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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It's me again Mofo-ville! Yes..2x in one month *faints* the year winds down, many of us are in a reflective state of what did I learn this year, who needs to get banT from the inner circle, what decisions did I make that backfired, and what do I need to change, or we just are recycling the same ole bs that we do at the end of every year knowing dayum hell well we ain't going to the gym, we ain't banning nobody, and we ain't gonna change LOL

For me, 2013 was absolutely one of the worst years ever. I lost my best friend, my grandmother, and I now suffer from some ish cuz of an incompetent surgeon. Loads of fun huh? But there were some highlights of 2013.. let's run down a few of those---

I got to interview some legendary folks--Billy Dee Williams, Ron Isley, Chris Jasper,Charlie Wilson Boogalo Shrimp, Glenn Jones, Jon B, Big Daddy Kane and a host of others.. AHHHHHHHHMAAAAZING!

I got a call from a magazine wanting to interview lil ole me for a job..only problem is..just like a man..they never followed up and that fizzled BUT.. it made me realize that I do have what it takes and it felt good to be wanted *twerks*

The year can't go by without learning a few are the lessons that I learned:

Mofos will judge you by what you put on Social Media and ASSume that your wreckless MOUF is what you get in person.

Online dating ain't fuh me.

Having a crush has never done much for me but get my feelings CRUSHED so no need to carry that over into 2014.

You can still be cute in flats.. shorter..but cute.

Friends that uplift and encourage are the keepers ..not the ones that discourage

Some folks will always have some kind of drama surrounding them.. and ain't nothing you can say to help them ride thru the storm..they are hard headed and ain't gonna listen anyway, they are gonna ask 50'levum people their advice, get the same response, and still end up with in the end, just don't even bother giving advice to the hard headed.. they ain't gonna listen.

You can hate where you are, but respect is just a minimum.

Family is everything.

If someone doesn't like you without knowing you, that's their loss.

Forgiveness of self is essential in the forgiving process before you get over it and move forward.

Don't give your number out just b/c it might make a good blog story.. chile.... LESSON LEARNT!

People will make ASSumptions about why you are single, but you are the one that is single and you are the one living your life, not them, and you are the one that has to be comfortable and embrace it. Don't settle just b/c they think you should.

Scales are the debbil, if you look good, you'll feel good who gives a dayum what the scale says.

Hell hath no fury like an enlarged fibroid pressing on..well you get the point..

One of the highlights for me before my grandmother passed away was she told me how proud of me she was.. so going into 2014, I hope I can continue to make her proud and get off my arse and get this web series into gear! Happy New Year y'all!

Let me know what lessons you learned this year!!

-Until Later..Meik

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