It may have been cute, but it ain't no more

Monday, March 08, 2010

What's up fam.. this is an old blog..but I think its still relevant cuz lots of random ish in the news..anyhoo.. enjoy!


There was a time in my life when I thought it was cute to have that hood boyfriend...ya'll ladies know the kind i'm talking bout...that drug slinging, pimped out car riding, blinging mofo that smell like weed with his hair braided to the was just something about the "bad boy" that just made u wanna forget all your good up bringing and do whatever a mofo asked you to even if it meant that your azz could end up in trouble too...

I could never understand why my father would always wanna block a mofo..making sure our dates weren't but dayum 30 minutes long LOL..or lurking in the hallway if i was on the phone with him, or if ole boy came by the crib he was right there irritating me....but now I'm sure glad he did... didn't stop when I went off to college though LOL..I remember this one guy that was sooooo freaking cute..minus the braids and bling..but he had a nice ride, and tons of money...good enuff for me at the time...he was the type to look at u like MOFO SHUT YO AZZ UP and it was just sexy lol..ya'll know what i mean..(TI got that same damn look lol)...anyway..he wined and dined me..gave me money if I needed it, and it didn't occur to me where the mofo got his money or anything...i just thought it was cute with me sitting up in the passenger seat being a ride or die type of chick.....thank goodness I got bored with him and moved the hell on .. if i had waited just a few weeks.. who knows where I would be right now..

I say all that to say..there comes a f'in point in our lives where that shyt just don't fly anymore..

I wish I would at 25 1/2 years old (SHUT IT..i did fix the age on here) allow a hood mofo with a long azz rap sheet into my damn house or even near my damn family...and before some of you get ya panties in a talking about a mofo with attempted murder, 1st degree murder charges, and robbery and all kinds of mess in their record...i can handle a misdeamoner charge from when a mofo was young and dumb..but at this damn age...grow the f up and do something with your life! Now its a lil different if he's reformed and making something of himself..but that's a whole nother blog..

How many chicks do you know behind bars all over a nucca? How many nuccas do you know that are just f'in beyond crazy doing stupid shyt and there's a stupid azz chick right beside him braggin like she got Donald Trump or some damn body..or how many mofos done lost something for messing with a mofo with a record?

At some point the bling, the bad boy image, the drugs, the slappin the shyt out a mofo mess is old...hell if its ever cute..

I think we have to look deeper than this when we are choosing a mate even if its for the short term...I don't know about ya'll but if a mofo got a record of some ole foul shyt or suspect shyt...he might be lucky if he ever learn my last damn name (yeah im scary like that lol.. hell working in news will have your ass paranoid as hell)....

We have to set standards..and I get that some folks fall back on that .."oh im from the hood so i want a hood mofo"...umm at some point in your sure you want to make it out the hood..and im sure you want someone that had the goals to do the same..hell..even the Jeffersons moved on up..

Today's Lesson Learned:

GOOGLE A a f'in background check...

make sure you know what u getting into...cuz I don't give a dayum how nice a mofo is, or how much of a "bad boy" he is...he could be hiding some shyt...and that mess will bite your azz in the end...

Until later...Stay fab and keep on googling...

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  1. It's funny you re-posted this. I needed to see it to say this...these fools are making a livin on repeat offender birds who love a thug. They love a nicca to buy them some kicks and then kick they azz with them. Ladies, its DRUG money, not stock broker, mogul or long money. If you gone get Bird, get you a man who has a bank account and can ACCOUNT for how he got it! I hate to see you in orange, stripes or as in Arizona, Pink, trying to explain that you didn't know what he did. He 22, high school drop out and cannot read. What are his choices? SMH @ the bird population.

  2. This is a big problem that I have with SOME BLACK WOMEN even going back to days in high school a lot of sister would rather date the ugly,popular,basic math taking dude then a better looking,nicer trying to get his education on dude.Then 6 yrs later those same dudes are even more handsome,great career,personality and after being spurnned by the sisters for so long they switch teams and hook up with a white girl
    who likes him for him then the sisters see this fine man out and shake there head in disgust calling him a sellout.This is not my story I'm happily married to a beautiful black woman but I know many guys that this happened too.

  3. Girl tellt he troof!!!!


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