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Monday, November 12, 2012

What's happenin Mofo Chronicle-ville?!

Have you ever won anything on social media sites? One of these days I'm gonna learn.. just one of these days.

The first.. well.. you have to dig through my blogs to figure that out.. and most recently, I won tickets to see Pretty Lights.

Now if you're like me, then you probably thought it was a Chrimus Light Show.. I mean hell, Chrimus trees n ish are already up and Thanksgiving ain't even here yet, but I digress.

Pretty Lights is the name of a group, well.. at the moment one guy, but his music is described as "Electro Hip-Hop Soul", a mix between elements of electronic based music, and beats from hip-hop and soul music.

And I must admit, I wasn't sure WTF I was walking into but the music isn't bad at all.

Now, let's talk about the other ish goings on at the show shall we?

I took my friend boy with me to the show, because unlike most folks, he can have fun in any situation and not complain about it (unless he gets hungry LOL), so he was the perfect person to venture into the unknown with.

We get to Bojangles Coliseum and as I look around I'm thinking we are 1. Gonna be the only black folks here.. 2. gonna be the OLDEST folks here 3. overdressed.

Let's tackle this one by one shall we?

1. There were several other black folks. *YAY* .. lemme explain my excitement.. too often many mofos ASSume ish and don't wanna TRY something new.. so the fact that several were out.. just tickled my fancy..

2. Nope.. we weren't the oldest, but close to it.

3. Overdressed yep. Apparently at a show like this it is customary to wear nothing at all, duct tape that glows in the dark, complete spiderman costumes, furry elephant looking boots, or hell, just pannies and a tank. Yet here I sit completely worried about someone laughing at my baggy skinny jeans *shrugs*

What amazed me during the opening act was just how many of the 21-30 year old crowd seemed to be high, drunk, or completely zooted enough to jump over the rails to get to the floor to rush the stage. I was so fascinated with this. Shockingly, no one broke let me try some ish like that, I'd still be laying there waiting on someone to find my ankle and wrist.

I was also in shock over the PDA (public displays of affection for the shawt bus folks) .. now don't get me wrong.. *I don't see nothing wrong.. with a lil bump and grind* (In my R. Kelly voice) but friend boy and I felt like two voyeurs.. eyeballing this one couple that made out in front of us for at least 25 minutes. We shouted instructions.. gave tips, but nope..they never sealed the deal.. but at least it was entertaining for us.

After a couple hours of watching zooted folks fall all over themselves, fling themselves over the railing, and observing the art of humping with your clothes on... it was time to go!

Overall it was fun.. and you never know what you'll experience if you step outside your comfort zone and try something new! :)

Have you ever tried something new that you weren't sure what you were about to get into?


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  1. Meik, as usual another great article and too funny!!!...Nobody but you would try something new and share your thoughts and make it interesting!!..Glad you and your friend had a great time outside of your comfort zone..

  2. awesome way to go on tryin' something new

  3. LOLOLOLOLLLLLLLLL!!!! Nothing wrong with expanding your horizons!


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