Cheatin azz mofo

Saturday, February 20, 2010

What's up fam?
I guess the buzz words on the street are: TIGER. WOODS.

Now, if you know me, then you already know that Meik don't tolerate none of that cheating bullish.. if u don't lemme give u the abbreviated version of why:

Thought I was with the love of my life, soulmate, ace boon coon, blah blah and blah blah for years.. only to find out.. his azz done looked in a mirror, found out he was cute and thought he'd hump any and every chick out there.. thank gawd i found out before marrying the mutha sucka.. hmm wonder if he has a "sex addiction" ***blank stare**

Anyhoo.. after almost 8 years of bull ish.. i looked in the mirror my dayum self and said... "you deserve better than this.. its okay to be alone need to do you and walk away".. and I did and that was 5 years ago.. granted, I tend to miss his azz around the holidays..but I do still have some sanity left.. I would never give this mofo another chance to rip my heart into shreds..took me too long to be able to gain my confidence back.

Anyhoo.. I got off track.. TIGER WOODS. if this mofo don't sit his blasian azz down somewhere. The only person he owes an explanation to is his wifey and them chil'ren..and whoever he worships to. I think the media, and his fans are taking this too personal. He's human, he f'd up.. but how did it hurt ya'll.. IT DIDNT. move the f on.

It amazes me how folks are offended personally if an athlete is caught doing some ish. I'm offended when mofos start excusing the ish like its okay. Have we not learned that the side chicks are always crazy as hell?? (ummm steve mcnair ring a bell anyone?) Have we not learned that its best to have your own lover and not take seconds??? It's a damn crying azz shame when nobody seems to respect boundaries of relationships.

The last skank I caught my ex with was a so called "sorority sister" this tramp was married with her hubby fighting overseas in the war.. but all she saw fit to do was open her legs and sleep with half of the city.. but that's neither here nor there.. my point is.. no respect for her relationship or anyone elses.. and folks wonder why diseases run rampant .. no one seems to care..

so at what point fam do we stop lusting and hunching and learning how to RESPECT committments that we have made?

Ponder that..

Until later..

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  1. Although the entire situation is sad, it was funny how fast those heffas threw his azz under the bus once the word was out.

  2. i know right? lol. i see where now they want an apology..umm how that work??

  3. The media built him up and is tearing him down. This is a bigger challenge for him...than golfing.

  4. same with chris brown dontcha think.. he had the squeaky clean image too.. til he slapped the piss out of rih rih LOL.. then the media knocked his azz back down to reality and dragged him thru the mud..

  5. Well El Tigre is very volatile right now. His marriage, career, sanity and his soul is on the line. The biggest fight of his life is with himself. Media, fans, haters, etc will have to stand in line to get a piece of the Tiger. Leave him alone. Hey, is he like the only serial cheater ya'll know?...HELL TO THE NAW! Pick on someone else.


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