I Co-Hosted on Entertainment Tonight Canada Live!

Saturday, March 06, 2021

 Hey Mofos! 

OMG! OMG! OMG! I am still bouncing off the walls! I finally reached a point in my career that I have been striving for-- just one chance to be on somebody's television talking about what I love-- ENTERTAINMENT! 

The moment I got the email was so surreal--asking me.. MEEEEE to cohost an upcoming episode of their digital show. I think I passed out, came to, and ran up and down the stairs a few times. (By the way, Fitbit friends, this is probably how I won the challenge LOL). I didn't know whether to laugh or cry or screech, so I did it all. I stared at the ceiling, contemplated doing cartwheels, but knew I wouldn't be able to get up. 

Listen, this was an ENTIRE MOMENT. I have worked in television for the last 20 years in some capacity. During those years, I was told:

"You don't have the right look!"

"You sound too broadcast news, not girl next door enough!"

"You will never be on television."

"She doesn't have the look that they want in Hollywood or on television."

"She's too big, too small, too Black, too ...and on and on and on.."

I let all of those comments sideline me for moments over the years and I faded back into the background, choosing to write and only show my face thru a photo here and there. 

I heard and read the snide comments from friends that didn't know I heard or saw. I let news directors and television managers tell me I could only produce and that wasn't even good enough. I literally let these comments and projections tear my confidence down, layer by layer.

 Add in some cheating from a boyfriend for good measure and you have a woman that is left without self esteem, confidence, or the the strength to keep trying. 

So I didn't. I stuck with what I knew. I stayed in television news in a job I hated, and I wrote as a means to survive--a means to channel my energy into something and only recently realizing it was a trauma response. (More on that later). I slowly started to feel more confident as pitches were accepted, publicists trusted me, my contacts list grew of celebs, and people requesting me to cover their events and stories. I left news in 2017 and never looked back. 

In 2019--friends told me to get on camera literally months after my sinus surgery. How can I get in front of a camera still sounding congested?! So, I dismissed the thought but then the universe said, aht aht! 

I got a request to interview Tia Mowry on camera and let's just say the bug bit me and I realized I liked it. So the YouTube channel was born and eventually rebranded into Check the Rhymes in 2020. I got more confident in front of the camera, and I could be me! I could curse, roll my eyes, laugh as loud as I wanted. I could control the interviews that I wanted to do and control the direction. Basically, I did it on my own terms and have never felt more fulfilled in my life. I signed a contract to put my content on Zone.ify bringing in more viewers around the world.  Fast forward to last week, ET Canada saw something...they gave me a chance and I am beyond grateful for the experience. Also, local news didn't have to put me on television, I WENT INTERNATIONAL MOFOS! 

I recorded a little video talking about my experience and the backlash I faced from defending Meghan Markle and calling out the racism against her. Let's just say this week was definitely full of super highs and a couple of lows. BUT these mofos won't steal my joy! 

So, while there are things I wish I could change like my camera angle, what I wore, what I said, blah blah blah-- the experience was one I would never change in a million years. I am grateful for the opportunity to live my dream job and hope they invite me back. 

Until then-- I'm still outchea grinding with the pen and in front of the camera. 

The lesson here is never give up and don't let people snatch your dreams, keep going. You got this! 

Thank you for all that supported me and continue to do so. Y'all the MVP! I am forever in gratitude!


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