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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hello Mofo Chronicleville!

I swear I'm gonna get better at posting more often.. maybe. But anyhoo.. today's post is a bit different from what I'm used to posting, this time it's more of a product review.

Now, just like everyone else that is concerned about being healthy and/or getting in shape ect.., I'm always looking for a healthy snack/meal replacement alternative.

Granted, I haven't really been focused on it since my lil reality show appearance on CMT's I Want to Look Like a High School Cheerleader Again a few years ago. On that show, we used A LOT of meal replacements to get us through the hectic schedule, and to help with our weight loss. Fast forward to now, I'm looking to take off a few pounds, but my schedule is so hectic at work, I can't find the time to get in 5-6 small meals. So along with fellow bloggers from YBBG.com, Blitzandglam.com, and NikkiPanache.com we tried a new yogurt drink made out of NC called Frush.




The reviews are mixed.. but in a nutshell..me no likey. atall.

The drink comes in various flavors, and drinking it at room temperature or cooler than a polar bear's toenails doesn't move me any, it tastes like thick yogurt that you're trying to convince yourself it's supposed to be a drink. It just doesn't work. To me, it doesn't even have milkshake consistency its just THICK.. like.. vomi-gag thick and just sits in your throat. Perhaps the drink would go down like a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down (Sorry, slipped into my Mary Poppins flow) IF the drink was marketed as a smoothie and diluted a bit..OR maybe it would taste better frozen. But, I do love the idea of a meal replacement, this just isn't for me.

Facts about früsh www.gofrush.com

From Origin Food Group www.originfoodgroup.com
"Superdrink" with all natural food boosters HOWARU® Bifido premium probiotics, TruCal® milk derived calcium, 9 grams of protein
Yogurt is made from milk from a local NC farm, Stamey Farms in Statesville NC
Flavors are: strawberry, blueberrry, strawberry banana, and peach in 8.4 oz and 32 oz sizes

Stay Healthy and fab!

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