Peen popping in a text message

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hello Mofo Chronicleville!

Everytime I think the world has gotten a little bit calmer and folks are done sippin that punk-en-aide juice, some more ish pops off.

What you mean Meik?

I'm so glad you asked. Let's turn to the Book of Thou Shall Not Share They Private Parts Unsolicited.. Peen Chapter.

Oh yea, let's go to Mofo Chuuuuch today shall we?

You see, I am willing to admit that I am currently abstaining/celibate from opening up the bakery and letting mofos sample the goodies, yet, every mofo'n time I think I might have found a guy worth responding to a text or phone call..

Bloooop.. (that's that text message chime)

PEEN PIC. Whether it's big, schmall, long, short, stumpy, thick, well hell you get the point.



Sigh... let's review.. Meik didn't ask for it, WHY send it? Is this the new way to exchange biz cards? See how big the peen is (or isn't) and see what develops next?

If only mofos knew how some chicks keep those peen pics to sniggle over with their friends, maybe they'd stop sending it out. Or maybe that's what peen picture senders want.. the world to see what they are working with. But ladies, just think, if they are sending you the pic, how many others have they sent it to?

Is it a reason the peen pics go out in mass texts? Or is it because mofos need some self esteem in the peen region and they are looking for a friendly word.

If I get another unsolicited peen pic.. I just might scream. It's not polite to send thy private parts unless asked. If you want the world to take a peek...instagram that ish or tweet it ..hell, that's what the heauxs do for Tittay Tuesday..

Jeeeezus didn't take the wheel for everyone to see your peen..(or tittays and poon poon ladies) .. save it for "the one" or the "one you're hunching"..not everyone needs or wants to see it.

Self esteem is just that.. esteem of yourself..and peen texting probably aint gonna help that.

Let the chuuuuch say amen!

Ya'll be classy!



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  1. OMG I love this! Too funny, yet oh so TRUE!!

  2. Leave it to Meik to preach to the church?? How many AMENS can we get!!!!!!

  3. Lol. Hilarious. I love it!

  4. lol..titay tuesday...where do i sign up love it


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