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Monday, March 08, 2010

Fam.. I thought this was a funny blog I previously wrote.. I was thinking about it since I'm about to start the job hunt again soon.. enjoy!


Take a walk with me down memory lane..the year is 2005 (i think lol)..and I gas up the galant and hit the road heading to a small town in Alabama....took me about 5 hours to get there from Knoxville, TN..not bad I guess...seeing as how I hate driving longer than 2 hours...but I digress..I get into the town (and i wont tell u where just in case someone lives there now LMAO)..but I immediately decide..not too shabby..I can do this..I locate the mall...find my hotel fairly easy...and settle in...

UNTIL I decide...a mofo is hungry...but I decide first I wanna go to the mall and see what it has to offer...I hit that up and notice that I have hardly seen any white people...ummm mmmmk. I wander around..check out the eye candy and buy a couple things...and decide I just have to have some Long John Silver's food..simply because I don't think where I lived we had one...and I was missing that damn food..

So I rolls up to the drive thru..and I'm a bit confused as to the way its laid out..there are two lanes and either way you pull in ..you're f'd.

So i pull in to the lane closet to the drive thru window...assuming this makes sense and i dont see a sqawk box but im thinking mmmmk. whatevs..

I look out my window on the drivers side and notice that there's this tube like looking thing like when you go to the bank and you go thru the drive thru...again..mmmmk. The drive thru window is on my passenger side so im thinking how in the hot hayle am i supposed to get my food???

Ya'll aint ready...u just aint..b/c if you weren't there u just wouldnt believe me. Hell I wouldn't believe me. I swear to gawd I wish I would have taken a picture..

I ordered my food thru some invisible sqawk box LOL...then the voice says..."put yo money in dat bucket"..

WTF? what bucket??

ya'll i swear fo gawd...out of the sky into that tube apparatus comes a yellow bucket...u know me...




Take a deep breath..and place my money in the bucket and it shoots off into the sky again...so now im confused...like how in the hot hayle am i gonna get my food....and before I could find my phone to call someone about this hot ghetto mess...the bucket comes sailing down again...and I ask the sqawk box...umm how do i get my food? Do I need to come in??

This ghetto heffa says: It's in dat bucket if you look"

gawd i hate mofos....and even worse..i hate country mofos. no..i take that back. i loves me a country man..but dammit there's nothing worse than a ghetto country mofo.

I digress...

So I lean over and see the LJS yellow bag grab it and dig around the bottom of the bucket for my change and get the hell out of dodge. I dont even think I ate that food..LOL..

Now..I have never seen another establishment built quite like that...and hope i never have to again..but if i move down there...lawd help us all...

Lesson Learned: Don't eat out in strange places with weird building layouts..especially drive thru's..you never know where the hell your food is coming from.

Stay tuned...next time I might just tell you bout my job interview amongst the land of the jheri curls and gangstas...

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  1. @Meik...that's your fault. When the bucket came down, I would have just drove off, call the USDA and gave them the address...As you say so eloquently...That is all!


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