A lesson in Giving Back..

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Whats up fam? As I was checking my email's and came across one that needed volunteers for the school system..it reminded my of a story from my first day as a volunteer at a local high school...

This bout to be a bumpy ride..so hold tight...

I decided last year to start off my new year the right way by doing something I had never done...volunteering without being forced to..

Volunteering as what Meik?

Volunteering in the school system...Meik loves the kids..(well..some of em)..

My first day volunteering and I am picked to be on a panel of judges to judge senior projects...apparantly students pick their topics in their sophmore years and work on this project throughout the junior year and then put the finishing touches on it and present it their senior year. (gawd help me if i'd had to do that ish in high school but i digress)..

The idea of presenting the projects to a panel was supposed to go like this:

1. Present a letter to the judges that explains who you are and your project.

2. Present your project with powerpoint slides, and finish with a product

3. End presentation and answer questions.

Simple enough huh?

Now...here's where I have issues..these kids have had a couple years to get this ish together and EVERY presentation I sat thru from 9a until 130p looked like they threw it together the previous week. One in particular stood out to me...

His project: Women in Politics...great topic right? especially with the 2008 election...

Now most students dressed for the part...suit and tie, dresses..ect..this lil big mofo (yeah lil cuz he young, big cuz he well...big) had on baggy jeans, and a big t-shirt that came to his knees and LONG fingernails..ugh...and big azz earrings.

His powerpoint ....black lettering on purple background...umm we can't see that ish..so he proceeds to stand at the computer and read word for word...well u know me..im like what is this ish? everytime the word should say WOMEN it says WOMAN..so for example "WOMAN IN POLITICS" and he continues to read it just like that..

So after we ask him to talk to us rather than read , its clear he has no idea what his project is on b/c he is talking about voting rights and slavery. WTF...so I ask him why he didnt include Palin or Clinton in this project and he blinks at me for about a minute....then says..well i didnt decide to do this until after the election.




WTF? u had 2 yrs to do this...u have the most historical election EVERRRRR and u dont include ish on it??!!

So he pulls out this board with newspaper clippings and ish on it...so im like ok..tell us about it..




ummmmm well these woman are in charge.


he repeats it for each picture and i want to f'in scream.

Finally I say...umm well, how does this project tie in with the new governor elect bev perdue.

He says "well..it means woman are stepping up".




At this point im done. and so are the other judges.

I ask you, how is it students like this are getting promoted to the next grade. This is a senior that has every intention of going to college...but how will he make it if no one takes the time to sit his lil big behind down and teach him and correct him?!

Its just sad..so I think God put me in the right place to help these kids..cuz lawd knows they gonna need it...

So today's lesson: volunteer... you never know someone might just need your help..think about it..did you get to where you are without some sort of help?

...don't talk about it..be about it...


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  1. Sadly, I am not surprised. Some of our youth are lazy and do just enough to get by. Clearly this child needs a grammar lesson from yours truly! UGH! WHAT IS WE GAWN DO!!!

  2. I missed where you offered guidance after the presentation....is this a to be continued???

  3. I actually did mentor a student and continue with my volunteering for the remainder of that school year.. im not a complete mofo lol..


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