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Monday, November 21, 2011

What’s up fam?
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This week’s topic we are looking at “Men don’t heal, they hoe”..

YES LAWD.. Can I get an AMEN?!!!

How many times have ya'll heard this line ladies?
" all women are crazy"
"I don't trust women"
"I don't do relationships now, just friendships aka booty calls"

So many times we hear men say that women hold grudges against all men once our hearts are broken, OK.. True maybe we do, but at least we RECOGNIZE what we are doing and we ATTEMPT to correct it. I admit, after I got my heart stomped on and ground into a pile of ash, I went through the “compare” phase of always comparing everything my date was doing to everything my ex did, and it boiled down to one thing, I needed to step back from the dating scene and focus on lil ole me..

So how did you do that Meik?

I turned to blogging..writing, focusing on becoming a better me.. And getting to know me, and what I will and won’t put up with.

Does anyone else feel like they almost always meet a brotha AFTER that one chick he LOVED-DED has taken his heart and shredded it into a thousand pieces? It's like from that point on.. the good women are always fighting an invisible war with this heffa..we will never get ahead cuz she's always there...because he won't freaking FORGIVE, HEAL, and MOVE THE HELL ON!

Stroll with me down memory lane for a min..
I believe this was in 2007, I met a guy at an event, and we started chit chatting, and I’m thinking he’s cute, intelligent, can hold a convo, older, and seems like he has some sense.

You already know how this is gonna go don’t ya? After all, I don’t call this The Mofo Chronicles for nuthin.

He asks me that dreaded question of “so, why are you single?” (which brings me to another question.. WHY does it matter WHY I’m single as long as I am and available to sit here and chat with you?!) Antyhoo.. I replied that I just haven’t met anyone..that’s the safe answer versus going into the WHY men get on my mofo’n nerves cuz they can’t even figure out wtf chivalry n ish means, but I digress.. So I flip the question and ask him the same question, ‘why are you single?”

WHYYYYYY can’t I just sit there silently and nod?! WHYYYYY must I ask questions I don’t really wanna know the answer to?

What happened Meik?
I’m oh so glad you asked.

Welllp.. after a few drinks he spilled his heart out and that struck again..He told me that he was introduced to this chick and felt like he had the best looking "stripper" ever..(umm I dont know if i find that as a compliment or what but it ain't none of my biznass)..but he said that after the first date, she put it on him so good, he had his nose wide open, she even told him that he was nothing but a paycheck to her.

Let's stop right here. Process what I just said. HE AIN'T NUTHIN BUT A PAYCHECK. mmk. let's proceed shall we?

Anyway, this brotha was so hooked on this chick that he tells me that he proposed 4 months later....with a $10,000 ring.

Let's stop right here and process this yet again. He's a paycheck, she's got the good good.. and now she has a 10 thousand damn dollar engagement ring.

Where did I go wrong in my life? Sorry.. I'm back I had a moment..let's proceed.

So he tells me that was 9 months ago, and where is this heffa now? Boo'd up with a thug named Rollo (I made that name up lol) with that big arse diamond ring and this brotha walking around pouring his heart out to whoever will listen..damn shame..Then fixes his lips at the end of the night to ask me out and for my number.. No sir, we can email. Good nite. *runs screaming like hell..**

So if I was dumb enough to jump on this rollercoaster with this mofo, can you even imagine the drama that would’ve ensued? He probably would have dogged me the f out, constantly going back to the stripper to get some, lying to me, etc.. NO THANK YOU.. I'm good chillin right where I am.. single and headache free.

Fellas, it’s a simple process.. take that ish up with ole girl, HEAL, then get back out into the big old world of dating. Do NOT pass go until you are over that heffa! Keep ya peen to yourself..hell you got 2 hands use em!

As I’m writing this blog, I am thinking about my own situation and why my ex did the things he did, he too was hurt in a previous relationship, so I guess the best way to deal with that for men is to take it out on the next chick and the next one and so forth..

How does satisfying that physical part make the hurt go away?

It doesn’t. In fact my dear men, you are just creating a web of mofo ish, that will turn into lies, deception, hurt feelings, and if you pick the right chick, windows busted out ya car, tires slashed, car keyed, ect.. Don’t you watch SNAPPED?

The easiest solution is this.. And it goes both ways for men and women, if you JUST got out of a relationship and got your face cracked, do the world a favor and HEAL first before you get out cheaaa causing havoc and hoeing with every mofo with whatever hole you prefer.
Disease is real. You can heal your hurt but you dayum sho can’t get rid of AIDS.. Think about it.

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Stay classy and drama free!

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  1. well a lot can be said about being hurt and not healing but the one thing about all is that hoe-ing is part of healiing process to a small degree. Going on a number of dates with out sex to revitalize the heart in knowing when and how to gage the healing process is a must. just because one has been hurt many cope different. I say get out there date as many as you can while you infrom them of your past and your current intentions. which gives them the chance to make a decision if hanging around it good of them. some might say they are willing to hang around dispite of one's past. but i believe that hoeing or seeing a number of people or strictly shutting down is all forms of copeing. And as you said women acknowledge their pain and how the take it out on others. but as a man it is quite unacceptable for them to utter the they have a heart yet alone its been hurt, to the boys but the number of chick he has after his past chick is a standard worthy of doing.


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