Pop that Mofo'n Trunk

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy New Year Fam! (ok so it's halfway through the first month of the year, but hey..I operate on CP Time round cheeaaa)

So far in the new year the only mofo-astic like material I have to report on is my own ish.. I'm a danger to myself I tell ya.

What you mean Meik?

I'm glad you asked..this will be short and sweet cuz I'm on the injured list right now..

Me being the impatient person that I am at times, decided I needed to get back to my own car immediately so I used my sisters car..now, I hate driving anyone else's car because you just don't know the quirks of em..like mine for example, only I know the tricks to make it start when it decides to act a donkey..and only I know how she acts (oh yeah my car is a SHE..she's a moody ole heffa)..

So as I get the car to my sisters house to swap cars.. I jump out to grab my purse out of the trunk.
Trunk open..
I see my purse..lean in to grab..and right before I get it in my hand..


The mofo'n got dayum trunk falls on my head.

Lemme stop right here to let you imagine the expletives that I'm sure you know came out of my mouth.

Now here's where I must thank the gawds of whomever created the half wig..cuz I just so happened to have one on and thank gawd I didn't feel like doing my own damn hair that night..the wig protected my head! Lawd how I love thee half wig..(Hell I wonder if I can get this ish bronzed and put in a frame or something since it saved my life? hmmmm lol...shhh dont judge me and yes I wear half wigs even tho I have long hair and what?)

Had that lovely investment of a wig not have stood in the way of me and that damn trunk I probably would have been laid out on the ground waiting for my sister to find me and when she did find me lawd knows her lil fool self would've screeched about me leaving the car door and trunk open verses my well being..but I digress.

My daddy the pretend doctor of the family informed me that I don't have a concussion because my eyes aren't swollen. Never mind the knot on my head, or the fact my head hurts like a mofo, or the fact that the room is always spinning. I'm oh so glad Dr. Mofo is able to diagnose me over the phone LOL.

So I ventured to doctor, and got me a CT Scan..and rest is about the only thing that will heal this ratchet headache..that and some pain pillz..

Lesson here is this: Make sure the mofo'n trunk of the car is up..and in position before you lean in to get ish out. When that ish falls on your head, it sho nuff don't feel good.

I shall resume my regular blogging schedule AFTER my head returns to its normal state.. then again.. what is normal? I am the Mofo Queen..

Until Later..


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  1. LOL Thank God for wigs huh. That was a great read. Hope your noogin feels better Queen.

  2. Hit in the head with a trunk, wig saved you, Daddy rig-diagnosed you and u still went to the dr and he told you the same thing...I say you are back to normal. Blog away!


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