Letting go of a mofo .. FOR GOOD..

Friday, March 05, 2010

What up Mofo Fam?
It's kind of late..but I just had alot of things running thru my mind..so bear with me..

Trust...its a funny thing..once you lose it..its hard to get it back and if you are lucky and you do, it's one of those things that will never be 100% ever again.

I'm a firm believer in giving folks a second chance, but sometimes giving them the benefit of the doubt can make you wanna slap the ish outta yourself. What you mean Meik?

Lemme explain: I have tried and tried to give this mofo the benefit of the doubt for the past few years, after he lied, cheated, and lied, and cheated and well you get the point? Once I forgave him and could hold a convo without ending up in tears, frustration or wanting to stab his ass, I thought we were able to be semi-friends. Apparantly with some folks, you just gotta let ish go cuz it just dont change and wont get any better..

So last week, i mention to him that the CIAA Tournament is in Charlotte and he should come visit and hang out .. well he acts like he's never heard of the ish and I waste my time and effort explaining it and he says, hmm sounds fun, i just might come.. kool.. well needless to say i know MIGHT means AINT coming from this fool so i just kept it moving..had a ball hanging out with friends and just doing Meik.. mingling, socializing and avoiding mofos and drama..


I am chatting with him and telling him how much fun CIAA was and he says oh yeah i hate i missed it cuz i had to work.. oh ok no prob.. u can come next year.. kool..

just a few short hours later, i find out this mofo was in town the entire f'in time staying right in the center of uptown, tee heeing it up and partying like its 1999 and ish..




sooooooo if we aren't together .. what purpose is it serving for you to lie to me? and if you gonna lie, don't u think you should cover your tracks just a lil bit better? im just saying..

Fam, I did something that I should have done 5 years ago when I packed my shit and walked out.. I finally let him go. The remainder of his ish that i had.. GONE. Phone numbers and contact info..GONE ( i didnt even write the ish down)... All ties to each other on social media sites..GONE. I thought I'd be scrambling to glue it back together..but no..not this time. It's so refreshing cuz i feel like i can finally breathe now. I'm at peace..and I don't have to deal with shouldering his drama anymore.

So I say all that to say.. if there's someone out there reading my blogs and thinking im a bitter hateful bia.. maybe I was.. and will still probably continue to be.. but I know one thing.. I aint gotta ACCEPT the ish he was shoveling at me and on me.. Maybe there's someone out there reading this that thinks, if I walk away from this mofo, I can't do it on my own, I will be alone, etc.. I thought that.. and look.. it took awhile, but I had to finally trust that God would get me through it, and I've been making it on my own, and yeah, I get lonely..but thats ok compared to a life of drama, lies, cheating.. just cuz i like to watch soap operas doesn't mean i have to live one..

Well.. that's all.. I just wanted to get those thoughts off my mind..

Thanks for reading fam..


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  1. well u kno how the saying goes....if he cheats on u once, he will cheat on u again..and i guess thats whut happened in those 5 years u been dealing with him..well im glad u finally let go of the past and enjoying life from now on

  2. Very true.. but the past 5 years have just been us TRYING to be friendly and cordial but it just is pointless.. sometimes mofos just wont change..they are stuck in destructive behavior.. i just refuse to enable that ish one more day!

  3. @Meik...just stab his ass. I will say you were with me. That is all...

  4. hmmm i shoulda stabbed his ass 5 yrs ago LOL

  5. This is so true. I just took your advice last night. It is freeing & I'm feelin Breezy:) Thanks Meik!

  6. Good for you! We deserve better!!


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