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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Oh Mofoville.. what a tangled web mofos web when they try to deceive..

Uh oh..what's wrong Meik?

I'm so glad you asked. I KNOW I can't be the only one that has stumbled across the panhandling on social media sites. KNOWING dayum full hell well in a hand-basket with lit newports and gasoline that these mofos ain't trying to raise money for some "woe is me" type of cause.

What happened Meik?

oooooh but I'm so glad you asked!

Well, there are several examples..let's start with the few that I have heard rumblings of from people..

---Mofos hitting up everyone they can think of that has a job on Facebook by telling them a "oooh I lost my job and my bills are piling up can you help me by donating $1000" type ish.. ummm you don't get unemployment or ...???

---Or I'm raising money for my child's basketball team.. but it's not basketball season tho..oh well see..what had happened was.. we raising money to take them on a trip to Disney..can you donate $2000--- chile... bye. What happened to the chirren selling candy for this stuff??

---Or my personal favorite..hitting up folks in their inboxes for gas money because the time it took you to search thru your friends list and type out that message a gazillion times, you could have been gone down to the blood center to donate plasma to get up some gas money chile.. and how you paying for internet??

---Or.. the I'm sick and shut in and can't pay my bills.. umm but weren't you just out and about a couple nights ago posting pics twerking and popping on a handstand didn't get any funds for showing your arse then??

---I'm getting married and can't afford the ish I want for the wedding..can you donate money so I can put down payments on the ish? You betta carry your arse down to the Justice of the dayum Peace and save up for that wedding you claim you just have to have.. if that's all you want then perhaps you should re-examine wtf you are doing engaged..ok??

---the most recent one--sending out messages to folks that you have offended on multiple occasions that you have NEVER met and asking them to help you get out of a sticky arse situation like oh IDK.. carrying your arse thousands of miles away from home because YOU have finally found some poor suspecting heffa that likes you and then you find out ish just ain't going right and her mammy hands you less than $50 and tells you to carry your arse back to where you came you need help purchasing a one way ticket home..but to soften the blow you inform folks that they CAN contribute to the total cost of less than a $200 ticket... *blink blink blink* (yes this one has me puzzled) and can anyone help fund this trip because you don't have a job, and as long as some folks have known you..well truth be told, you ain't never had one.

You want ME and my pockets to do what?!!!


First one.. EYE personally would NEVER ask folks I don't dayum know..ain't never met for money to get MYSELF or MY FAMILY out of a situation that I CREATED. I would exhaust all avenues, like going to other family members, trying to get a loan from the bank, put ish on a credit card, go give plasma, pawn some ish, do something strange for a lil change before I sit my arse in front of my computer and type out a message begging for money for MY bills. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I don't know about y'alls pockets but Meik Meik don't work to pay for other people's bills or the sticky arse situations they get themselves into. I don't work to fund bogus arse trips, weddings, funes, sick and shut in funds, or any of that unless I know it's a legit cause. Now lemme say this.. if you are seeking funds for a legit project on kickstarter or one of those sites, that's different because you aren't just trying to take mofos on a ride..especially if you have the product to back it up and you are actually TRYING to do some ish.

Second one.. Do folks think before they hit enter or nawl? I'm gonna go with nawl, they just don't dayum think but yet they come up with an idea that random strangers will want to help them out of their drama. chile bye.

Third one.. I see nothing wrong with friends starting a fund or asking for help if they have been hospitalized for a long time and it's the truth and they need help with grocery cards or meals cooked..that's a LEGIT reason..but if you just asking for food cuz your food stamps ain't got there yet.. you betta learn to stock up on ramen noodles for your times of need cuz I don't feel sorry for folks that are able and just refuse to help themselves.

Fourth one.. Do any of these pity messages even work??? I'm gonna assume they do because mofos keep doing it.. they are just as bad as the mofos that stand off the exit ramps on I-77.. and are there really folks dumb enough to give these mofos credit card info or bank info or send wire transfers cuz..

My point is.. quit relying on strangers to help you out of a jam that probably could have been prevented. Mofos lost their monkey rabbit arse minds outchea in these social media streets.. you have to help yourself before anyone else is going to even remotely think of helping you. Scamming someone will get you nowhere but probably behind bars at some point.

Have y'all had crazy messages like this hit your DM's or inbox??

-Stay Classy


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  1. I get those kinds of messages all the time and don't ever respond to them. Crazy!

  2. Great post! I hate those kind of messages.


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