Complaining azz mofos

Thursday, March 11, 2010

What up fam?

I just realized that some folks will forever be stuck in the "i wanna complain about shit but not do anything to fix it or make it better" warp..

What you mean Meik?

Well.. I've just noticed, we've been getting quite a few events here in Charlotte, such as Tyler Perry's play, and now Je'Caryous Johnson is bringing his new stage play here.. which is a good look I think..

Mofos CONSTANTLY complain about how nothing ever comes to NC, all the other cities get this and that and we don't get ish but when it's here, what do they do? "Maaaaan.. i dont wanna see that typical negro spiritual play, or I aint got money for that or I dont even like that ish".. but yet you keep flapping your lips? Let Weezy or Souljah Boy or Wocka Flocka ish come to town and mofos is giving up their got dayum rent money just to get a seat in the building.. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

We can support that bull ish but we can't support the very ones that are GIVING our folks jobs in television, film, production, theater, etc??? We can support those mofos that are degrading women and teaching mofos how to have a gazillion babies with different baby mamas and influencing drugs and all that ish? But we can't come out of pocket for 48.50 to see a play that might just teach you a lesson if you can understand the message..

I'm so sick to death of hearing this "I dont wanna see the same type of plays Mama stole the chicken from the church barbeque but i found Jesus type of mess"..ok there's a difference and if you can't distinguish it..then get some dayum culture.. seriously..

Tyler Perry has paved the way for many.. you may not like him, his plays, Madea or even his movies, but you gotta give him credit for his amazing journey, and for that I will continue to support someone that I see doing the damn thing.

Je'Caryous Johnson.. are any of you even aware of this man's accomplishments? To sit and say you dont' wanna see the type of play he has and you don't even know is some ole ignorant azz bull ish.. GOOGLE HIM. read his books, watch his ish on dvd.. learn about his journey before you make stupid azz assumptions on his productions..

A man that will create an acting studio so he can help those same people get ahead in a field they want to succeed in is alright in my book.. what exactly are you doing besides sitting there complaining?

These two men are nothing alike but have paved the way.. so all im saying is RESPECT their art form.. and quit got dayum complaining.

If you wanna stay stuck in the club, bumping Weezy til you 60 yrs old..fine.. but for the rest of us that actually like going to plays and supporting our black folks.. SHUT THE F UP but don't say NOT ONE DAYUM THING when NOTHING else comes to charlotte cuz u had the chance to support the shit from day one.

And One more thing.. you LAME ASS MOFOS..
if a chick asks if you want to go to see a play , at least have the f'in decency to say yes or no.. dont come out the side of your raggedy azz neck talking bout YOU PAYING FOR THIS OR THAT and WHAT AM I GONNA GET AFTER.. this comes down to again why the f i stay single in charlotte.. mofos round here f'in KILL ME. where are the cultured, educated, open minded men?

***throwing the mic and steppin the f off my soapbox**

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  1. ppl are like that a 9 out of 10 want to support but really don't have the money just won't say...and the other just want to complain cause they are miserable and unsuccessful!!!

  2. Mo..its the same for FREE events..

  3. well, Charlotte is a city that is evolving... and with that evolvement, come people who are sometimes not certain what they want to do and when they want to do it... uncertainty sometimes plays a huge part... as well as other things....
    C.C. Mitchell

  4. true..but at some point u gotta try new things ya know..

  5. Sounds like you need a new starting line-up! Can't believe you got that kind of response from the men you asked....geesh!! lol. I will definitely see you at the play and hopefully the Afterparty:)We're letting everyone in free with a play ticket stub so hopefully they're more inclined to pay that 48.50 for a ticket. I really want to see this play do well! :)

  6. Meik, the priorites are messed up with people. The put their money and time where their heart is. I know people who won't pay $5.00 for a networking event where they can meet new people who can help them get to the next level but will drop $20.00 to go to the club with a bunch of.....well you know what I mean.

  7. I agree totally with your statements. People do need to stop the complaining when they are the last to support their own people in trying to set a positive example for our youth. and even our people as a whole.

    And to answer your last question. I think I married one of the last cultured, educated, open minded man. And I thank God for him daily.

  8. I hear ya Meik! I get tired of folks complaining about Charlotte, too. If you think Charlotte is not happening enough for you, 85 is wide open for you to leave.


  9. haha !! anonymous you got to be kidding!


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