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Tuesday, August 02, 2022

 Hey Mofos!

One of my second cousins passed away and I've been thinking a lot about how it's always best to give folks their flowers while they are still here. This blog is gonna be a lil random and all over the place as I'm writing as memories come back so forgive me. 

Resa is my mom's first cousin. She moved onto our street when I was either in middle school or high school, I can't remember, but I always thought she was so glamourous. Her house is always what I imagined Sandra Clark from 227's house would look like if she had one. Sometimes, I'd slip away from the drama at my house and walk over to hers to just sit and talk about nothing. She thought of all of us as her kids and I think she had the good snacks too so that's probably another reason I kept coming over.  LOL 

I'm fuzzy on details but I remember she asked if I wanted to be in a fashion show and at that time I wanted to be one of the models in the magazines I read. I wanted to be the JET Beauty of the week or on the cover of  Seventeen or even YM (that's a throwback for your ass ain't it)? So being in a fashion show was IT! I remember it was at the BB&T building in downtown Asheville. I got to model a wedding dress and at that time, I remember thinking this is scary yet exhilarating all at once. I wanted more. I went on to college and did a few more fashion shows, but Resa is the one that opened the door and I walked thru it. 

IDK why I'm cackling, but I remember the time she tried to hook me up with this young man and while it didn't work out, I thought that was nice of her to try. I can't even remember if I went on a date with him, or if he was one of the WYD'n me non-stop but he had to call to say the ish cuz we didn't have cell phones yet. I'm old. Yeah. 

I was on the homecoming court my senior year in high school, and at our school, you had to get a convertible to ride around the track and wave blah blah. Where was I going to find that? I knew my cousin had a green and gold mustang with gold rims, that thing was a beauty. I wanted it. Resa reached out to him and got the ball rolling. Everyone still remembers that, and yeah I got the crown too! 

My senior prom, my date wanted to borrow my uncle's yellow Lincoln and chile, that thing scrubbed the ground and I was like no, absolutely not. NO. You cannot and I mean CANNOT go to a prom on Biltmore House grounds like that. NO. 

So I was telling Resa about it and she said, "do you want a limo?" I said, yes but "I can't afford it." Her response, "I didn't ask you that, it's done. You will have your limo for prom." I didn't realize literally until today, she owned a limo service. Yes that's a blonde streak in my hair. Don't you worry about it. But my friends and I and our dates felt so grand arriving to prom in a limo. Wait, my date was late and got left, but that's another story. 

The biggest thing I remember and will always love her for is her being one of the only ones that tried to help with the domestic violence situation I wrote about a year ago and deleted cuz some of y'all don't know how to read. I'm grateful to this day. 

I'm fast forwarding a few years here, but when I created Check the Rhymes TV and decided to sell merchandise. She called me and could barely talk, but she said she wanted to support and wanted to make sure ALL the money was going to me and not to someone else. Always super supportive and I was so appreciative. 

I feel like I'm starting to ramble, and there's so much more to say. Resa fought a good fight and we are all going to miss her light so much. 

I know she's no longer in pain and reunited with family. Resa, if you see my grandma, and I'm sure she is standing there right next to your mom, tell her hello for me, would you?

I gotta wrap this up before I start ugly crying and reallyyyyy rambling. 

Rest in peace Resa.  We love you. 


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