A Mofo'n Train with No Soul

Sunday, November 14, 2010

HELLLOOOOORRRRRR!!! **in my Madea voice**
Sorry I've been away for a bit.. sista been busy..and ohhhhh lawd have I encountered some mofo-ish mess..
What you get into this time Meik?
Well.. stroll down memory lane with me ..well hell.. it just happened the other day.. The Soul Train Awards Pre-Concert.

Exciting huh? YESSSSS ya girl won tickets via twitter.. I took off down 85south headed to ATL for a night of fun! After all.. Erykah Badu, Rick Ross, Slick Rick and others were headlining.

Now.. Let's go over a few minor details before I continue..pay attention..this goes fast.
1. I am 3 hours away from ATL.

ok.. now that we got that outta the way..you see why I went right?

well.. just cuz its me..it didn't go as planned.
The show was moved to Opera in Atlanta.. which is a nightclub.. nice place.. I love it.. BUT..when you add in folkz that PAID for front row tickets for the civic center and you throw them in a club environment where seats are nowhere to be found..there's bound to be some pissed off folks. I heard one person say they paid 150.00 for his tix. yes lawd chile.

Anyhoo.. My friend and I get out the car and notice nothing but pure chaos..there's a line for media as they take pics of folks on the "red carpet" and then the other line has folks that already have tickets. So the kind folkz at Soul Train told me to go to the "Will Call" line. blink. blink. ok. that's cool..but errr why does everyone I ask tell me AINT NO LINE CALLED WILL CALL. Luckily..I use my observation skillz and find a lady with a list ..


you may have already guessed it...

my mofo'n name was NOT on the list.

Remember now.. I drove 3 hours. My level of PISSITIVITY is climbing. So I take a step back to breathe and as I'm trying not to hyperventilate..I'm noticing some celebs and their assistants are going off cuz their names aren't on the list either.
Behind me are people from other networks claiming this is a hot mess and unorganized.. I wanted to turn around and say chile ya'll aint never lied. So again I try the lady and ask her WHO THE F I can talk to about my tix.. she says I dont know nuffin bout no contest.. luckily I remembered who I talked to at Soul Train and as soon as I dropped names and dug thru my purse to find the number..the VIP bracelet was slapped on..

After the chaos of trying to get inside the building.. the show is set to start at 8. Being black, I already know this aint finna go down on time. Besides.. mofos is still setting ish up on stage. So the highlight of my night and I thank Soul Train for being late because I was wondering around and ran smack dab into the object of my lust on twitter.. RAY LAVENDER from Omarosa's show on TV One! omg..omg..omg... i luv he!

Anyhoo...after shaking like a leaf for about 10 minutes and barely being able to talk.. and getting hugs and pics..I'm personally good to go and ret to go home LOL.. but I came for a show..

9pm.. The show starts.. Arrested Development comes out.. rocks the house.. for all of one song...had me ready to go back to Tennessee.. then nothing.. for 45minutes..then songstress Keke Wyatt comes out.. (ok if she's the host..WHY COME she aint introducing e'rybody? she just picking and choosing? mmk) so.. 945.. Ray Lavender in all his luciousness and muscles and tatts and..my bad.. I got sidetracked..he performed 2 songs..flicking his tongue and junk and lawd I wanted to take him ..nevermind.. I digress.. ok.. at this point..my feet hurt.. 1030.. Mr Vegas performs.. dont ask me who he is cuz idk..all i know is he sings reggae..he seemed fun. Around 11.. Keke comes out ..sings 1 line to a song..shouts out a couple celebs in the building cuz the crowd is thinning out..and I realize at this point..at this rate we'll be in this mofo ALLLLLLLLL got dayum night and I am taking my black ass back to Charlotte.. So.. I threw the deuces.

Good thing too.. cuz I later found out that NONE of the "headliners" performed. Long story short, minus Ray Lavender..I shoulda kept my black ass at the house. I wish I could call Don Cornelius to complain. lol. It was an experience.. and did I mention how fine Ray is? lol..

Until Later..


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  1. lol...the unprofessionalism of "professional" artists i tellya.

  2. It would have been classic if your boy Antonie Dodson would have came out and did his thing lol he was on one the award shows peforming and George Lopez show as well.

  3. LMAO! Poor you! I was in Opera a few weeks ago. Lovely club. At least you got to see your man Ray Lavender!

  4. I am real sure that is the biggest bit of bafoonery I have heard come out of Atlantawood (ATL & Hollywood) in a long time. Soul train would be ashamed or SHOULD be ashamed. Didn't Shemar used to host the hippest trip in America? Call him...LMBO!

  5. lmbb...nothing is as it was..everything is taking on a ghetto form..we have to reclaim our culture...dang!!!

  6. Glad I didn't go...lol..I wanted to see Rick Ross...But glad you made the best of the situation...Guess it made being sleepy the next day worth it...

  7. LMBO!!!! Girl, what an experience!!

  8. Isn't this how that stuff goes all the time? That's why I don't go to concerts and ish. Why? Just to pay people to sing something worse than it sounds on a CD? nope. I'd rather go to Atlanta to expericence Atlanta.


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