Give Thanks on Mofo'n Thanksgiving

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Hey Mofos it is I.. making an appearance over here. I know it's been a while, but let's not bring up old stuff shall we?

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have been having this internal battle with myself over holidays..birthdays..hell everyday..and any day that my grandma is not here.

The past few days I have been in a funk.. not wanting to be bothered, not wanting to get into the holiday spirit, and hell to be honest, I was glad I had to work so I wouldn't have to deal with any family holiday gathering.

Then I woke up like this *FLAWLESS* sorry I mean I woke up this mawnin lol and thought you know what.. WHAT is it that I am thankful for?

After moping around and pissing off anyone that came around me.. I have finally snapped out if because I know my grandma wouldn't want me pouting and besides if my granddeddy can giggle and be merry then hell so can I.

So.. Here's my list of what I am thankful for this year.. obviously..I'm thankful for my family and friends, job, etc blah blah blah ..but here's the rest..

1. I am thankful that my grandma left me with a lot of lessons, teachings, sayings, and the gift of shading folks in a nice way, because I have been applying those all year.

2. I am thankful for the doctors in my life that have helped me in this long journey with my leg. Folks don't really realize how draining mentally and physically this has been but I have 2 of the best doctors that haven't stopped pushing and trying to make sure that I am on the road to healing..and they accept my Grey's Anatomy online medical degree that I obtained in my head.

3. I am thankful for the people that are negative nancy's and normans because you know what.. your negativity is what drives me to go above and beyond.. so while you are sitting somewhere pissy.. I'm outchea trying to flourish *tosses hair*

4. I am thankful that none of my crushes paid me an ounce of attention because I wasn't in a place or the mindset to really be dating at this point. Tho let one of em call me....... LOL

5. I am thankful for Mimi's Cafe being open today so I had something to eat cuz some of you mofos..ain't offered to bring a sista a plate..NUFFIN.

I am also so very thankful for each and every one of you that reads my blogs, interviews, tweets, random fb rants, all of it..because without you.. well I don't want to think about that. So tell me, what are you guys thankful for this Thanksgiving?

~Until Later

The Road to Mofo'n Greatness


Greatness is defined as "the quality of being great, distinguished, or eminent."

What's the point of this Meik?

I'm oh so glad you asked.

I went to an event tonight where Common (YESSS That COMMON--rapper, actor..everythaaaang) was the guest speaker and his lecture was about greatness.

Now, I was in a pissy mood before I even got there so I wasn't sure how this was going to play out, besides, I was just hoping to get home before Scandal came on. (Don't you ask me why I went..that's MY biznass LOL)

Anyhoo..I thought what can Common tell us about greatness? I always try to keep an open mind and this time I'm glad that I did.

I'm not going to go into everything Common said, but I will sum it up for you.. he said you have to FIND your path, BELIEVE in your path, and LIVE your path and that will put you the road to GREATNESS. He also said in order to be great at something you have to practice and train to be the best that you can be at your path.

As I sat there listening to him and his examples, I realized something. I am not doing all three of those things in my professional or personal life and maybe that is why things seem to be stuck in quick sand.

Let me explain. My path-- As a writer.. I love to write. I went on a job interview not too long ago and the person interviewing me told me that I'd have to give up my freelance writing and my blog. At that moment I felt like I couldn't breathe. I couldn't wrap my brain around not being able to do what I love. So, bear with me here, fast forward to this symposium with Common speaking on greatness, it got me to thinking. I have found my path--Writing... telling people's stories as well as my own. I love the thrill of landing an interview that I have been trying to get, and the excitement that follows as I wait on pins and needles to see what the readers responses will be, will they like it? Did I tell the story well enough to make you want to know more about the subject etc... ? I can get lost for hours in writing, because it doesn't seem like a's my passion.

Believe in your path. Here's where it gets a little shaky. Common spoke tonight about how he had 4 albums and still didn't believe in himself.. only when he began to surround himself with like-minded believers and learned to believe in himself..he put out the album that earned him 5 Grammy nominations. I realized, I hear people tell me I am a great writer, but I really don't believe it. I get shocked every single time someone says "I love your writing, you are a great writer." I tend to think, ME?! YOU SURE?! I blush and put it on the shelf, or I think my family is obligated to tell me that I'm great at it. I've never really truly believed in my own damn writing, which is a shame. I tend to question every single word, sentence, everything..and chalk it up to my Virgo nature. (lawd I can't believe I just told y'all this.. I am blaming it on the fireball shots I just took)

Live your path. To the outside world it may appear that I am living my path. I guess in a sense, I am, but part time. I need and CRAVE it to be a full fledged life on the yellow brick road type of path. However, God may still have me in "practice" mode and I'm just continuing to build my portfolio and getting better at writing and interviewing and learning how to deal with certain situations in the industry. While this could have had me down and depressed, it actually didn't it gave me hope that maybe just maybe things will start to unfold and my professional life will flourish once I start believing in myself.

Now, I mentioned the personal life well.. let's just say I have none of the above. Maybe once I find my path in that area and believe in myself (have more confidence and stop worrying that I'm not this or that and can get over the fact that I may never wear heels again in this lifetime), I can finally live on the path that I'm destined to be on and who knows I might bump into Mr. Right on the way. Common also talked about dimming your light for someone else, I realized I do that ish.. I dim my bright arse light of a personality sometimes well..because I want folks to like me I guess.. *shrugs* lemme put these bright arse bulbs in my lampshade so my light is NEVAAHHHHHH dim for anyone!

Needless to say my pissy mood vanished, and a fire was lit inside me, one that had dimmed out long ago. I thought back to a time when I wanted something so bad, that I practiced and practiced until I became great at it. Quick story.. 6th grade, I tried our for cheerleading at our middle school..which means I would have cheered on the middle school team during my 7th grade year. I had all the dayum confidence in the world, I had been cheering since I was 6, I got this right? I didn't make it. My jumps weren't good enough, high enough, and my motions weren't tight enough, and as shy as I was, I probably wasn't loud enough. All that could rip a poor girl's heart out, especially after your youth league teammates all make it onto the squad. I could have quit.. but instead, my parents told me you can still cheer, it will just be on youth league for one more year. For the next year, every single day, I could be found outside in the yard jumping, practicing, determined to be great. I would jump literally all the time hoping to make my jumps higher and higher. Tryout season rolled around, guess who made the team. Guess who had the best jumps for the rest of my cheer career (I cheered for many yearrrrrs after and semi-pro)? Those jumps led me to become an All Star Cheerleader. So I KNOWWWWWWWW there is a path to greatness.. you just have to PUSH yourself to get there.

Thank you Common for the reminder!

Have you guys found your path? Are you believing in it? Are you living it? If you haven't found it yet, don't worry.. God has planted a seed deep down inside, you just have to figure out what it is..and then get to working on being great!

Hope this inspires someone today! :)

Until Later....

An Unexpected Mofo'n Call and Lesson

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What's up Mofoville?!

We've all had that moment, when the phone rings and the number one the caller ID is a familiar one, but the person other end is more like a familiar stranger.

What you mean Meik?

I'm so glad you asked! The other day the phone rang and while I recognized the number, I had two options, send it to voicemail or pick up. Since I was curious as to why this mofo was calling me after not hearing one peep out of him for a year and half, I answered.

Who was it? It was an ex-boyfriend that I dated my senior year in high school. Over the years we kept in touch, here and there, and he even tried to get back together but bruh, I'm definitely not the same person I was at 17 years old. You can't give me shiny things and me think you shoving your tongue down some chick's throat is going to make it better. Nice try tho! Anyhoo, the last time we had talked, he had gotten out of a bad relationship and was on the hunt to repair his broken heart. I just simply could not be the one to put the band-aid on it. *shrugs* Anyway.. we chatted a bit, we got caught up on the the things going on in each others lives.. my leg drama, the fact that he had finally moved on from his bitter ex, and then he asks if I am seeing anyone. Of course dayum not. Am I EVER? He then says, "well, I really just called to tell you that I'm getting married next week."

*crickets* wayment..WHUT?!

Now, at this point, I'm thinking, is he about to invite me to the wedding because I'm not even sure of why he called to tell me this. So I do the right thing and congratulate him, because after all I am glad that he finally found someone to make him happy that he wants to settle down with. He continues with, "you know I'll always love you and if things had been different, you would have been my wife."

Fellas.. WHYYYYYYY must you throw MORE salt in the wound with this line?! A simple thank you..and end the convo works just fine. I of course am thinking in my head, nawl bruh, I wouldn't marry you, because I don't have not a nary one feeling for you but thanks.. at least I know someone considered marrying me..I guess.

He then tells me this: "I didn't want to tell you about my good news, because I was afraid you were miserable and I just didn't want to make you feel worse about yourself."

WAYMENT. 1. What kind of so called friend would I be if I wasn't happy for you? I don't want you so .... I want you to be happy. 2. WHO SAID I WAS MISERABLE OR CLOSE TO IT? 3. WHUT?!

So that got me to thinking, do people with hold good news from others because they are afraid of their reaction? I never have. I figure, do what you will with the information and if you are happy fine, if you aren't fine. It doesn't affect my happiness either way. Since when do we let others dictate sharing our good news?

Oh but you know this mofo wasn't done. He informed me that I need to find a guy that has really lived and been through some things that will appreciate a good woman. He also said I need a guy that will tell me he doesn't care about none of my degrees, articles, interviews, and to sit down and shut the f up. Now I wish a mofo would talk to me like that and we'll see how far that convo goes. But I get what he's saying, for so long I have been attracted to the unreliable dudes ..the dudes that are shallow..the dudes that want to bask in all of your glory with your free tickets to events, but they never put in any work. Lawd forbid they send a text first. However, they always expect and try the hardest for #thesecks. He told me that when I find a guy that just wants to be around me and it's not all about #thesecks then I have found the right one. That got me to thinking, that is the type of guy that I want. One that actually wants to be around me, one that wants to hear from me, one that isn't on the other end rolling their eyes if I text hello, or if I call and say hello. One that will reach out and call me, text me just because he's thinking of me etc. However, the way my dating life is set up..............

It's funny often you think you may be upset when you hear that an ex has moved on, but you know you have truly moved on when you don't care and all you wish for them is the best. Now that other no good ex of mine, King Mofo..that's another story, but for that situation I say this, I wish him the best, and I gladly await the Karma that he has coming to him for every lil dirty low down thing he has done to me and the others that follow. I thank him for teaching me the things that I will not accept and how to unravel a lie. I also thank him for continuing to be the dog that made me realize I haven't missed out on anything. Had I stayed, I'd be another baby mama, fighting with him and his circle of chicks. I say all this to say, I may not be where I want to be in my personal and professional life yet, but what I am is this---I AM SO GOOD. Just like Destiny's Child sang.... (throwback fuh realllll)

It's a weight off the shoulders to finally be able to type that.. if you need to do the same..type it in the comments..all together now, I AM SO GOOD.

As for the ex that's getting married..that ninja still didn't invite me to the wedding LOL. Best wishes to him and his bride! Make it last foreverrrrrr *cues Keith Sweat*

How have you guys dealt with an ex that has called to tell you they are getting married?

Until Later..

It's Mofo'n Cuffin' Season: Are you ready?

Tis' that time of year where the weather will be turning cooler, and you'll need someone to keep you warm. I've invited guest blogger Sha to school us on the rules for a successful "cuffing season!"


“Hey Stranger,” text messages are in full effect right now…..Why? Because we are in the midst of Cuffin Season.

What is Cuffin Season? It is not to be confused as a quest to find a long term permanent relationship, but recognized as a temporary cuddle buddy/cut buddy season for the fall and winter months.

Before beginning the search for a Cuffin Season partner, one must be honest with themselves and their partner or partners, and understand that you absolutely CANNOT develop any feelings. This is a temporary situation that comes with guidelines, and a cutoff date. As we all know, all seasons come to an end, so save yourself heartbreak and understand there will be an end as soon as it gets warm.

You can find one person to rock with for the season or you can juggle a team. It’s whatever your inner Thot is screaming to be for the cold months, you decide.
Nevertheless, let’s get started on what this season is about……

Let us navigate the above chart to break down the above listed dates.

September 4th, Draft Day – What this means, start with your roster of potentials. I suggest starting with a team of 3, no more than 5. This is when the initial applications should be submitted to even determine if they are even worth the time. A sample application:

September 6th-September 19th, Training Camp- This is when you narrow down your choices, by getting to know your team a little bit better. Whether it is cup caking on the phone via phone calls and texts, going out on dinner dates, or whatever your screening process might be, start utilizing this time to see which of these candidates you could see yourself with over the next few months.

September 20th, Preseason Begins- At this point, you should have some people or maybe one person who is really at the forefront of the race. You’ve really got to narrow things down at this point, and start figuring out who the lucky winner or winners is about to be. Continue to put in work and getting to know the potentials, but steer clear of those feelings, because you can’t catch any.

October 18th, Preseason Ends- You’ve had a little over a month now to figure out who you truly want to rock with for the cold months. This day also subsequently is Sweetest Day, so your decision should be made at this point on who the lucky winner is to be your Cuffin Season mate.

On Sweetest Day, one typically gives gifts of candy, Hallmark Cards, or flowers to their loved ones, but in the Cuffin Season Game, you want to give your final candidate or candidates something to symbolize what the cold winter months are going to be like with you.

Suggested gift ideas: love coupons (customize these coupons to partake in fun activities during Cuffin Season, be creative), create a romantic CD (include a playlist of songs that will be relevant to what you want to go down during the season), and who doesn’t love a home cooked meal (cook a meal that shows that you can do more than cuddle/cuff). The whole point is, you want to show your finalist or finalists that you have picked them as your winner; this is equivalent to submitting your final application for approval.

October 25th, Final Roster Cuts – Now that you’ve turned in your final application aka your gift, the recipient has had time to think about and review your submissions. You then find out if the feelings are mutual and you have your final roster for your top picks.

November 5th, Free Agency- If there is the sad possibility that you have no potentials or anybody on your roster at this point you’re going to have to hustle, and put in some speedy work to find someone. Hopefully you started out with 3 to 5 candidates so you won’t be in this predicament, but if you find yourself here, you have to quickly find someone or revisit some of the people who were on the roster from the beginning. Life throws curveballs sometimes, your application could have been rejected, just use this time to figure out for sure what’s about to happen, because your time is running out.

November 12th, Trade Deadline- This is the absolute last moment to get rid of people if you need to, make adjustments, add someone new to the roster, or remove someone from the roster.

November 16th, Season Begins- This is when the season officially begins, you’ve selected your person or persons to begin Cuffin Season with, and you’re set. I suggest making sure you have a clear understanding of what this means with yourself and your partner or partners. What I mean is, set clear guidelines on expectations so nobody gets hurt or expects more or less. You can have more than one person on your team for the season, so you’ll have to establish the days you spend together, what you plan to do when you spend time together, and when the season is going to end.

Imperative questions to ask your Cuffin Season partner:

1. Will we be going on dinner dates, if so will we take turns paying the bill, will we go 50/50, or will we go dutch?
2. What days of the week will we spend with each other during the week? If you have more than one Cuffin Season partner, you’ll need to juggle what days of the week you’ll spend with each partner, so that there is no confusion, however if you have more than one partner, understand you are a borderline Thot.

3. Will we be exchanging Christmas Presents? (I suggest no, but you can if you really want to, you can, just keep it inexpensive).

4. Will our dates consist of home dates and sex? It’s pretty much understood that this is going to be your cut buddy, so of course make sure you keep it safe, but beyond that, establish if Netflix and cooking are going to be the main things you do, if that’s the case then being with someone that knows how to cook is probably going to be key.

5. Will we be exchanging Valentine’s Day gifts? (It doesn’t hurt to give some candy or go out to dinner; after all, this is someone you have been spending a lot of time with).
6. What are the rules on social media? You don’t want to post pictures of the other person or tag them on social media if they don’t want this relationship to be public. This is a temporary situation, similar to how things are if you are a side chick or a side dude.

When do you want to end the season?

April 1st, Season Ends- This date could possibly be altered depending on the agreement you have with your partner or partners. This should be discussed as stated above.
Now that the Cuffin Season is over, it means that warm weather is approaching, and you’re back to going out with your friends and mingling. Now there is an off chance that you and your Cuffin Season partner, or one of your partners have developed a real relationship, and have chosen to make things permanent. Anything is possible.
Come September, if you find yourself alone again and you don’t want to weather the season alone, then repeat the above steps, and start the Cuffin Season over again for 2015. You can make your own rules along the way, the main focus is to have fun, don’t catch feelings, and establish a relationship with someone to keep you entertained and warm during the cold months, so get to cuffin!


So, ladies and gentlemen, looks like you have some cuffin to do! Good luck!!


A Mofo'n Reporter's Dream Weekend

Now some of you have been asking for my REAL recap of the weekend's events. Lemme just preface this with saying..I LOVE THIS ISH! I absolutely love covering events and doing red carpets!! The past few days have been a reporter's/entertainment writer's dream.

Let's start with Thursday because I was invited to attend the soft launch of Real Housewives of Atlanta/Bar One's owner Peter Thomas' new bar in Charlotte. Sports One Bar & Lounge is located on the outskirts of Uptown Charlotte on College Street. I wasn't sure what I was expecting when I pulled into the parking lot but since this was an invite only/rsvp only event, I just thought and KNEW it was going to be a classy affair.

This is what I get for THOUGHT'in and KNOWING.

The valet was air tight on making sure you were on the list or had rsvp'd before they even let you get out of the car, I suppose they were under the direction to send your ass on somewhere if you weren't special.

The spot is in the former location of Luna Lounge. Now Luna, while nice always seemed to not have air conditioning.. maybe it was the influx of negroids filling up the place, you know y'all draw heat.. or maybe it was lack of ventilation, but they had a patio so it was still a nice place to hang out. Now Sports One had the red carpet laid out.. but nobody was on it :-/

When my friend and I got inside, there was a decent crowd of media folks, and somewhere someone dug up all the ratchets from every corner of the city, and silly me thought there would be some straight men looking for new boo's but I was wrong.. there were men, they just weren't seeking the female type of company if you know what I mean. Men in short shawts and itty bitty shirts.. well... I've never seen that around here.. I guess I don't get out much. The dress was supposed to be cocktail attire but I think only a few of us got that memo, unless cocktail attire includes your bra and panties, and things that shouldn't be worn outside of the house.

Anyway, the inside of the place is laid out nice..complete with tables for folks dining in, and big screen televisions on the wall above the bar. The enclosed patio is probably my favorite spot in the entire place. I can't speak on the food or the drinks because I waited 30 minutes to get a bartender's attention to finally ask for a drink menu and never got I'm gonna need them to get it together. Now remember the a/c issue.. it seems like it still exists, so Peter.. bruh..I'm gonna need you to get some fans or some ish to cool it off in there. Kordell looked like he was finna pass out from sweating. Both men, Peter and Kordell, were super friendly and posing for pics chatting it up with everyone. I also loved the homage they pay to one of the greats in sports..Muhammad Ali's picture is on the wall when you walk in. I hear Cynthia and Kenya eventually showed up around 10:30 and the event ended at 11. Way to go ladies!

So anyway I think this will be a great "IT" spot for the QC..provided you ninjas don't munk it up.

Now onto the weekend..

Friday I had the opportunity to hit up the Freedom Friday party at the Steve Harvey Neighborhood Awards in Atlanta.. it's a party where EVERYONE has on ALL WHITE. You know this is just ASKING for hot arse messes right? It was like being at a head usher convention with the church mothers that like to sip on that brown liquor. It was a fun time.. KEM damn near put us to sleep with his set list of songs that all sound the entire dayum same,and I missed the O'Jays because my friend had a work issue pop up. (sidenote.. Atlanta..does parking for a special event really need to cost dayum near $30?!)

Saturday..I attended the Would You Date You seminar I already blogged on..and attended a movie screening for the UPtv film Comeback Dad..when it comes on television..WATCH IT!

Saturday was time for the Ford Blue Carpet. It was SUPPOSED to start at 5pm. I wanna blame black folks just cuz y'all never on time, but the carpet was not down and ready to go at 5pm.. therefore pushing everything behind. The carpet was about as long as it is from my front door to the patio door and that ain't saying much..meaning not enough carpet..not enough room for media.

Now I'm gonna hit the highlights along with some advice..

1. Please know WHO is on the carpet. Screaming TAVIS SMILEY! at Ed Gordon ain't cute. not one bit. ESPECIALLY if you are a reputable media outlet. Asking who Attorney Benjamin Crump is.. are you kidding me right now? Other media folks should not have to educate you on ish you should know!

2. Speaking of reputable media appears if you have a blog/you tube channel you count as media..why?

3. I'm sure media folks taking selfies with stars is not ethical..and I joined in..and thought about ethics after the fact..after all I was NOT finna let Shemar Moore get away without taking a pic with me! I admit..I did push my boobies on him.. and probably grinded on him in my head also..but anyhoo..don't judge me! that man is FINE!

4. If you are lucky to be on the carpet to interview or photograph folks.. make sure your breath is minty fresh or chew some dayum gum, swallow some mints something..this dude bless his heart had the breath of death and destruction while yelling OVER me to get some of the celebs attentions..Idk maybe this was a strategic move to get the interview first, because it sure as hell threw me off my game.

5. Wear comfortable shoes. One day the ratchets that pretend they are media will aren't on the carpet to find a man, you are on the carpet to work and get interviews..who cares if you have on 10 inch stilettos? Your feet will thank you later if you stick to flats and comfy clothes. Especially in 100 degree heat.

I had a great time covering the blue carpet. A year ago, I never would have thought I would even walk halfway normal again much less cover an event at the magnitude of the neighborhood awards. Shoot, even a couple months ago when I filled out my media credential forms, I wasn't sure how I was going to pull this off. My grandma always said if you put your mind to it, you can do anything. I just wish she were still here to see it.

Until Later..


Would You Date You?

I just got back from the Steve Harvey Neighborhood Awards/State Farm Expo in Atlanta. It was a grand time from seeing movie screenings, to the Freedom Friday party, to the Blue Carpet.. met some celebs, grinded on ..well nevermind..lemme get back to the point of this post.

One seminar that I did get the chance to check out was "Would You Date You?"

Now I had to dig down deep in my own soul to answer the question--I suggest some of you doing the same. Of course my first answer was a resounding HELL YEAH I'd date me! But when you really step back to look at EVERYTHING.. would you really?

What you mean Meik?

Well first lemme start by saying Stephen A. Smith hosted the seminar..and the ish was late just like Kandi's wedding on Bravo.. not 4 hours late, but 45 minutes is enough to have us starting a mini-riot.

I can feel y'all giving the same look that I gave..

The panel consisted of Kandi (RHOA) and Dr. Laura (the #secks lady)--I sense a sex theme here.. a sex expert and a sex toy seller.. see..

Now.. I would have loved to have seen a couple like Tamala and David Mann sit on the panel..they been married forever and could provide some kind of insight and let Dr. Laura or Kandi host. But, I don't put the ish together, I'm just press.

Of course Stephen A Smith had to remind us all that he is sorry for the way he "misspoke" on ESPN and Twitter about the domestic violence bruhaha and that he would never promote domestic violence blah blah blah blah. Now while Smith gets on my everlasting nerve just from talking, I appreciate that he did speak out on why he said he WOULD NOT date him. (I could list some reasons including that smushed receding hairline baby fro but anyhoo) He went into some explanation about how he was raised in a household full of women.. his mom, 4 sisters and he just had to get out of that "women telling him what to do everytime he turned around" type of mode, but he loves women.. (u see where this is going..this is ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL about him) and he loves women, but as a kid he wanted freedom and still does because he hasn't found a partner he can still have that freedom with. Now.. I'll let y'all take from that what you will.

Kandi said she wouldn't have dated herself.. Of course my first thought went to Mama Joyce. She said that because there are things about herself that she does, but doesn't like a man to do, for example, she gets so busy with work, she doesn't call at times, but if a man did that, she would be pissed and cut him off. She did mention a meddling mother as a reason to not date herself, but we all agree that Todd is a trooper and a half for hanging in there cuz chile.... She also said she married Todd because he is a supporter and teammate for her, and a great communicator.

Dr. Laura said she married her husband because he was her partner in everything and he stimulated her mind and body. (where do we sign up for a man like that girl?!)

My fav quote came from Dr. Laura "Sex is like pizza, any sex is good." when she was referring to men that will get sex from anywhere and anybody.

Of course back to Stephen..he says a man's job is to provide and protect so they have to feel needed. He said "Give a man what wants and he will lead you." Maybe it's just me, but when will the man give the woman what she wants? I don't know about y'all but honesty and loyalty and acting like a mofo'n man doesn't seem like much, but some can't get that together so.....

Ok I can see that, but some men don't know how to provide OR protect, they just know how to have sex and get on someone's nerves..but anyhoo..

Dr. Laura said there are several ways that women make mistakes..
1. Women have to be who they are on their own.. for example, why wait on a man to get that house, car, or follow a certain career path? Get the stuff on your own, be happy on your own.

2. When you are blissfully complete, then you find love. (This must be where I have gone left because something is missing and I thought it was the love thing.. )

3. Women often confuse power with the need to control everything. She explained that she was a recovering alpha woman and had to reassess some things. She says we turn men off when we confuse power with control. You can be a powerful woman but you don't have to control everything, let it go. Kandi chimed in with "let the man be the man".. she said Todd will check her when she is on a power/control trip by saying, "I don't work for you." I myself have heard that my producer/reporter side carries over into my personal life and I am so used to barking orders and being well .. bossy that it bleeds over into a need to control ish to have it done the way I want it done the end. So this for me was revealing.

At this point Smith started rambling about a career story to the set of The View so I got the hell up outta there.. along with several others ..but the question remains..

Would you date you?

My answer is a couple of years ago, No. Last year? Absolutely not. Right now in present day? I would get to know me. I know before I had baggage that I still hadn't checked at the door and left it in the past, I know that I also had a lot going on medically and my nerves were bad and trying to communicate..forget it. Now I'm willing to let the wall down, for the right person that is trying to get around or over the wall. Unfortunately, I haven't met that person that wants anything more than sex.. which leads me to wonder.. what's wrong with them that, that is all that they want? Or is it me? So many questions pop up outta this dating thing but one thing is for sure, we all have to examine ourselves before throwing ourselves out there. A lady standing behind me in line said, "you can't have a long list of stuff you want, and you don't meet any of the stuff on that list." I agree.. so ladies and gents..maybe we should take another look at the list of our WANTS and figure out what we NEED.

Finally.. Dr. Laura said you won't find love until you KNOW that you are WORTHY of love. I think I have some homework to do.

Until Later..

Stuck on Lionel Richie

Two words: Lionel. Richie.

*insert squeal* I MET LIONEL RICHIE!

What happened Meik? How did it happen? WHY it happen??

I'm so glad you asked.

First IF LI-NEL comes to your city.. GOOOOOOO see his show.. it's like a freaking mega karaoke session since everybody knows all of his songs. Trust me on this. You won't regret going--er.. well you might if you aren't a fan of shawt armed Cee-lo, but just get there after his set mmk?

Now onto Friday night.. like any person that gets tired of going out, I have become a homebody and best friends with Netflix and my On-Demand channels and I can't forget thousands of my twitter friends. So with my AKA sorority sisters in town for Boule, I decided it's time to be social because it's not like they live here and I can see them any ole time right?

We meet up for drinks and our party dwindles down to two and frankly I have had enough of latin jazz night at Blue, so I suggest that we head over to the Ritz Carlton to see if they have live music and mingling going on.

Mind you, I'm 3 ..or was it 4 martinis in, and feeling nice. I'm also pretty sure I shouldn't be mixing alcohol with the mofo'n medicine I am on for my leg, but that's another story for another day.

So we end up sitting next to the bathrooms and near the lobby, because the place is packed. It's dark, there are black folks everywhere but the music is niiiiiice. So I'm twerking in my seat and I look up and see a light skinned man that resembles nobody other than Lionel Richie.

Nawl.. nawl.. nawl.. that can't be him. My mind's playing tricks on me. Besides, his concert was in Charlotte on Thursday and surely he would have already left town by now. IT CANNOT BE HIM. He is getting closer, and I'm squinting trying to get my dry arse contacts to focus. He gets a little closer and there's a white dude with him that I assume is either in the band, his manager, or well he was too small to be anybody's bodyguard, but hey, you never know I guess.

Ebony and Ivory are right by us and I say ..OMG..THAT IS LIONEL RICHIE!!

Of course, nobody listens to me everrrrrrr... (case in point, I kept telling my friends Chuckii Booker was on stage with Li-Nel..I recognized those deep arse dimples anywhere..and what do you know.. Li-Nel introduced him a short time later.. folks gonna listen to Meik Meik one day. Another example.. I KNEW I saw the lil dark skinned dude from Camp Lo at a bar once..nobody listened but I went right up to him and said I know you.. you from Camp Lo..and lo and behold it was Sonny Cheeba.. I BE KNOWIN.)

Anyhoo back to the story.. my soror and two other ladies sitting there look at me as if I have lost the absolute last bit of sense I was born with. Okay, so maybe I have, but that ain't the point! THAT IS LIONEL RICHIE!

I jump up---well the best I can with my leg, and say THAT WAS LIONEL RICHIE THAT JUST WENT INTO THE BATHROOM!!!

I high tail it over to the entrance to the bathrooms and post up on the wall. My soror signals that if it's him to let her know and she is ready to take a pic. A little indian girl slides over beside me and I'm like "did you see what I saw?" She nods and whispers Lionel. YAAASSS I'm not crazy!! But wait.. not one person in the Ritz bar area paid him a bit of attention. Maybe they thought oh, that's just another light skinnTed Charlotte negroid trying to look like someone important, or they thought who the hell is that cat daddy and why is he wearing them tight arse pants? Either way..nobody else has spotted him.

TMZ ain't got ish on me I tell you. Maybe I can get a job there since nobody else will hire ya girl.

Anyhoo..the door opens..some dude walks out. ugh YOU ain't Lionel.

Door opens again.. another random walks out. YOU ain't Lionel either.

FINALLY..door opens again and Lionel walks out..I nod frantically at my soror who is quick on her feet and manages to get over there within 2 seconds.

"Mr. Richie, Lionel, heyyyy can we get a picture?"

"Sure, really quick tho"

He grabs me and lil indian girl and we are in the same pic and I tell him thru my smile that I work for and he turns to me and says "No Kidding?! That's great!" *faints* Li-Nel is ahhhhh-maaazing.

Now for 65 years old, Li-Nel ain't got no wrinkles nowhere..tho I guess if I had his bank account, I would be looking like a Commodore until I was 100 years old. He's also not the 6'2 man I thought he'd be in my head, he's probably more like 5'9 but who cares..

All I can think is..OMG..OMG..THIS IS LI-NEL RICHIE..MICHAEL JACKSON'S FRIEND!!!!!!!! *insert fan girl moment*

When I tell you it did not matter to me one bit that he just came out of that bathroom and I didn't know or care if he washed his hands. Hell as far as I was concerned, I could have Li-Nel pee on my shirt and I would still be in 7th heaven. Judge me if you want to.

I gather my thoughts quickly and say Mr. Richie will you take one more pic for me..and he turns and says sure realllly quick. Snap.. pic taken.. I tell him thank you and that his concert was absolutely the best ever and amazing. He turns to me, and with the grace and humbleness of someone just starting in the biz, rather than a man of his stature and legendary everythang, grabs my hand and says thank you so much, I appreciate it really I do.

OMG OMG OMG HE LOVES MEEEEEE!! no wait..that's Idris Elba that loves me.

Then someone else stepped in his way and he said, "by the way, what's going on in here tonight?" Someone said, "it's just a regular Friday night in Charlotte".. I'm thinking, THE HELL YOU SAY.. LI0NEL RICHIE IS HERE!! THIS AIN'T REGULAR!

All I know is this, Lionel didn't have to entertain us with even one pic or conversation, but he was super nice and friendly. I understood his reason for saying take the pics quickly, because he didn't want other folks to catch on that he was there and then they'd start wanting pics and autographs. Just as fast as he was there.. he was gone. I swear he vanished into thin air like Michael Jackson did in Remember the Time. I'm telling you, I never saw him walk out the door or get on the elevator. WHERE DID LIONEL GO?!!! Thin air. He probably paid for a thin air vanisher with all that money he has. Hell, if I was him, I wouldn't even be on tour, I'd be walking to my mailbox daily to get my checks and chillin by a pool or something.

Lesson Learned: Keep your mofo'n eyes peeled.. you never know who you might see. You gotta move fast to get what you want. Next step.. calling his peeps to hopefully set up an interview *crosses fingers* .. I haven't calmed down from this not one bit..I feel like "Dancing on The Ceiling" "All Night Long!!"

What's your favorite Lionel Richie song? This one is in my head right now so I thought I'd share..come on 2 step with me!

Until Later..