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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What up fam? I was digging thru my bag of blogs and came across this one I wrote in 08 and well hell frankly i find it funny LMAO.. so i needed a good laugh and thought i'd share with ya.. enjoy!

December 2008

Gawd. I hates me a begging mofo. Well..I hate all kinds of mofos..but especially the begging kind...

Take for example...I gave my number to this fool tryin to be nice and because he just moved to town and didn't know anyone..because apparantly nowdays u can't fool mofos by giving em a fake number b/c they wanna call your phone right then and there to make sure u gave em the right i warned him, that im a busy chick so i don't always answer the phone ..leave a message and when i remember i'll get back to u..MAYBE.

Well...few hours later..he calls...I missed the call and forgot to call back...then the text messages I respond to the first couple...then say munk it..he's i tell him i work 24/7 (most mofos can take a hint..but not this one)...he proceeds to text me his life talking bout how he up and moved with no money, has no job, no friends, blah blah..yeah i know..i sure know how to pick em lol...

So I put him on my ignore list...and he faded into the sunset for a couple days..then two days ago, the calls started up time he caught me off guard and i munked up and answered the phone but i told him i was at work and hung up..

Fast forward to a few days later..he calls and I figure..lemme just tell this fool point blank...we can't even be friends. So i tell him..the whole..its not you , its me b.s...and then tell him i met someone and all that jazz (ok i lied..but hell..) so he says:

"Well can't u just give me a 30 day trial?"




Mofo...this ain't no shyt u buy and return to the store..WTF? Naw. Hell naw.

"Well..a 20 day trial? I mean, we can be friends for a couple days then it can segueway into dating"




Naw. I don't think this fool gets it.

"Well, how bout I bring you some lunch, I mean you just tell me where you work and I'll bring it to you."

Nucca..I don't eat.

" bout we just meet up, hang out, and just become best friends?" this point im like why am i still on this gawd dawg since im in the store..i find some paper..crinkle it up and tell him i can't hear him ..its static or something and hang the f up.


What kind of world are we living in that mofos gotta resort to begging?

Get some self esteem bout yo'self. hell.

I just don't understand. I WISH I would BEG a mofo when I can clearly see they aint interested...

I blame Steve Urkel.

Why Meik? well...he worried the hell out of Laura til he got her..even if he did have to alter himself to do it...hell. I don't get it..and its makin my head hurt dealing with the triflin-ness that is in the queen city...

Lesson Learned:
Be up front and honest from jump and well hell..
Don't give out the digits...EVER.

Keep it classy!

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  1. I laughed at this! Why can't people just be friends?

  2. i almost lost my yogurt on this one! what about a 10 day trial? does he come with batteries or a free gift? LMBAO!


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