Dolla Dolla Billz Ya'll

Friday, March 18, 2011

HELLLLURRRRRRR **in my Madea voice** I have heard I've been missed and guess what suga dumplings? I've missed you too!!
I started to write about one thing tonight, but something is just pulling and tugging at my soul right now.. maybe its leftover propofol (that's another story).. I don't know..

But I was chatting with a friend about places to meet folks and this ish popped up in my head and I've been dying laughing ever since.

Stroll with me down memory lane.. (I told ya'll I bout got Conrad Murray'd so I can't recall the date or year right now).. antyhoo..

I'm minding my own lil biz-nass chatting it up with a friend of mine over 3 dollar martinis.. (oh how I miss a good ole glass of alcohol..I digress)..

First lemme stop right here.. lemme set this scene.. two single chicks.. sipping on drinks kee-kee'ing it up.. and a mofo slinks his way over trying to holla at ONE of the chicks.. the one in question of course is me. ooh happy joy joy!

The conversation is awkward, as it is when one tries to holla at one chick with 2 sitting there.. which reminds me, ya'll mofos are bold as hell aintcha?

Anyway.. to make a long story short.. I being the good drunk I was raised to be have already downed a couple martinis working on a couple more.. we ask for the checks.. cuz we're ready to wrap this ish up and make this mofo kick rocks ya heard?

I just can't.

I can't tell ya'll the AUDACITY of a mofo right now..

ok you twisted my arm..

This ninja.. in the words of my auntie RETCHES his hand under the table to hand me some wadded up cash.

Oh yes..u heard me right..

He leans over and says.. "that's for your drinks..."

now.. I'm no mathematician and can barely balance a checkbook but what I do know is 3 or 4 $3 martinis don't equal $5.




For the life of me.. I don't understand his logic... but I aint but so got dayum crazy.. I just took it, thanked him and paid the rest myself LOL..

Lesson Learned: hell ain't one.

Ya'll be good..


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  1. Glad you're back! Sorry you got screwed over on the cash, though!

  2. Yes glad you're back! Love the new look of the blog. Girl, the negroes!!! #thatisall!


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