20 Questions: The Smurfs.. La La La La La La

Friday, April 30, 2010

What up fam? I was sitting here procrastinating cuz im oh so good at it.. and decided to watch the Smurfs.. let's just take a minute and thank the BOOM Network for showing some of our fav cartoons from back in the day.. (now if they ever air Jem and the Holograms Imma act a got dayum fool and never leave my couch..ya heard?!)
Anyhoo..as I'm watching.. I started noticing some ish...soo I thought I'd bring it to ya'll and see if u can help answer my questions about the Smurfs:

1. Remember Smurf Cereal.. why they stop making that ish?

2. Remember the Smurf Glasses with the different smurfs on em?..I think Hardees used to have them..matter of fact.. where the heck are mine?!

3. Do you think Smurfette was a hoe? I mean she was the ONLY chick in the village...im just saying...

4. Who bred all them damn smurfs?

5. Why come Papa Smurf got to wear red?

6. Was this a damn cult he was leading ..cuz why everybody else gotta wear white?

7. Why come they aint got nametags?

8. Why come they don't have nipples?

9. What kind of animal/mammal/reptile/ creature is a smurf? they have tails.

10. WTF did Baby Smurf come from?!

11. When Baby Smurf gets older...does his/her name change? To Grown Ass Smurf?

12. I think Papa Smurf was a bit incestious dont u? **side eye**

13. Was he everybody's daddy? Or just Smurfette's "DADDY"? lol

14. Seriously.. where did Baby Smurf come from.. Smurfette was never preggo.. or was she?

15. Did the Shroom houses mean they were all druggies?

16. Wtf named these smurfs? Greedy, brainy, clumsy..why they can't have names like Mike, Tito, Jackie, Marlon and Jermaine ..normal names that I can remember..hell..

17. Im thinking they dont wear drawz...nasty blue mofos.. what u think?

18. Smurfette's dress was more of a tank top, u think she got cold? and why come she always had on heels..dont her feet hurt?

19. Where did Brainy get them glasses cuz im almost positive there aint no optomestrist in the village or a drugstore...or is there?

20. Why come there wasn't a rapper smurf? that would have been fun. blink. blink.

So any help ya'll could give me by answering this for me would be fab..cuz im concerned LOL. and don't act like ya'll aint NEVERRRRR thought of this ish.. its just funny how u can watch a cartoon now that you watched when you were a kid and see it completely different.. anyhoo..


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  1. You got me cracking up! Love it!

  2. This is sad... so very very sad....>¦-} but funny. I'm thinking there was a mama smurf who probably died in child birth with baby smurf ; damn she did pump out all those kids. They just don't mention her. Papa smurf obviously didn't know what causes babies with that 'village' runnin around. He tried to come off wholesome but he really a freak. Wasn't papa some kinda wizard & ish...did potions & spells? There were those teenage smurfs in the later episodes...there was a girl there too....so smurfette wasn't the only hooka in the village! Now imma have to go buy the dvds...love those throwback cartoons.

    Lindsay...on a THOU...whatever that means

  3. Smurfett had to be a hoe

  4. Confession: My first bike was a big wheel, yeah a big wheel, remember those?

    Anyway, it was a blue Smurfs big wheel... Looked just like this: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3164/2588620253_fdf68e62aa_o.jpg

  5. jesus christ... i can remember watching them,,, i loved them <3 hehe


  7. why come you say why come?


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