Interviews: "All The Queen's Men"

Saturday, August 06, 2022


Hey Mofos!

So, my new favorite show is "All the Queen's Men" on BET+! I love it so much that I did 2 separate Check the Rhymes TV interviews about the show. 

First up is Eva Marcille and Christian Keys, they talk about season 2:

Then I had the chance to chat with actor Skyh Black (omg I wish he had been on camera but it's still a great interview nonetheless). I loved hearing about his dance career and how it has helped him on this show! 

This show is just filled with pretty people! Seriously, I hope the show continues with more seasons, because it is THAT GOOD! Eva was MADE for the role of Madam! She is showing off how bad ass women can be. Let me know if you watch the show! 


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