News: Zone·tv and Check the Rhymes Deliver Authentic Interviews to the Zone·ify Expression Channel!

Thursday, November 05, 2020

 Hey Mofos! I have news! 

No I ain't got no husband--YET-- but Universe if you are listening, can we put a rush order on this manifestation? Actually my news includes my new licensing deal with's multi-video service Zone.ify! So download the app so you can watch!  Here's a video explaining it and the press release! 

Press release: (I GOT A PRESS RELEASE!!)

TORONTO, CA – October 28, 2020 – Zone·tv continues to add unique programming to its zone·ify multi-channel video service through a licensing deal with Check the Rhymes. Shameika Rhymes is a creative and bold online personality with over 20 years of experience reporting on various facets of journalism for major media outlets. As the owner, host, and creator of Check the Rhymes, Shameika interviews influential people on thought-provoking topics. The content provides an intimate perspective on her guests. Often described as “where GenX meets Pop Culture” the discussions are an exclusive look into the lives of today’s media personalities and celebrities. “Check the Rhymes and media partner ‘Suite 929’ are thrilled to partner with zone·ify and introduce new audiences to celebrities and personalities they may not know much about and keep them updated on the ones they already love. This partnership allows Check the Rhymes to deliver its exclusive material and behind the scenes stories about your favorite songs, television shows, and films that haven’t been seen before. We look forward to shining a light on untold stories of your favorite stars to the zone·ify audience,” said Shameika Rhymes, executive producer, creator, and host of Check the Rhymes. “Check the Rhymes introduces a new dynamic to the Expression channel,” said Jeff Weber, CEO of zone·tv. “Shameika’s interview style conveys a refreshing view into a more vulnerable side of her guests. We couldn’t be happier to help foster these genuine connections between celebrities and our audience.” Discover. Watch. Love: Check the Rhymes: Expression Channel – Dedicated to bringing viewers the best arts and entertainment shows that deliver a mix of comedy, visual art, dance, music and entertainment. Viewers can explore a huge variety of artistic interests.

See you all on Zone.ify!

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