A Christmas Wish List

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas Mofo Chronicles Readers!

I know ya'll are probably saying "Harpo..who dis woman? She don't hardly write no mo'"

I deserve that. My sincerest apologies, but I thank y'all for sticking around and letting me get myself to and gether so that I could have a clear ...ok somewhat clear mind to get back to blogging.

So.. without further ado..here goes nothing.

Christmas time... a time for spending the holidays with your loved ones and celebrating Jesus--after all He is the reason for the season.

This is my first Christmas without my beloved grandmother. While I know in my heart of hearts she wouldn't want me down and out, rocking and sobbing in a corner, she need not worry, because I have to work and I REFUSE to let tears fall there..I'll wait til I get home LOL. But as usual I was thinking of some crazy things that happen during the holidays and it just wouldn't seem like the holidays without em..

Since I like lists..here we go:

5. Those random "Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays" text messages from folks you NEVER hear from any other time of the year, and if you are like me..their number is no longer saved in your phone so you have to play that darn guessing game or you send back the generic "Same to you! How is your fam?" In hopes they will respond with some clue to who they are..but if you are also rude like I can be..you just hit em with the "WHO IS THIS?!" But since it's Christmas..that isn't nice.

4. People forever ranting and raving about people having to work on Christmas. Now, chile look.. you better be glad, doctors, nurses, emergency folks, athletes, and us journalists are working..god forbid you have an accident, get bored and want to watch football or the news?! Let's not forget the folks that don't cook.. let's say amen for the chinese restaurants that will supply us with cooked cat and dog with a side of rice and lo-mein noodles..hallelujahhhhhhhh *bangs tambourine*

3. Who can forget that drunk aunt or uncle that comes over to ruin everybody's Christmas with family secrets revealed.. you just knew there was a reason why you didn't fit in with the fam..now you know whyyyyy LOL

2. The smells of chitterlings or chit'lins as we call it, Glory greens and (I'm about to vomi-gag typing this) and those family members that know dayum hell well they can't cook, yet they volunteer to make the potato salad, mac n cheese, and any other dish they can ruin. Yet, nobody ever tells them the ish sucks..they just chew it up politely..and spit it in their napkin when no one is looking. Yum Yum!

1. Ahhhhh the joys of re-gifting. I KNOW I am not the only one that gets gifts that leave you blinking and wondering WTF am I gonna do with this..ESPECIALLY if you don't have a receipt for it. Besides, shopping in your house saves on gas and money! WIN WIN!

I pray you all have a wonderful holiday! I especially pray for strength for those that have lost someone and experiencing that first Christmas without them. I am right there with y'all.. my strength comes from God and my grandmother's spirit. Besides, I swear I heard her tell me STRAIGHTEN YOUR FACE UP!! LOL.

Merry Christmas y'all.. and I leave you with one of my fav Christmas songs:

-Until Later...


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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. ROFLMBO are you serious the poor Chinese people can't get a break but I was wondering what happened to Mr fluffy and King oh well they tasted good. And everybody got the drunk family yes and they be knowing the juicy secrets not just secrets the juicy juicy ones and there's nothing wrong with glory greens they quite tasty but I can't stand chitlins oh my goodness

  3. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

    Yeah, I too can do without the smell of chitlins and the drunk relatives who take the time to express dissatisfaction with every last relative at the party. Usually, whenever I receive holiday texts from unfamiliar numbers I end up calling from a blocked number to try and catch the voice. We should've never been giving text messages. Lol.


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