H-Town: A Blast From the Past

Sunday, June 07, 2015

I know I know.. I ain't ish..but heyyyy Mofo's I'M BAAAACKKKKKK! I missed you all! But you know where you can find me if I'm not blogging..over on Twitter @Mofochronicles or I'm busy writing for SoulTrain.com or WEtv.com--so see.. I haven't neglected you COMPLETELY.

What brings you back now Meik?

I'm glad you asked! My 90's baes H-Town!

What you mean Meik?

Well..originally I started off writing a review of the show for one of the other sites since it is Black Music Month and all, but then I decided I just gotta keep it all the way real and squeal and fan girl versus trying to remain semi-neutral..so here I am.

The revival of the 90’s R&B groups hitting the road and doing shows across the country would be remiss if one group out of Houston, Texas wasn’t among them. H-Town made a stop in Rock Hill, South Carolina over the weekend thanks to RJ Productions. This was my first time going to Rock Hill and it was definitely an experience.

If you know me, you know that H-Town is one of my favorite groups so this was super exciting for them to be coming back to the Carolinas. I have been rocking with that group since they first burst onto the scene in the early 90's. In my head Dino was the bae-est bae's of all bae-dom. I was going to marry him and have allllllllll the sleepy eyed babies with huge dimples he wanted! But clearly that didn't happen and hell I never got the opportunity to meet him, but luckily I was able to catch H-Town when it was all three members. I digress tho.

The past two times that I have seen H-Town in Charlotte, it was just club appearances, so this was the first time I got to experience G.I. and Shazam without front man and singer to the gawds Dino Conner. God rest his soul. I swear I don’t think I have ever gotten over him passing away in 2003. For the deets on that and the interview head over to SoulTrain.com and read my tribute. Anyhoo, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when my sister and I got to Rock Hill, South Carolina. The area is kind of a down home small town feel so I don’t know if that’s correct but hey, that’s the impression I got. However, it is hotter than a mofo across the state line.. lawd jeezus, I think I left my perm sitting in SouF Cackalak from all the sweating! Not to mention, the venue was in an auditorium..which was cool, but jeeezus it was hot in there.. not sure what was going on with the a/c but I forgot all about that ish when H-Town and their "Fever for Da Flavor" got on stage.

(note the fellas have grown up from sessy shirtless young men into mature sessy bae material.. I'm here for it!)
Let's address this ish right here and now.. over the years, I’ve heard the nonsense that folks have ASSumed without Dino, H-Town wouldn’t be able to hold their own during a concert. SHEEETTTT lies you tell. ASSuming gets you nowhere.. until you have gone to an actual show and seen them perform.. then what exactly are you basing your ASSumptions on? I'll wait.

From the moment they took to the stage they had everyone on their feet, including me and this heavy arse boot I have to wear (thanks to the nerve damage in my leg and tendons being munked up.. WHOLE OTHER STORY).. While I can’t give you the exact rundown of the playlist order, I can tell you they sang ALLLLLLL the jams.. From "Don’t Hold Back the Rain," "Lick You Up," "Like it Slow," to "Knockin’ Da Boots" —chile.. I GOT MY ENTIRE LIFE LAST NITE! (Again, s/o to Rich Jamison for bringing the fellas to the area—I always have nothing but love for folks that bring good music round these parts!).. which reminds me.. someone in the audience kept screaming sing "KICKIN DA BOOTS" and I think I bout tinkled on myself from sniggling. Gotta love country folks!

I loved that the fellas paid homage to Hi-Five’s Tony Thompson (who passed away also) by getting the audience to sing along to “I Like the Way (Kissing Game)” –and then of course you can’t have an H-Town show without showing love and celebrating the life of the group’s backbone Dino. The guys sang “Emotions” and everyone in the building threw up their “H’s” to show love for one of my absolute favorite singers who had one of the most underrated vocals ever in my opinion. Have I mentioned how much I LOVEDEDEDED that dude? Like.. I need a tee shirt that has his pic on it or something.. someone make that happen thank yewwww..

I was quite entertained by the ladies that ran up on the stage to dance/twerk/body roll/ and hunch on Shazam and G.I’s legs during their new song “Green Light” which after hearing it, I give it the green light.. it’s pretty catchy. The fellas threw out stuffed animals and roses to the ladies, and at one point squirted whipped cream into the mouths of the willing and able. I’d be the one to choke on the ish so I stayed right where I needed to be .. in my seat throwing my “H” up singing and swaying. While some of you tend to think these groups should let the chips fall where they may and sit down somewhere after losing a lead singer, or if the group breaks up and new members slide into place, I am one that is open to giving the new version of the groups a shot, hell as long as they play the songs I wanna hear, we good LOL. For those that asked me who sang the lead parts since Dino is gone.. well hell you shoulda carried your arses to SC to see LOL .. or you can look it up on youtube..they have plenty of videos from shows they have done over the years.

While it wasn’t a sold out show, one thing is for sure.. the fellas rocked the house like there were thousands of people in the building by giving nothing short of 10000000000 percent.. and to me.. that says a lot, especially that they want to give their fans a good show, and leave a GOOD lasting impression.

Lesson Learned: Take a personal fan next time I travel over the border to SC .. and maybe next time H-Town comes, you mofos will come out and support and see for yourself how good they still are. I'm a fan and will always be one. *throws up the "H" til my fingers cramp*

Keep up with H-Town on Twitter @HTown4Life @gijackson @shazamconner (and you can check out their website at htown4ever.com --tell em I sent ya!

What is your favorite H-Town song?

Until later...


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  1. Personal fan LMAO! This makes me kinda sad because this means we're getting old chile. I remember when my dad used to tell me about his fav groups back in the day, why they were missing whoever for whatever reason, and how they don't make music like that anymore. Sadly, I can relate now LOL! Anyhoo, keeping grinding H-Town, Jodeci, John B, and the rest of my baby daddy's from the 90s. XOXOXO. I miss Video Soul.

  2. Who was the kid who opened up for them? He was pretty good. H Town was great!


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