from sniggling. Gotta love country folks!

I loved that the fellas paid homage to Hi-Five’s Tony Thompson (who passed away also) by getting the audience to sing along to “I Like the Way (Kissing Game)” –and then of course you can’t have an H-Town show without showing love and celebrating the life of the group’s backbone Dino. The guys sang “Emotions” and everyone in the building threw up their “H’s” to show love for one of my absolute favorite singers who had one of the most underrated vocals ever in my opinion. Have I mentioned how much I LOVEDEDEDED that dude? Like.. I need a tee shirt that has his pic on it or something.. someone make that happen thank yewwww..

I was quite entertained by the ladies that ran up on the stage to dance/twerk/body roll/ and hunch on Shazam and G.I’s legs during their new song “Green Light” which after hearing it, I give it the green light.. it’s pretty catchy. The fellas threw out stuffed animals and roses to the ladies, and at one point squirted whipped cream into the mouths of the willing and able. I’d be the one to choke on the ish so I stayed right where I needed to be .. in my seat throwing my “H” up singing and swaying. While some of you tend to think these groups should let the chips fall where they may and sit down somewhere after losing a lead singer, or if the group breaks up and new members slide into place, I am one that is open to giving the new version of the groups a shot, hell as long as they play the songs I wanna hear, we good LOL. For those that asked me who sang the lead parts since Dino is gone.. well hell you shoulda carried your arses to SC to see LOL .. or you can look it up on youtube..they have plenty of videos from shows they have done over the years.

While it wasn’t a sold out show, one thing is for sure.. the fellas rocked the house like there were thousands of people in the building by giving nothing short of 10000000000 percent.. and to me.. that says a lot, especially that they want to give their fans a good show, and leave a GOOD lasting impression.

Lesson Learned: Take a personal fan next time I travel over the border to SC .. and maybe next time H-Town comes, you mofos will come out and support and see for yourself how good they still are. I'm a fan and will always be one. *throws up the "H" til my fingers cramp*

Keep up with H-Town on Twitter @HTown4Life @gijackson @shazamconner (and you can check out their website at --tell em I sent ya!

What is your favorite H-Town song?

Until later...


Three is a Crowd, 50'levum People is Too MOFO'n Much

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Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall..

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall..

Humpty Dumpty got her face cracked all while thinking she was sitting on the wall of CHOSE-DOM.

What's going on Meik?

I'm oh so glad you asked! But first lemme tell y'all this.. I no longer write dating stories for Creative Loafing so if you still want to share your stories, feel free to send em my way.. I will post them here!

Back to the main event..

Sometimes I wish I would just listen to my gut instinct.. or that lil voice in the back of my head that says STAY YOUR ARSE AT HOME.. but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

This dude that I had hung out with..kicked it...went on a date.. no.. hell I don't know what the right terminology is but we went out to eat a couple times and he was mad cool.. Anyway.. pay attention to these details because they are important..

I haven't seen this dude in forever.. probably only text every once in a blue moon, but in my book, he's still cool. I get that folks are busy and besides, there wasn't that much of a romantic NUFFIN goings on.. so there's that. Anyway he invites me to go to this kid friendly spot because he wants to take his children. YES.. that's plural..CHILD-REN. So, my first thought is WHY? U want me to help watch them chirren? WHY? But I'm trying to be nice this year and I haven't seen him in a while, so I agreed to meet them there. He says I'll text you the deets later in the week. I ain't heard ish. This new negro stuff..chile..

Day of..He texts me to tell me they are on their way there.. but at the time I was in Target buying groceries and still had to go home and put them away blah blah. So I debated.. 1. He never told a time, so should I go? My friend boy told me HELL NO. 2. I do want to see him since it's been a while, should I go? Again he says HELL NO! 3. After an hour of piddling around I ended deciding I was bored so I might as well go!

So I text him that I'm on the way, and he tells me where to find them. I get there..fight thru traffic, HELL and the HIGH WATER *in my Deddy Pope voice* and finally find a parking space in that dang beast of a lot. I walk in...

well wayment..are y'all sitting down?

I walk in ... and find him. There's a group of people, an older couple, some other dudes with some kids running around, and a couple of chicks, and since they aren't all sitting at one table, I assume they aren't all together right?

Jeeezus on the mainline..... lemme call Him up.. cuz chile...

Dude turns around and introduces me to the following:

1. His parents--uh ok this is weird, but they were super nice

yep u heard me. THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE. WTF have I just walked in on?!

3. A baby mama
4. The children
5. His friends

uhhh AWKWARD MUCH? How does he introduce me? Just as Meik.. not even friend, chick I hang out with from time to time, or even heffa..just my name.

Now.. I wasn't aware I was invited to a family reunion so I'm kind of thrown off a little bit, and not sure how to take this. LOVE OF YOUR LIFE? I didn't know he was seeing anyone..and WTF YOU INVITE ME FUH???? And the Baby Mama..chile I AM UNABLE. So here I stand looking all awkward as they both size me up and try to work out an escape plan in my head. Then one of the friends keeps sliding over to me asking me questions like how my knees hold up and ish.. ninja WHET?

So I did what any respectable face cracked mofo would do.. gather my coat, purse, and tell them I had a prior engagement to attend and it was nice meeting them. Inside I WAS FUMING!! Never in my life, would I invite a dude without giving him the details of who will be there and give him the opportunity to decide if he wanted to show up. Even if I had someone banished to the friend zone prison, I still would give them ALL the deets, like hey it's a family affair! I can't imagine springing a random person on my family and boo. Lawd I wonder what that convo was like when I left. I haven't spoken to him since and have no plans to.

Lesson Learned: Go with your gut instincts.. if you KNOW you ain't got no biz going.. don't. I am still not sure what kind of emotion to feel right now besides BLINK-TASTIC and ANNOYED but hey, it was a lesson learned. Next time someone invites me out.. get ALL the details in advance so I know WTF I am walking into. I could sit here and pull a Celie:

But instead I'm just gonna take the face cracking and keep it moving and wish him and his love of his life and baby mama all the best!

Tell me dear Mofos.. How would you have handled this situation?

Until later..


Emotions Make You Cry Sometimes--Paying Homage to Dino of H-Town

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What's up fam? I just wanted to pay some homage to one of my favorite artists... on this date in 2003, Dino of H-Town was killed..lawd I still haven't gotten over this..but I just wanted to share a piece I wrote for on the 10 year anniversary of his death in 2013..

“Emotions make you cry sometimes/emotions make you sad sometimes,

Emotions make you glad sometimes/but most of all they make you fall in love…”

And fall in love is exactly what I, along with countless others, did with a distinctive voice that some music lovers say was one of the most underrated singers of our time. That voice belonged to none other than Keven “Dino” Conner of the group H-Town. On January 28, 2003 the music industry changed forever.

Dino and his girlfriend were leaving a Houston recording studio when they were killed after an SUV ran a red light and slammed into their car. Ironically the video for the song “Emotions” portrays a similar fate for the front man of the band.

H-Town, comprised of Dino, G.I., and Shazam, took us on a journey in the 90s with songs like “Knockin’ Da Boots”–teaching the fellas how to do it right with “They Like it Slow” and teasing the ladies with “Lick U Up”–and then reminding us how we all got to that place with the hit “Emotions.” Dino’s death left a void in the music industry and in the hearts of millions. Of course, the music Dino created still remains, and his voice still lives on.

Although it’s been over ten years since Dino passed away, he is definitely not forgotten. G.I. and Shazam continue to keep his memory alive, representing the H-Town legacy by still performing and putting out new music. Fans keep Dino’s memory alive by continuing to enjoy the H-Town discography. As for me, I know that I will always continue to think of Dino whenever I see a “Pink Sky.”

RIP Dino

What's your favorite H-Town song?