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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

*blows the dust off the blog* What's up Mofos?! Yes.. I am back.. and yes.. I know I ain't about nothin since I can't seem to keep this blog up to date.. ANTYHOO.. why y'all harping on the past..I'm here now! Shall we proceed--- this is a bit all over the place, but bear with me and hopefully you'll get where I'm going..if not.. that's your fault LOL..

Have you ever been "in like" with someone? What you mean Meik?

There's being "in like" and being "in lust".. now what's the dayum difference might you ask? I'm so glad you asked!

Lust is when all you can do is think about hunchin'..YES I said HUNCHIN' and despite their many personality flaws and disorders, you don't care..all that matters is what's down below, and all you can think about is those sweaty muscles and that 6 pack and then smelling all good and ...lemme snap back to the present.. my bad.. but you get the point. This falls right in line with infatuation in my's based on desire and attraction. (But just as a point of reference here.. I lust after football players like..wayment..well I shouldn't name names they could be reading this LMAO)

Like is when you them..shoot love may even slip in there at some point. You actually want to hold conversations with that person and you want to be bothered with this person and spend time with them, not send them to friend zone voicemail everytime they call. You actually even care what they think and if your friends and family give their seal of approval. Lo and behold, the physical isn't the only thing that matters..there may even be..*gasp* Chemistry!

There have been many times that I thought I was "in like"..but really, it was in "a hey boo you the only one really paying me some attention so I'll be bothered with you" type of thing. Then there have been times that lust morphed into like only to slap me in the face and me being left in the friendzone jail watching as a string of girls hook up with the guy I thought could be the one. Then there is the "in like" where I genuinely wanted to know more about a guy and spend time with him and see where it goes.. but *crickets* ... I'll have to let you know if that one ever works out.. but back to the blog rambling...

These days, this new-fangled dating experience just ain't the same. What happened to the days when you could tell if someone actually LIKED you? What happened to the days when you didn't have to play so many hide and seek games and you could just hide and go get it if that's what you wanted? (Don't act like I'm the only one that knows about that game.. if you grew up around other black folks or even folks that were too dayum fast for their age..YOU KNOW about that game LOL)

What ever happened to boy meets girl, boy asks girl out.. boy courts girl.. girl knows without a shadow of a doubt boy likes her and she likes him.. they spend time together..and skip down the road of relationship happiness??!! Why can't dating be this simple??

I recall in high school and even college I never had to jump through as many hoops as I have had to as an adult in her late 20's..(SHUTUP).. There's always that fine line of "will this mofo throw me in the debbil filled friend zone or will he just try to sentence me to jumpoff hell? And FORGET trying to have morals and be spiritual and trying to date.. I recall one guy informing me that "God will forgive you if you just go ahead and do it." Sir...................... *Blink blink blink* Then there are the mofos that give you the ultimatum..give up the pannies or else.. MOFO OR ELSE WHAT?? Sorry I bout had a flashback there for a second ..

Why is it so hard for people to just get to know each other FIRST..before the bumping of uglies begins?? Why is it so hard to even date in 2014.. I swear it shouldn't be this dayum difficult but yet....

If dating were easy..The Mofo Chronicles just wouldn't exist I suppose *shrugs*

Lemme leave you with this..cuz I like this song:::

I'm done rambling for now lol..
Until Later..

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  1. You so crazy lol. I had those "I like" and "lust" terms backwards. In my mind my lust was wanting to actually know them, spend time and hoping they wanted that return w/me etc etc and "I like" just meant I don't want but 1 thang from you and that is it! This dating game has changed on so many levels. I won't even get long-winded in giving my assumptions/views on why. However I will say it takes a special guy to truly think his catch is special enough to court her and see it through until they both see fit to move to that next level. I don't care what NO 1 says: men need us more than we need them :o) We are the catch. If they don't see us as that...well you know.... One thing remains true, when a man wants you in his life, there will be NO question that he does. I am hopeful and will remain hopeful til the day I die! My man is out there somewhere.

  2. First I miss you blink blink moments yes I do....LMBO.

    Second......we living in a day and time where before you had to work to get the cookies the booty the panties, now all you have to do is say hi to somebody and they own their backs or on their knees depending on what position they prefer. I would say stay true to the game and what I mean by that don't ever compromise your integrity your beliefs your spirituality. if dude can't respect you in that area then he's not going to respect you at all in any area in any aspects of the relationship...that goes for dudes too. The problem is that we have people who have compromise giving up the goods and still want to say I'm spiritual. So that make those who say no I'm not going to do that...look bad. I'm not questioning their relationship with God but I am going to question where they're drying their strength from. That's a whole nother topic.

    I don't think dating is hard I think we're living in a day and time again where we have to step outside the box. Yeah you want that strong black man that strong brother. Let me tell you something yeah I would like a black woman in my life but if push come to shove I have no ill will dating a white woman, Latino, Mexican, Irish just a woman. So I tell you to step outside the box you never know you might find you a John Claude Van Damme, Hugh Jackman, Chris Hemsworth or Antonio Sabàto, Jr. <-- (Man Crush...The Dimples)
    You never know you might be missing out step outside the box.....broaden your horizons. LMBO once again I miss your Blink Blink moments....

    P.S. I think you gave me an idea for a blog....(~:

  3. Honee you are soooooo right! I still have a smidgeon of hope..

    Black Pepper-- lawd u want my deddy to croak if I step out the box LOL


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