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Sunday, February 09, 2014

*whispers* Happy New Year!!! Ok yeah, I know I'm a few weeks late but hell, who gonna check me boo?

With the new year, means new resolutions and a new you..right? How are y'all and your new selves so far? mmmk..just what I thought.

Me and my new self? Well, I decided to try weight watchers.


Yes...I said it, admitted it and will repeat it for the slow readers.. I AM DOING THE WEIGHT WATCHERS PLAN.

Well you don't look like you need to lose THAT much!

Ok I am just imagining that y'all are saying that but in reality my grandma, bless her soul would be the one telling me that, but I am only trying to lose about 15-20 lbs.. maybe..more would be cute, but I'm being realistic here..and I'm only signed up for a 3 month period LOL

Why am I trying to lose weight?

To be healthier and to feel better and well hell to look better in my clothes without all the lumps and bumpty bumps--tho I suppose spanx could help that but I'd rather not go that route just yet..

Week one wasn't so bad... except I AM HUNGRY! I cannot understand the logic in this point system, but towards the end of the week I got the hang of it and have even started turning down foods in the newsroom that I normally wouldn't turn my nose up at like donuts.. in my brain I'm calculating, if I eat that then I can't eat ish else for the rest of the day except fruit or veggies..nawl bruh..nawl..

I'm also finding that I am able to pre-plan meals because I am a creature of habit and once I start eating one thing I ride with that til the wheels fall off or I get bored with it. My biggest issue is that I hate cooking (sorry future boo that could be reading this.. I cook, but I just hate doing it.. you will still love me tho right? I have a mean takeout game chile) but anyhoo.. I am learning that there are some recipes that I can get by on.. like I haven't eaten an egg salad sammich in years.. my mama and grandma made the best ones..but a healthy version..I was like EWWWW but shockingly..it wasn't bad!

I am a snack fiend.. so giving up potato chips is just not gonna happen, then I discovered Simply Balanced Baked Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper chips *wall slides* yessssssssssss.... I think I just got a lil too excited..forgive me. I love that Weight Watchers has lots of fun snacks..especially for my sweet tooth.. those lil cakes that are enough to piss you off but also satisfy that yearning for something sweet and the ice cream.. gawd.. deelish.. and let's not forget the skinny cow variety of chocolates.. listen.. I don't need to see a peanut butter M&M ever again in life as long as I can have a caramel filled skinny cow chocolate mmk?

Water is key.. that's all I can say. You must move.. go walk or dance around the room. I am a lil limited in what I can do because of my nerve damaged leg but I have found that even my therapy exercises and my attempts at pilates and yoga and ballet stretch workouts or even limping around Target are better than just being a couch potato.

Weight loss for the first week..wasn't what I expected but some loss is better than none right? After all.. I am the ONE POUNDER of the show "I Want to Look Like A High School Cheerleader Again" and in true form.. I lost ONE dayum pound again. I'm not discouraged though because I lost inches, and my pants are a lil looser.. soooooooo the journey continues..

Onward to week 2...

Are any of you on a weight loss journey? If so.. let me know your tricks and tips and let's encourage each other!

Until Later..


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  1. Loved the blog and grateful you are back, I look forward always to your insight and keeping me laughing at the same dayum time lol.

  2. Thank you for continuing to read and not giving up that I won't write any more posts LOL :)

  3. We were talking about weight loss on Saturday but you ain't say nothing about weight watchers, but anywho boo, g'luck with your weight loss endeavor...you can come play wii with me and we can workout together..mmmk bye

  4. I'm trying to get finer too : ). Water is definitely key and the hardest for me to do.........and pasta is the devil!! But we can do it : )


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