Color Struck or Trife?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

What's up fam?

Scenario: Boy meets girl. Boy tries repeatedly to holla at girl. girl is not looking for a relationship, but willing to hang out with boy from time to time.. boy doesn't give up..keeps pursuing until one day boy spots girl's light skinned friend with long hair.. boy then fixes his f'in lips to ask girl for her friend's number or for a hook up.

blink. blink.

Now fam.. I have seen this happen over and over and over..hell its even happened to me. One of my guy friends once told me that its all about "the get a light skinned chick with long hair to throw on my arm as a trophy" syndrome. Ummmm wow.

I always thought maybe it was just my emotional insecurities screaming but when I realized its not just me this ish happens to.. then maybe there is something going on that isn't being discussed here..

In 2010 are mofos STILL color struck?

Now don't get me wrong, I think all my friends are matter their skin color but i'll be damned if a mofo that has tried to holla at me is gonna go thru me to get fixed up with one of them. wtf u think i look name aint eharmony mutha sukkas.

Anyhoo.. i think it's sad that in today's time that people are still so superficial that they think like that.. now maybe the case was these particular guys thought they'd have an easier time tryin to holla at the friend.. but the result in my eyes is the same. TRIFE.

I think the lesson here is mofos have to get to know folks on their damn own for who they are and NOT their skin color.. granted, i realize the physical is what attracts you to who you are attracted to..but what makes you think just cuz i dont want you that my girl will? that's just beyond tacky as hell. kick rocks and find ya own chick hell.

Anyhoo.. Just wanted to get that off my chest.. i think its just sad that some beautiful dark/brown skinned sistas get passed over b/c of some ole bull ish like that.. but hey.. i just calls it like i see it..

Until Later.. Meik..

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  1. You didn't want a relationship, so what's the big deal giving dude your friends number? You already said no.

  2. lol.. for a chick its trifling.. i mean he spent all that time tryin to holla.. but one look at her then im supposed to be like oohh ok.. yeah ya'll hook up.. not happening.. anyway.. i told her about it.. she wasn't interested but agreed that it most def was out of order.. it'd be different if he never pursued me and he was just a good friend..then i have no problem giving my friend HIS number and letting her make the decision to call..

  3. Even though it may seem silly to men its the law of the jungle of friendships for women. Meik would need to be the one to initiate the 'go-ahead' for pursuing her girlfriend. It's just out of respect for peoples feelings and basic common courtesy.

  4. yeah.. i think men dont care lol. but for women..its def a different story..

  5. hey this is @kidhunger just testin out to see if it works lol

  6. it leave a real comment LOL

  7. Meik, mofos aint looking at the heart no mo...they looking at how much hair and skin lightner a chick can afford. Sometimes, I wish I was a "caught yo azz slippin" paparazzi. I know Beyonce, La La, A Keys, Rhianna and a whole host of light skinned broads would pay me a mint to keep those "Barnacle Bill" photos out of the hands of the media. But men are not looking at the full make up of a woman, he looking at how she gone look at the club, round his boyz or in bed...Sorry Charlie, she tuna, not Grouper.

  8. Let me flip the script a little here.Lets say you have a GF single and looking for a good man and this guy that you kicked it with but was not interested in finally realized saw your friend thought she was attractive and your friend inquired to you about him as well would it be a problem then.


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