Three is a Crowd, 50'levum People is Too MOFO'n Much

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Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall..

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall..

Humpty Dumpty got her face cracked all while thinking she was sitting on the wall of CHOSE-DOM.

What's going on Meik?

I'm oh so glad you asked! But first lemme tell y'all this.. I no longer write dating stories for Creative Loafing so if you still want to share your stories, feel free to send em my way.. I will post them here!

Back to the main event..

Sometimes I wish I would just listen to my gut instinct.. or that lil voice in the back of my head that says STAY YOUR ARSE AT HOME.. but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

This dude that I had hung out with..kicked it...went on a date.. no.. hell I don't know what the right terminology is but we went out to eat a couple times and he was mad cool.. Anyway.. pay attention to these details because they are important..

I haven't seen this dude in forever.. probably only text every once in a blue moon, but in my book, he's still cool. I get that folks are busy and besides, there wasn't that much of a romantic NUFFIN goings on.. so there's that. Anyway he invites me to go to this kid friendly spot because he wants to take his children. YES.. that's plural..CHILD-REN. So, my first thought is WHY? U want me to help watch them chirren? WHY? But I'm trying to be nice this year and I haven't seen him in a while, so I agreed to meet them there. He says I'll text you the deets later in the week. I ain't heard ish. This new negro stuff..chile..

Day of..He texts me to tell me they are on their way there.. but at the time I was in Target buying groceries and still had to go home and put them away blah blah. So I debated.. 1. He never told a time, so should I go? My friend boy told me HELL NO. 2. I do want to see him since it's been a while, should I go? Again he says HELL NO! 3. After an hour of piddling around I ended deciding I was bored so I might as well go!

So I text him that I'm on the way, and he tells me where to find them. I get there..fight thru traffic, HELL and the HIGH WATER *in my Deddy Pope voice* and finally find a parking space in that dang beast of a lot. I walk in...

well wayment..are y'all sitting down?

I walk in ... and find him. There's a group of people, an older couple, some other dudes with some kids running around, and a couple of chicks, and since they aren't all sitting at one table, I assume they aren't all together right?

Jeeezus on the mainline..... lemme call Him up.. cuz chile...

Dude turns around and introduces me to the following:

1. His parents--uh ok this is weird, but they were super nice

yep u heard me. THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE. WTF have I just walked in on?!

3. A baby mama
4. The children
5. His friends

uhhh AWKWARD MUCH? How does he introduce me? Just as Meik.. no even friend, chick I hang out with from time to time, or even heffa..just my name.

Now.. I wasn't aware I was invited to a family reunion so I'm kind of thrown off a little bit, and not sure how to take this. LOVE OF YOUR LIFE? I didn't know he was seeing anyone..and WTF YOU INVITE ME FUH???? And the Baby Mama..chile I AM UNABLE. So here I stand looking all awkward as they both size me up and try to work out an escape plan in my head. Then one of the friends keeps sliding over to me asking me questions like how my knees hold up and ish.. ninja WHET?

So I did what any respectable face cracked mofo would do.. gather my coat, purse, and tell them I had a prior engagement to attend and it was nice meeting them. Inside I WAS FUMING!! Never in my life, would I invite a dude without giving him the details of who will be there and give him the opportunity to decide if he wanted to show up. Even if I had someone banished to the friend zone prison, I still would give them ALL the deets, like hey it's a family affair! I can't imagine springing a random person on my family and boo. Lawd I wonder what that convo was like when I left. I haven't spoken to him since and have no plans to.

Lesson Learned: Go with your gut instincts.. if you KNOW you ain't got no biz going.. don't. I am still not sure what kind of emotion to feel right now besides BLINK-TASTIC and ANNOYED but hey, it was a lesson learned. Next time someone invites me out.. get ALL the details in advance so I know WTF I am walking into. I could sit here and pull a Celie:

But instead I'm just gonna take the face cracking and keep it moving and wish him and his love of his life and baby mama all the best!

Tell me dear Mofos.. How would you have handled this situation?

Until later..


Emotions Make You Cry Sometimes--Paying Homage to Dino of H-Town

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What's up fam? I just wanted to pay some homage to one of my favorite artists... on this date in 2003, Dino of H-Town was killed..lawd I still haven't gotten over this..but I just wanted to share a piece I wrote for on the 10 year anniversary of his death in 2013..

“Emotions make you cry sometimes/emotions make you sad sometimes,

Emotions make you glad sometimes/but most of all they make you fall in love…”

And fall in love is exactly what I, along with countless others, did with a distinctive voice that some music lovers say was one of the most underrated singers of our time. That voice belonged to none other than Keven “Dino” Conner of the group H-Town. On January 28, 2003 the music industry changed forever.

Dino and his girlfriend were leaving a Houston recording studio when they were killed after an SUV ran a red light and slammed into their car. Ironically the video for the song “Emotions” portrays a similar fate for the front man of the band.

H-Town, comprised of Dino, G.I., and Shazam, took us on a journey in the 90s with songs like “Knockin’ Da Boots”–teaching the fellas how to do it right with “They Like it Slow” and teasing the ladies with “Lick U Up”–and then reminding us how we all got to that place with the hit “Emotions.” Dino’s death left a void in the music industry and in the hearts of millions. Of course, the music Dino created still remains, and his voice still lives on.

Although it’s been over ten years since Dino passed away, he is definitely not forgotten. G.I. and Shazam continue to keep his memory alive, representing the H-Town legacy by still performing and putting out new music. Fans keep Dino’s memory alive by continuing to enjoy the H-Town discography. As for me, I know that I will always continue to think of Dino whenever I see a “Pink Sky.”

RIP Dino

What's your favorite H-Town song?

2014: A Trip Down Memory Lane

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Tis the end of another year my dear Mofo Readers.

Once the year started winding down, I kept thinking, well 2014 you have absolutely been a let down. I had high hopes coming into the year that I would finally meet THE ONE and that my leg would be 100% and my career would FINALLY be taking off in the direction I had hoped for.

None of that ish happened. Instead, I got a little more than I bargained for and a 'tude to go along with it.

So then I started thinking, Meik, why are you focusing on the negative and worrying about what you don't have? We often tend to zero in on the things we don't have at certain points in our lives and hell that makes things absolutely miserable.

I'm not going to blog about my goals and pretend resolutions for the new year. Ain't none of your business and all you have to do is keep watching and you'll figure it out LOL .. so with that being said.. I am going to take a trip down memory lane and highlight some of my best moments of 2014 and the lessons learned.


1. Interviewing Joe Jackson and Sam Cooke's little brother L.C. Cooke. --If you know me, then you already know that I have been CHASING these two down for a couple of years now. FINALLY 2014 came and I had the absolute honor to chat with both about music history and I learned so much from both of them including this...don't worry about what everyone else thinks, you cannot please everyone, but if you have a passion for what you do, keep pushing and following your dreams, do not put it on the shelf.

2. Chile meeting Lionel Richie coming out of that bathroom at the Ritz was enough for me to want to dance on the ceiling all mofo'n night long!! In that moment, when no one else was watching or paying attention, a key lesson appeared..if you want it.. go for it.

3. This year I tried some new things--I pushed past my fear and put a bathing suit on and got in the pool to work my leg out and found the water isn't so scary but hell you still won't catch me trying to learn how to swim.. *flips hair*

4. Met some new friends and discovered some that failed to live up to the friend title. Hey, no biggie, sometimes you have to shed that old skin to become rejuvenated and who needs a negative Nancy or Ned always trying to put you down, throw shade, or be the type that only comes around when they need something. I've learned that everybody is not your friend and they don't have your best interest at heart. Some just want to see what you are doing so they can TRY to do it better vs finding their own lane, and some just are miserable so they want everyone to be miserable right with them, others are just crazy as hell and I don't have the time or energy.

5. Getting back out there on the red carpet. I was terrified that my leg would not hold up during the Steve Harvey Neighborhood Awards. In fact, I was convinced that my leg would give out and I'd be laid out on the carpet and get trampled by all the reporters and photographers. Luckily, that didn't happen and I was able to hold my own out there and snagged some amazing interviews and met THE SHEMAR MOORE! Listen..that man is FINE. I guess the lesson here is.. again.. sometimes you have to test you own limits and go for what you want.

6. I've always been a bit of a loner and mega introvert--shocking I know, and tend to think that if I plan ish no one will come. This year proved me wrong. From my birthday to the painting party to the winery tour.. these heffas I call my friends showed up and showed out and I appreciate it greatly. See we all learned that if you step outside your comfort zone, you might just have a little fun! Tho I still ain't havin no parties at my crib.

7. OUTKAST. period. the end. Being able to go to an ALL DAY concert --walking around..and even in the rain, standing on a chair dancing like I'm crazy.. a year ago, that wouldn't have been possible but my leg proved to me yet again that it will hang . I just will pay for it later LOL.. But going to see Outkast was a highlight and a half for me..and so was the person I shared the umbrella with *shhhhhhh*

8. Reconnecting with friends with college and FINALLY FINALLY..did I say FINALLY realizing that I didn't miss a thing with King Mofo. This year I was able to snip the string still holding on to the past and forgive. I learned that God got me out of that relationship for a reason. I am grateful in hindsight. WHEW CHILE. I CANNOT see me at this age still dealing with the mess he is still doing. THANK YOU GOD!!!

9. Snagging some new writing gigs. This year I started out writing for Soul Train again, but quickly added in Uptown Magazine, Creative Loafing and WEtv, and even a corporate writing assignment. One might think I'm crazy for juggling 50'levum jobs, but a sista got medical bills out the arse that have to get paid and why not do something I love while I'm at it. I have been able to determine which types of writing doesn't tickle my fancy, and which ones make my day. As a writer, I feel like there's always room for improvement and the feedback I have been getting is so worth it!

10. My family. Through the ups and downs and laying in the floor kicking and screaming and crying, they have been here encouraging me to keep pushing and not to give up whether it's my leg or writing or anything else. I was finally able to let down my I AM SHE-RA HEAR ME ROAR and just let it out and cry and they didn't judge, they didn't offer unsolicited advice --well aside from my deddy, but instead they gave me the strength to keep pushing. I have also been able to form a better relationship with some family members and that in itself is a plus in my book.

While I could go on and on and on about the highlights of my year...I think the biggest one for us all is the mofo'n gas prices GOING DOWN! Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!! Just writing this blog makes me realize the good outweighs the bad overall. All the tears and woe is me that I had going on ...chile.. BYE. LOL

I look forward to seeing what 2015 brings my way. Hopefully A MAN and a dictionary & some clothes for some of y'all!! LOL :)

So what were some of the highlights of your 2014?? Share em in the comments!

Happy New Year Mofos!!


Meik Lives & Loves Entertainment

Entertainment is my middle name.

What are you talking about Meik? I'm glad you asked! I am applying to join the Entertainment Tonight team and become a special contributor for the upcoming awards season.

I could go on and on about how much experience I have blogging and live tweeting awards shows from the Grammy Awards to the Oscars. I could even talk about how the movie theater is my second home because I LOVE going to the movies. Instead, I would rather talk about WHY I love entertainment. I love everything from television, to movies and music. Growing up the television provided the outlet that I needed to fuel my dreams and passions of one day working in the same industry. From watching Michael Jackson take home an unprecedented eight Grammy Awards home in one night in 1984, to watching Halle Berry's ugly cry ( that even possible for her?) during her Oscar acceptance speech in 2002, to Ellen's Oscar selfie in 2014 that almost broke the internet, there are so many highlights over the years that have kept me coming back for more!

Most of my friends come to me to find out who won an award or to stalk my Twitter timeline to see why they should even watch awards shows, check out a movie, or pick up an artists album. They want the highs and the lows of all things entertainment! Since I'm a keeping it real type of blogger with a side of humor, that's the same way I live tweet/blog! I absolutely LIVE to let my readers know what is going on in the entertainment industry!

Since I already live tweet every award show that comes on television, why not take my talents to Entertainment Tonight? uhhh hello DREAM JOB!

If that isn't a compelling enough reason for me to be picked to join Entertainment Tonight's team of special contributors for Award Shows, well here's a few more HOT reasons right here

I love Entertainment and it loves me!

Idris Elba---Need I say more?

Now Orlando Jones *blushes* what's a girl to do?

Snuggle up with Shemar Moore and hope ET picks me!

So there's no need to look any further---> #ETawardsfan PICK ME!!


Holiday Essentials--Survival of the Fittest

Merry Christmas Mofos!!!

Tis the season for giving..if you're looking for gift ideas (to scoop up during those after Christmas sales--I see you.. I know how it goes down) then I'm here to help!

Now, I like to GIVE myself gifts as well! (Oh don't be like that, acting like I'm the only one that does that ish!) But, in case you are thinking of getting lil ole me a gift..lemme help you out.

There are some MUST HAVES to get me through the holiday season that will take me well on into the new year (YEAH COME ON 2015!!). After all, you want me to be happy right?

Since I love making lists, here we go!

1. A bottle of Sangria. Chile, pour me a glass of Sangria from Trader Joe's and you will have a happy camper for the evening.

2. Bath & Body Works Scents--now we all know that I LOVE Bath & Body Works--so it's only natural that I need candles, body spray, lotion, and anti-bacterial hand gel (I don't do germs or sick folks so that is a necessity alone!!)

3. A pair of comfy jeans! You can always dress up or dress down a pair of jeans, it is the essential staple that must go in the closet or in this case, my holiday survival kit.

4. A pair of ear buds or headphones. Chile some days it is #headphonesoverhumans (shout out to @CallMeDollar on Twitter for the phrasing!) because we all know when that family member or coworker starts tearing up your nerves, it's time to plug in and tune them out.

5. Of course, what good are ear buds without music? I'm old school, so all this downloading foolishness isn't for me, bring me a physical copy of a CD--since it's the holiday season, might as well make it some Christmas music! Anthony Hamilton's Home for the Holidays and Daron Jones' Christmas in Atlanta is a great start to add to the collection!

If I had a boo/bae/whatever name y'all call em these days. I'd probably do the best idea I've heard in a while, head over to the website and get the Old School Man Crate because after all growing up is overrated and might as well take it back to the old school, cuz I'm an old fool that's so cool, sorry I drifted off into my rap-stress mode again, but it's a great crate!

Happy Holidays!! Let me know what you'd put in your holiday kit!

Until Later.. Meik

Give Thanks on Mofo'n Thanksgiving

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Hey Mofos it is I.. making an appearance over here. I know it's been a while, but let's not bring up old stuff shall we?

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have been having this internal battle with myself over holidays..birthdays..hell everyday..and any day that my grandma is not here.

The past few days I have been in a funk.. not wanting to be bothered, not wanting to get into the holiday spirit, and hell to be honest, I was glad I had to work so I wouldn't have to deal with any family holiday gathering.

Then I woke up like this *FLAWLESS* sorry I mean I woke up this mawnin lol and thought you know what.. WHAT is it that I am thankful for?

After moping around and pissing off anyone that came around me.. I have finally snapped out if because I know my grandma wouldn't want me pouting and besides if my granddeddy can giggle and be merry then hell so can I.

So.. Here's my list of what I am thankful for this year.. obviously..I'm thankful for my family and friends, job, etc blah blah blah ..but here's the rest..

1. I am thankful that my grandma left me with a lot of lessons, teachings, sayings, and the gift of shading folks in a nice way, because I have been applying those all year.

2. I am thankful for the doctors in my life that have helped me in this long journey with my leg. Folks don't really realize how draining mentally and physically this has been but I have 2 of the best doctors that haven't stopped pushing and trying to make sure that I am on the road to healing..and they accept my Grey's Anatomy online medical degree that I obtained in my head.

3. I am thankful for the people that are negative nancy's and normans because you know what.. your negativity is what drives me to go above and beyond.. so while you are sitting somewhere pissy.. I'm outchea trying to flourish *tosses hair*

4. I am thankful that none of my crushes paid me an ounce of attention because I wasn't in a place or the mindset to really be dating at this point. Tho let one of em call me....... LOL

5. I am thankful for Mimi's Cafe being open today so I had something to eat cuz some of you mofos..ain't offered to bring a sista a plate..NUFFIN.

I am also so very thankful for each and every one of you that reads my blogs, interviews, tweets, random fb rants, all of it..because without you.. well I don't want to think about that. So tell me, what are you guys thankful for this Thanksgiving?

~Until Later

The Road to Mofo'n Greatness


Greatness is defined as "the quality of being great, distinguished, or eminent."

What's the point of this Meik?

I'm oh so glad you asked.

I went to an event tonight where Common (YESSS That COMMON--rapper, actor..everythaaaang) was the guest speaker and his lecture was about greatness.

Now, I was in a pissy mood before I even got there so I wasn't sure how this was going to play out, besides, I was just hoping to get home before Scandal came on. (Don't you ask me why I went..that's MY biznass LOL)

Anyhoo..I thought what can Common tell us about greatness? I always try to keep an open mind and this time I'm glad that I did.

I'm not going to go into everything Common said, but I will sum it up for you.. he said you have to FIND your path, BELIEVE in your path, and LIVE your path and that will put you the road to GREATNESS. He also said in order to be great at something you have to practice and train to be the best that you can be at your path.

As I sat there listening to him and his examples, I realized something. I am not doing all three of those things in my professional or personal life and maybe that is why things seem to be stuck in quick sand.

Let me explain. My path-- As a writer.. I love to write. I went on a job interview not too long ago and the person interviewing me told me that I'd have to give up my freelance writing and my blog. At that moment I felt like I couldn't breathe. I couldn't wrap my brain around not being able to do what I love. So, bear with me here, fast forward to this symposium with Common speaking on greatness, it got me to thinking. I have found my path--Writing... telling people's stories as well as my own. I love the thrill of landing an interview that I have been trying to get, and the excitement that follows as I wait on pins and needles to see what the readers responses will be, will they like it? Did I tell the story well enough to make you want to know more about the subject etc... ? I can get lost for hours in writing, because it doesn't seem like a's my passion.

Believe in your path. Here's where it gets a little shaky. Common spoke tonight about how he had 4 albums and still didn't believe in himself.. only when he began to surround himself with like-minded believers and learned to believe in himself..he put out the album that earned him 5 Grammy nominations. I realized, I hear people tell me I am a great writer, but I really don't believe it. I get shocked every single time someone says "I love your writing, you are a great writer." I tend to think, ME?! YOU SURE?! I blush and put it on the shelf, or I think my family is obligated to tell me that I'm great at it. I've never really truly believed in my own damn writing, which is a shame. I tend to question every single word, sentence, everything..and chalk it up to my Virgo nature. (lawd I can't believe I just told y'all this.. I am blaming it on the fireball shots I just took)

Live your path. To the outside world it may appear that I am living my path. I guess in a sense, I am, but part time. I need and CRAVE it to be a full fledged life on the yellow brick road type of path. However, God may still have me in "practice" mode and I'm just continuing to build my portfolio and getting better at writing and interviewing and learning how to deal with certain situations in the industry. While this could have had me down and depressed, it actually didn't it gave me hope that maybe just maybe things will start to unfold and my professional life will flourish once I start believing in myself.

Now, I mentioned the personal life well.. let's just say I have none of the above. Maybe once I find my path in that area and believe in myself (have more confidence and stop worrying that I'm not this or that and can get over the fact that I may never wear heels again in this lifetime), I can finally live on the path that I'm destined to be on and who knows I might bump into Mr. Right on the way. Common also talked about dimming your light for someone else, I realized I do that ish.. I dim my bright arse light of a personality sometimes well..because I want folks to like me I guess.. *shrugs* lemme put these bright arse bulbs in my lampshade so my light is NEVAAHHHHHH dim for anyone!

Needless to say my pissy mood vanished, and a fire was lit inside me, one that had dimmed out long ago. I thought back to a time when I wanted something so bad, that I practiced and practiced until I became great at it. Quick story.. 6th grade, I tried our for cheerleading at our middle school..which means I would have cheered on the middle school team during my 7th grade year. I had all the dayum confidence in the world, I had been cheering since I was 6, I got this right? I didn't make it. My jumps weren't good enough, high enough, and my motions weren't tight enough, and as shy as I was, I probably wasn't loud enough. All that could rip a poor girl's heart out, especially after your youth league teammates all make it onto the squad. I could have quit.. but instead, my parents told me you can still cheer, it will just be on youth league for one more year. For the next year, every single day, I could be found outside in the yard jumping, practicing, determined to be great. I would jump literally all the time hoping to make my jumps higher and higher. Tryout season rolled around, guess who made the team. Guess who had the best jumps for the rest of my cheer career (I cheered for many yearrrrrs after and semi-pro)? Those jumps led me to become an All Star Cheerleader. So I KNOWWWWWWWW there is a path to greatness.. you just have to PUSH yourself to get there.

Thank you Common for the reminder!

Have you guys found your path? Are you believing in it? Are you living it? If you haven't found it yet, don't worry.. God has planted a seed deep down inside, you just have to figure out what it is..and then get to working on being great!

Hope this inspires someone today! :)

Until Later....