A Double Scoop of Chocolate

Sunday, September 26, 2010

What's up fam? All I can say is.. my heavenly chocolate Sunday's on VH1 unfolded right before my very eyes today...

What you mean Meik?

Glad you asked. This is a long one so you've been warned. If you follow me on twitter..then you already know.. the two men I lust after on VH1 EVERY Sunday (well hell now that football season is underway.. whenever they are playing lol).. Chad Johnson aka Ochocinco and Terrell Owens were in town this weekend since the Bengals play the Panthers. (lawd if I could be in that locker room..help me jeeeezus on the stairway to heaven and back! but I digress..)

Ochocinco tweeted his plans to host a fan appreciation dinner in Charlotte.. the catch? Only the first 85 people will be his dinner guests and the location wasn't even tweeted until 4pm Saturday afternoon. Dinner starts at 6.

Soooooo.. me and my coworker have been plotting for months on how we'll get to the fan dinner if Ocho hosts one.. this is our chance right?!

So.. me being the stalk..I mean planner.. decided we should meet Uptown at 3:45 and just wait til he tweets.. so as we ride down Tryon.. 4pm hits.. the tweet goes out: Chima Brazilian Steakhouse is the location ... we are sitting at the light at the corner where the restaurant sits.. I look up and see tons of folks sprinting down the sidewalk..running out into the streets..its a freaking madhouse like someone is handing out them dayum KFC free chicken sammiches lol.. anyhoo.. I jump out (good thing I'm country enuff to wear flip flops and carry my heels just for times like these lol) and I haul ass and get in line.. I tell my girl park the car..I'll be waiting.

Long story short: We got in as part of the 85.. but NOT without some drama poppin off.. of course..its me we're talkin about right?

Mofo that CLEARLY ain't getting in is playing line patrol and is pointing out everyone he thinks has broken in line.. problem is..if he busy doing that.. then wtf line is he in? PLACE LOST SHUT IT BYE. He tells my friend..that he knows she broke in line (now..i explained to the folkz around me that she was coming..they was kool cuz we were all getting in.. they even had folkz come that had to move their cars and come back..not a problem).. anyhoo.. fool continues flappin his lipz talkin bout "I saw you and God saw you".. blink. blink. blink.

u know me right?

u know I just couldn't let that fly right?

Soooooo I politely say: MOFO if you don't take your ass on somewhere with that ish.. God sees you being a tattle tale and that's why u ain't even getting in to begin with..**eyeroll** and he never did get in.. see.. God don't like ugly!

Ok.. onward to the dinner..

I give Ocho his props.. he had an open bar for about an hour I think.. Ocho knows what I need don't he? LOL.. he aight in my book..muscles and liquor..ayyyyeeee!

Dinner was delish.. I don't eat red meat so I can't tell you how the steaks tasted.. but the dude beside me was going to town on it so I guess it was good. I got to sit at a table close to Ocho and TO.. close enough that my girl was staring at them eat and I was in hysterics LOL. but she got some good shots with my camera phone.. hellz naw we have no shame lmao.

I think my fav part of the evening was Ocho's prayer before dinner..if I understood wtf he said I'd gladly tell you.. but it was so cute.. **clutching pearls and swooning**

I also loved the fact that he went and took pics with every single person in the room.. and of course..my ish went a lil different lmao.

He comes over to take a pic..as he turns to walk away all i could think of to say to the man I lust over every week was: "Dayum you smell good" blink. blink. I make myself sick.

Then I check the pic.. notice that its extra blurry and have to grab him to take it again..the first time he igged me.. but then he came back around and re-took the pic with me.. thank gawd he was nice enough to do it..

HOWEVER.. he wasn't as talkative as I thought he'd be.. but good gawd ole mighty that man is fine..

Onto Terrell Owens.. he was pretty much sitting at the table not really mingling and he wasn't taking pics with folks.. but I went over and tried to spark a convo.. its not important what I said but he was a lil more talkative than Ocho..but the mofo still wouldn't take a pic. boo. (and no Mo and Kita weren't around lmao)

All in all .. I walked away still in lust with both of them.. met a cute white dude that I hope calls me , and memories and pics to last a lifetime..

Lesson Learned: I'm glad I plotted, and even stood outside in the hot azz scorching sun making my baby hairs roll up and part like the Red Sea and we were able to go to the fan dinner.. I am oh so glad I restrained myself from asking TO if I could come watch him swim in the hotel pool or put lotion on him when he got out the shower.. and I'm so glad I didn't ask Ocho if I could be his 5th baby mama.. see.. I do have some tact. LOL. Ochocinco and Terrell are kool in my book. If they come to ur city and do a fan dinner.. I recommend going..u just might meet some kool azz folkz.

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  1. Lawd knows I wish I could have been there!!! Great blog post :)

  2. too cute! I am so glad you got to retake your pic... you are one for taking great pics... and I should know!
    so happy you had a great time, mofo!
    C.C. Mitchell

  3. .lol im glad you made the dinner and im glad you had a good time ... despite the hatin MOFO in the line ... well played meik meik. well played

  4. I swear you finally met your baby daddies! I am waiting for you to meet your other loves--Chance and Real! LOL! Nice article. ;) C.

  5. Glad you got a chance to do that...I saw the drama so aside from 'God seeing yall'..I felt like I was there to..LOL at those Brazilian spots...did yall have the lil token..green (hell yeah I want some of that good sir) / Red (umm...no sir..that kinda animal isn't in my diet)...haha...good stuff!

  6. This entry reminds me of one of my greatest annoyances...

    I can't understand the fascination women have with athletes.

    Most of those cats have money, physical prowess, and fame. But what can that really do for a lady, a family? All that is THEIR stuff. What can the average lady add to the life of a guy that has every worldy advantage already?

    Is beauty a true asset? Can your body make you as successful as these athletes? Or is it okay for a lady to come up short on their end? Cuz a man that isn't up to par with them (in their mind) will certainly get the deuces quick. LoL!

    Not placing blame anywhere. Just questioning.

  7. @Dekaynon, I don't understand the fascination that men have with women having to look a certain way and be a certain way, can you explain that one? It doesn't matter if they are athletes, the whole point is the word FREE to me. Obviously from watching BOTH of their shows, it is obvious that they are not looking for a woman to settle down with, but you have SOME girls who will always TRY to be that chick. Athletes are "regular people" too, and there is nothing wrong with going to a dinner that they are paying for in my eyes....Since they supposedly have so much more than me, then they can afford to pay for ME a free meal, right? So I see the point of view from the women to want to go. There were also males there at the dinner too I assume, so I could ask the same question, what is with their fascination as well? Anyways..miss mofo, glad you had a good time, you went to something that MANY People will never get the opportunity to experience...

  8. the interesting part was..the majority of people that went to the fan dinner were die hard football fans.. MEN. so how does this relate to what ur insinuating that folks that went to the dinner are groupies?

  9. @Meik and @Sha-Lon-Da. I'm not saying the event you or y'all went to was for groupies. I'm saying I was only REMINDED of women who go after these athletes. Yes, I can read and Meik is a good writer. So, I got the gist that there were just as many men at the event, so I'm clear on that. I'm just sayin', this particular post, because it dealt with two very popular and very exposed athletes, AND dealt with people lined up to see them, AND the desperation some people have to see them(i.e., the guy policing the line) I am REMINDED of women who are groupies, that’s all. SO no, I'm not saying anyone going to that event were/are groupies. I'm juz sayin', I doubt that if Cornell West or Gary Null offered a free steak dinner in Uptown Charlotte, in that same place, that this would have even been a topic on MoFoChronicles or even a matter up for discussion. LOL! So come on now, this was more than just about free food. lol!

    I don’t really have an answer about fascination with a woman looking certain way. I venture to say that this is a subjective matter. What is one's vision of beauty, or standard of appearances, is possibly another's source of disgust. So that's a question, I think better left for the sociologist out there.

    My point was that a person's wealth shouldn't be in what possesions they have or how they look, it's the content of their character. I would like to see people scrambling and rushing to go vote, or go to a local government meeting, or go to a marriage counseling workshop, or visit their children's schools, or participate in a PTA event, or go to a struggling artist’s showing, or participate in a neighborhood gardening program than to go see two dudes who are really good at playing school yard games. LOL!


  11. Ok, good for you...I guess. Not sure where your lust will lead but at least you got to meet them. T.O. needed to stay home if he was on his period. Sitting at the table like a jilted date. SMH at Cincinnati's new power couple. #really

  12. I saw the picture... Glad you made it... Though you have to give up this LUSTFUL, STALKER quality/mentality. If you really got to know them - I wonder would you still.. WAIT - WHO AM I TALKING TO.. OF COURSE YOU WOULD. LOL... Glad you opened up your dating prospects (White cocoa can sometime be just as good as regular cocoa) -- so did he call? Anyway -- holla soon. I'm going to get back in blogs (thanks for following)


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