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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Welcome back to Mofo's World aka The Mofo Chronicles! If this is your first time visiting, I'm warning you now.. I'm not responsible for ish you do while reading this blog...ENJOY!

Now, I told you guys in the last blog about The Social Hour show on Urban Soul Radio..and each week we will discuss a topic, so this week's topic focuses on beauty..what do you do when your "beautiful" self no longer looks the same to you when you look in the mirror? Now we've all had that moment when one minute you are the ish and everyone's trying to holla, etc.. to the next minute, you look in the mirror and realize something ain't the same.. in the words of H-Town.."the thrill is gone".. your looks have faded into oblivion.. OK, I'm exaggerating, but you get the point..
What you talkin bout Meik? Why.. I'm oh so glad you asked!

Stroll with me down memory lane..

Once upon a time, ole Meik had a bad breakup (with that King Mofo-refer to past blogs for that mutha freakin story..) but I digress.. and some other ish going on in my life, stress + alcohol + lots of partying like its 1999 + no sleep atall = weight gain city and no hopes of it falling the hell off..

However, just like any other hard headed mofo, I didn't pay it any attention, until I went to the doctor and got on the scale and bout had my first Fred Sanford style "I'm coming to join ya 'Lizabeth" type of heart attack.. Anyhoo, so at this point I joined the gym, and I worked out, and drank, and worked out, and drank some more, and worked out..OK you get the point here..and moved to a new city, and partied, and worked out.. never slept etc.. a roller coaster of pure de-damn-struction..then finally.. I sobered up and looked in the mirror.. and realized.. this is not me..this is not the Meik that I know.. this is not the Meik that can walk out of this house CONFIDENTLY.. because.. I am no longer what I deemed as "beautiful."

Now don't get misty-eyed and start acting like T.O.on me just yet fam..but what I'm about to say may seem crazy and extreme to some, but to me, it had to be done... to make a long story short, in 2007 I decided to answer an ad for an audition for a weight loss reality show.. which is how I ended up on CMT's show "I Want to Look Like a High School Cheerleader Again".. it's a spin off of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders: Making the Team show, and if you have watched and seen the likes of Jay Johnson then you already know.. I was scurred. LOL

The show was about 10 former cheerleaders that someone thought would be a good idea to take a spin on cheer camp and have us in the mofo'n desert in a cabin for 8 weeks, cut off from the world, hell civilization, and all we had to do was work out, eat right, and play nice for the cameras.. WELLLLP if you watched the show.. it was definitely an experience that I will never forget, nor will I ever forget the taste of raw cabbage with thousand island salad dressing (vomi-gag dry heaving over here..)..anyhoo while I was out in Cali, literally sweating my arse off (cuz chile we worked out 3-4x a day..yes I said DAY not week..DAY) and trying to find ways to escape like I had been kidnapped or some ish.. I realized that I had learned some valuable lessons..

1. Weight does not define beauty unless you're one of those scrawny arse models getting paid a helluva lot even then its still sketchy lol.

2. My beauty was not all about how I looked, it was what was within and I discovered then that I had other strengths to focus on like my writing, or making people laugh etc..

3. Meik ain't made to be working out in 108 degree weather or living in no damn cabin with 9 heffas in the middle of nowhere LOL..

4. I'm too old to be trying to get remotely close to my anorexic high school weight..I have jacked up knees, and ankles from years of cheerleading, but I finally have tittays.. I should embrace them.

5. The scale is the debbil's invention. As long as I'm healthy, my clothes fit and I don't look like a vienna sausage in em, I'm gucci..<---- see my attempt at hood slang? lmao

But I say all that to say.. it took me going on a national TV show to realize that I have to be happy with who I am no matter how much I weigh..granted on the show that ya'll got to see, I only lost a couple of pounds, but for those of you that saw me in person.. you know I came home feeling confident, sexier than a mofo and a force to be reckoned with.. fast forward to 2011.. OF COURSE I gained a few of those pounds back, but because I am confident in who I am and love myself, it's okay..I'm Beautiful inside and out! (minus my bouts of moodiness but that ain't what we talm bout right now)

Lesson Learned: Love yourself for more than just what you look like, dig deep within them nooks and crannies and find out what makes you special.. because after all, looks fade away, but what's within your heart stays forever.. Tell me.. (or call into the show on Tuesday!).. Does your beauty define who you are?

Stay Classy..

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  1. Keepin' it Classy as always!! Isn't it the damn truth?!

  2. Good read and funny as I've gotten older I find myself trying to compensate other areas of myself that have gone astray lol for example I use to have a Kid&Play hair style now my hair is in need of a lifeline lmao despite my wife,daughter and other females telling me the bald look is in and that I would look good bald I am terrified of the dreadful day when I have to shave it all off so as we speak I am lining up personal trainer to wk with so when that dreadful day comes my Killa body will compensate for the hair that is no more lol.


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