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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What's happening Mofo Chronicle-ites?!
I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving Holiday if you celebrate it!

Now you know I like to school you on some old school music sometimes right? Does this song look familiar?

"Break up to make up, that's all we do
First you love me then you hate me
That's a game for fools
Break up to make up that's all we do
First you love me then you hate me
That's a game for fools

When I come home from workin', you're on the phone
Talkin' about how bad I treat you, now tell me I'm wrong
You say it's me who argues, I'll say it's you
We have got to get together or baby, we're through"

That's "Break up to Make up" by the Stylistics.. does that situation sound atall familiar to you tho?

We've all had that one relationship that you know is bad for you, but you can't help but stay in the ish..

You know what I'm talkin about..that relationship that you fight fight fight.. break up.. pout.. one of ya'll comes crawling back.. then the make up part ensues.. repeat.

OOOOOh that vicious cycle!

This week on The Social Hour...we're talking about that same cycle and asking the question does the black family have what it takes to stay together?

I thought about this long and hard.. and I can honestly say, the potential is there.. but folks run at the sign of any trouble.

I hate to bring up King Mofo again, but since we shacked up and did everything but seal the deal in front of God and everyone with a marriage certificate.. he's the best example I have.. so everytime we would fight.. which towards the end was ALOT, one of us would declare ITS OVER.. even go so far to pack ish up, and storm out.. hell one time I moved my ish out just to see if he'd come running.. he didn't.. but that's a whole nother story..

Another example, I broke up with a guy because the mofo KNEW I was sick, but didn't bother to check on me.. not even a "can I leave you some orange juice in front of your door and not come in and catch your germs" message! I broke up with him via text, but the making up part that came later was wooooooooo chile.. but that set us on the course of the roller coaster of doom and the original issue was never dealt with.

After a while, that cycle gets realllllllll my opinion, I mean seriously, once you get to a certain age, WHO has the energy for all that ish? I certainly don't, I got other ish to worry about.. but my point is this.. notice, each time, the easiest solution was just to break up and run away and not deal with the issue at hand. After a while of not dealing with the issue, you continue to add on to each layer.. placing a band aid on it every time and eventually what happens is.. no communication =no resolved issues=fail.. and then you're sitting there looking at each other like boo boo the fool wondering why it won't work..and the cycle continues.

I think the best answer to the question at hand.. are black families..or hell families in general equipped to succeed? I think so, if they utilize their mouths that God gave them and COMMUNICATE. Why run at the first sign of trouble? So what a mofo didn't make your plate, or glanced at a chick, or she glanced at a guy walking by, or she didn't buy your fav drink, or didn't call you within the allotted time or he poked someone on facebook..or she tweeted that rapper? Really.. are those petty arse arguments worth the drama? Maybe if you're in high school and college.. but grown arse adults should have other ish to worry about.. if you break up one damn time over petty ish.. then maybe you should stay broken up.. what's the point in going back and forth?

I think it's time we put on our grown folks drawz (leave the holey ones in the drawer or better yet toss them shyts out) and stop all this breaking up and making up.. hell.. wouldn't you rather just be in make up mode all the time.. you know what I mean.. the kissing n huggin n rubbin n ...well you get the point..

Tune into The Social Hour e'ry Tuesday 7-9p PST on Urban Soul Radio.. just head on over to to tune in!

So I pose the same question to you guys.. Break up to Make up: Does the black family have what it takes to stay together?

Stay Classy!

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