Cant we just all get along?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

"chile she just look like she a heaux"
"hmm that bish think she betta than everybody"
"who she think she is just cuz she date so and so"
"gawd I wish she'd shut the f up and go on some damn where thinking she smart"

sound familiar? that's the inner workings of the female mind.. the mofoette as I so fondly like to call her.

What you talkin bout Meik?

It amazes me how females just can't seem to get along with each other over petty ish. One of my gal pals was telling me you can't mix certain groups of friends because everyone won't get along. WHY? why can't we as women mingle amongst each other without judging each other , without wishing a bird would drop a load of shittahhh on her head, or hoping her fav stilettos break off while she's walking? geez.. I am the first one to admit that I dont keep a whole lot of chicks in my inner circle.. why? cuz I dont trust mofos.. but then again..I dont keep a whole lot of anybody in my inner circle.

However, I know how to be sociable and mingle with other folkz outside of my circle without acting a damn donkey.

But taking it a step further..shouldnt we women in certain organizations be able to get along even if its for 5 minutes? Should ducking and dodging be how we treat those we call our "sisters"? I think not.. again here we have a case of judging without getting to know someone. Granted I'm talking in code right now so alot of you may not follow me.. but to me a sisterhood means that I should be able to accept you as you are and not assume ish..hell I'm grown enough where I can ask you about any of my pre-judgements without acting simple as hell and avoiding the issue.

It's childish when we as women can't get along all because of simple silly azz reasons like you THINK someone wants your you know for FACT that other woman wants him? or are you ASSUMING that? do you know for FACT that other woman is a bish or stuck up just cuz of her job or the way she carries herself? or are you ASSUMING? Do you know for FACT that woman is ride or die for the organization she represents and is on a mission to seek out all the evil-doers? or are you ASSUMING? do you know for FACT that she is even judging you or are you ASSUMING she is because she's not talking a mile a minute?

***tap tap this mic on? testing 1, 2, 3....**

ASSuming ish.. makes you look like an ASS.. so my advice is get to know someone before you make snap judgements.. and acting all silly by creating unnecessary drama is for kids.. mofoettes over 30 need to put on their grown woman drawallllllz and act like they have some sense.. If you don't like me.. hey, that's great..chances are i probably don't like u either lol.. but woman up and say that ish.. stirring up ish, then playing the she say game is so high schoolish.. who has time for that? clearly you must be bored if you do.. im not saying we all gotta be friends and sing koom ba yah or ish but Respect is a must.

Until Later..

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  1. I have a hard time believing that women really act and think this way. Granted, I am a man and I cannot rightly say I am Mel Gibson and know what women are thinking. But, logically, who cares if a person is THINKING of stealing your significant other? Until they make a move, just watch them and keep them at arm’s length. That's doing too much if you're setting traps, taking preemptive strikes, sending out commando units, and putting up defenses just because you think they are going to try something. Just chill out son.

    As for the other examples... Those are even pettier. Wow! This is the stuff of gentlemen's clubs, fraternity/mason meetings, barber shops, men’s bathrooms, executive boardrooms, and senate chamber jokes. Yeah, we talk about dumb broads. Yeah, the term "broads" and worse are used when women are not present, and acting dumb. Just saying. It's petty stuff like this that makes women look bad. It makes men of power hesitant about bringing a worthy woman into to fold.

    I don't know about sisterhood, but to me, a brotherhood does not exactly mean acceptance for who my brother is. It's more so about joining my brother and getting a task done in spite of who he is, or what he does. I am in a brotherhood. Alpha Phi Alpha, as a matter of fact. Charlie Rangel, Marion Berry, and Kwame Kilpatrick are all my fraternal brothers. Do I accept what they do/did with their political power? No. Do I accept how greedy or selfish they have been? No. Do I accept what they stand for? No. Will I work with them if they have an initiative within the organization? Yes!

    If sisterhood is anything like I think brotherhood is, I would hope that you just let the mofoettes be. You should know how they roll, just give them their space. If they need help in the organization, be the first to help within the best of your ability.

    You have to put the brotherhood/sisterhood before your personal feelings. So nobody should have to walk up to you and present a certain beef with you, just to alert you of their dissatisfaction. Unless they are earnestly concerned about something you are doing to yourself, to others, or the image of the sisterhood/brotherhood, then keep your mouth shut and keep it rolling! We are not meant to get along with every-frackin'-body on this website, in this building, on this block, in this neighborhood, on this side of town, in this city, in this borough, in this county, in this district, in this state, in this region, in this country, on this hemisphere, on this side of the earth, on this planet, in this solar system, in this galaxy, in this universe, etc... We are only expected to get along with e'rybody in heaven. So, BOOM! POW! Go Kill yourself if you feel like you have to hash it out with everybody you think don't like you. Staples has the easy button. I would suggest investing in the “IGNORE” button. It works wonders. How much energy do you think Mofoettes have anyway to throw daggers and spears?

    There is jealousy in all families, just don't let it kill the purpose and the goals you set out to accomplish.
    There is envy in every level of your career. Just don’t let it go both ways and hinder your success.
    There are those who covet what you got. Don’t let that stand in the way of what you deserve.


  2. I shoulda prefaced this blog that i am under the influence of theraflu and it was all over the place..

    but bottom line is mofos shouldnt assume shyt and judge folkz..the end. and dont take "sisterhood" too literal..the folkz im talkin bout know EXACTLY wtf i mean. But what I'm not gonna do is get into the greek life on here..and what it stands for and blah blah..

    this was a subliminal blog and i bet the mofoettes it's directed at will get it.

  3. Well the only person you need to keep in your inner circle anyways is ME, cuz I'm ALWAYS here, can't get rid of me...but yes I agree, I have friends that are females that I don't mix with other female groups for many reasons. It's kind of weird that I fit into both groups, cuz I don't see how, but yes you had to separate the two sometimes for various reasons..I have uppity friends and I have my gangsta boo friends, clearly the two won't mix, right? But anyways, this post seems kinda sorority based, and I'm not in one, so I don't have anything else to blessed

  4. Sorority sisters or not... We need to behave and act like LADIES! We all just need to accept the fact that we are different. Try to get to know someone, you just might learn something that may contribute to self improvement! ;-)


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