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Sunday, April 04, 2010

What's up fam?
I know you're wondering if I've turned all nice and inspiring and ish..but no.. I'm still me.. but every now and again, I run across someone that inspires me and I want to put the spotlight on them to allow you, my readers, the opportunity to realize that the world doesnt just have MOFOS running around.. there are some good ones and with that said..

Allow me to introduce to you a man that really honestly needs no introduction, or rather shall I say allow me re-introduce a familiar face with a voice we all came to know and lust after I mean love..
Take a stroll back with me to the mid 90's.. "Come See Me", "Cupid", "Peaches and Cream", "It's Over Now"...ring a bell?.. yessir.. 'twas the days of the group 112.. and one fourth of the grammy award winning group is stepping out into the spotlight...Meet Daron Jones. (I'm imagining applause here like this is my talkshow..just lemme have my moment!)

I had the opportunity to sit down and talk to Daron, and let me just say he has got to be one of the must humble individuals I've ever had the pleasure of speaking to, and with his credentials, he has every right to have a BIG EGO.. but he doesn't and that definately saves him from my mofo list! lol..

So who is Daron Jones? His answer was quite simple and can be found on his new single "Money".. : He's the self proclaimed R&B Godfather the ONLY Don Da Da.. he's also a singer, musician, songwriter, and producer. Now before you get it twisted, Jones explains, "The Godfather title is something I came up with to claim. It's just like Michael Jackson is the King of Pop, T.I. is the King of the South, you have to put it out into the universe and claim what you want to be, alot of artists do that."

Alot of people have no idea how extensive his resume is.. as I was reading it even I had to say, dayum you did all this?! He's responsible for my anthem: Keyshia Cole's "I shouldve cheated", as well as a string of hits from artists such as the late great Notorious BIG, 112 of course, R Kelly, Usher,and Jamie Foxx just to name a few. With all that being said.. after being behind the scenes for the past few years..its his time to shine!

Daron Jones new solo project is titled "Uncensored"...

Now before you draw any conclusions, Jones says "The title comes from me coming into this business at the age of 17 and having to do what I was told and being musically censored. I'm grown now and as a solo artist I can stand on my own, can get whatever I need to off my chest and speak out using my voice and be uncensored."

While most of you are used to his image with 112 being the "Gentlemen of Bad Boy"..he's taken on a new direction and simply being himself. "The main difference you'll find is in my lyrics, they are bold and its a fusion of all of my musical influences that range from gospel to jazz to hip hop," says Jones. While "Uncensored" isn't out in stores yet, you can get a taste of the single "Money" on itunes..(hell I liked the song so much it's my ringtone hint hint)..

This multi-talented brotha is also the CEO of DPS Productions in Atlanta. DPS stands for Definition of Platinum Sounds, a full service production company/music label. DPS already boasts a roster of several artists including his sister Sunni Jones, Courtney Michelle, Premier, and Charlie D.

I do have to say that Daron is one inspiring brotha because of his journey to stardom and one thing he reminded me that will stick in this thick head of mine is something his mentor told him... "You have to be prepared for major dissappointments, but you just have to be prepared to keep moving forward."

The lesson here: There's gonna be some No's and doors slammed in your face, but Dedication, Hard work, Faith.. that's the recipe for success.. Jones is proof of that..

Daron's solo project is expected to be released this soon as it drops.. GET IT. that is all.

For more info: @daronjonesmusic on twitter and

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  1. Good Job Mofo. u know we all love Daron!! Hell he has us sleepy and going in late to work during the

  2. Whats up MOFO?...Great article...DPS...Definition Of Platinum Sounds....We outta here baby...

  3. Thank ya Vez.. DPS is the ISH!!

  4. I LOVE the article, well said MOFO>>> "DPS WE Run this TOWN!!!!"

  5. Daron is one of the Greatest of All time! And with his solo project the world will see his greatness again. He has inspired me as well as my team more than he will ever know. With Daron, R&B is BACK!!!

  6. Wil..thank u for reading.. glad u enjoyed..

    Howard.. im tellin ya.. D needs to do some inspirational/motivational speaking.. he may not realize it but stuff he says is REAL.. he motivates me ALL the time! and keeps me laughing and dancing lol

  7. Great job SHAY SHAY

  8. I Love the article you did your thang Mofo

  9. I loved Daron when he was with 112 and now he can only be better being that he's solo! Good piece, MOFO.. Keep up the good work!

  10. GREAT JOB MOFO!!! I love it, and can't wait to see more from MOFO Chronicles and DPS :)

  11. Thanks im glad u recognize true talent.. me and Daron LMAO.. seriously..thank u guys for reading and showing luv.. we preciate ya.. and i have a gazillion other blogs.. check em out..

  12. Awesome job Mofo!! DPS is making major moves and Daron is the epitome of R&B. I agree, he's humble and a great person to know! It's a movement baby!!! BOW!!

  13. Zandra..he aight LMAO.. just kidding.. he is FAB!! I can't wait for the album to come out!

  14. I'm so glad he's coming to the forefront again! I can't wait to see how he's grown as an artist....he's always been so talented! Thanks Meik for shedding light on this talent!!


  16. Really great article. That is 2 cool interviews in 2 weeks. You need to start bringing them by the station and doing on sets with them. Hope you have a good one meika. Awesome story!

  17. Mofo!! Definitely enjoyed the article!! It couldn't have been said any better!! I can't wait til this album hits the airwaves so the people who don't view the infamous Daron Jones/DPS Show on UStream,(the best album pre-listening party you can ask for lol), can see what all the chatter is about! They just don't know...DPS is "In dis thang"! "We ona THOW"-DPS. LMAO!


  18. Great job, Oprah Rhymes...Daron deserves all the praise that he has earned. I can't wait to hear his new music and delve into his extensive resume. Job well done, Meik!

  19. bonafide dont make me retch in my purse lol. glad u like.. make sure ur folk down that way check him out..i just got a fab idea.. ETSU REUNION ENTERTAINMENT!!! yeaaaaaaa that's my vote.

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