A Mofo'n Food Fight

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Halloween eve aka the day before Debbil's Day! *throws holy water on y'all from my side of the screen*

Well, the month just can't come to a close without some ignate ish now can it?

What happened Meik?

Oooooh you know I'm glad you asked!

You ever have a fight with some food? No don't you look at me like I'm the crazy one.. think back.. HAVE YOU???? I'll wait.

Ok, fine. Since I'm the ONLY one that's ever had a fight with food I'll tell you what the f just happened.

So I'm at work, minding my own biznass, and it's dinner break time.. yay! Time for this chicken with egg noodles soup (ain't you jealous?!) Anyhoo.. it's the Campbell's kind, you know the kind that you put in the microwave for 2 minutes..

Anyhoo.. I head to the microwave and put my ish down and realize I am not trying to make a mess when opening this ish.. so I peel back the metal part on the soup bowl ever so slowly.. then I get to the point where there's just a lil bit left.. and it's not wanting to come off.. and I'm not wanting to yank the darn thing cuz if I do.. SPLATTER city..

I mean.. I'm not trying to have the cleaning folks mad at me over some ish.. cuz of course I'm right in front of the f'n security camera.

ANTYHOO.. I put the soup in the sink.. try to ease the rest of the lid off.. not budging. THIS MOFO. *sigh*

So.. I figure I don't have that long of a break, so I need to get on with this.. so.. it's time to yank this ish off.

Of course, it couldn't just come off easy breezy now could it?







and of course, someone comes bouncing into the breakroom when this goes down.

WHY LAWD WHY? I just smiled like heyyyy how youuuuuuu? Like I'm not standing there dripping in chicken noodle soup.

Needless to say, if the ish had gotten on my boots, I might have just sat in the floor and cried.

Now.. I gotta go clean myself up.

*walks away doing the Chicken Noodle soup dance* dammit.

~Until Later..

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