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Monday, March 15, 2010

What's up Fam?

I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with I’m Ready Productions CEO and Executive Producer Je’Caryous Johnson during his visit to the Queen City. Especially after my rant about people complaining and whining, I thought it'd be the perfect time to see what he thought.. and let me just tell you, he has got to be one of the nicest, most humble men I have ever met.

If you didn't believe me before when I said this man is a force to be reckoned with in the theater world... then you most DEFINATELY have to check out the play "Cheaper to Keep Her" if it comes to your city.. find out for yourself... I'll be waiting right here when you come back with the "you were right Meik.."

But let me just tell you first hand some of the comments I heard in the theater, (yeah I'm nosey.. AND?).. "I've never been to a play this crunk before", "This is one of the best plays I've EVER been to" "Whew, Christian Keyes is sexy" (oh wait.. that was me that said that part.. I digress..)

Mr. Johnson is no stranger to the stage despite what some think. He's been doing this for ten years. Since alot of folks love to get their comparison on, I asked him his thoughts on being compared to Tyler Perry and always getting lumped in the category of having the same type of "chitlin circuit" type of play..

His response?
"Tyler Perry is a large influence, and you either love him or hate him, but we're both in the same genre, playing the same game, we just do it differently. "

Now if that ain't a man after my own heart..

Je'Caryous Johnson is definately a trend-setter in his own right..

What you mean Meik?

Well, ya'll know I don't endorse no mess.. and am quick to call folks out on it. Johnson's plays are relationship based with a comedic flair, the production value alone is superb.. I can honestly say.. I had not one complaint during my experience at Ovens Auditiorium. I was impressed that the actors and Johnson himself were so accessible by taking pics, and signing autographs..

This brotha is an author, actor, playwright, and educator just to name a few.. He doesn't see the world as competition, instead, Johnson told me the world is large enough for everyone to exist. It's all about creating a legacy .. and paving the way for the future is one thing Johnson doesn't take lightly. The Je'Caryous Johnson Acting Studio is proof of that.. "One of the reasons I opened my school was to give people the opportunity to pursue their dreams, cultivate and learn their craft. We teach screenwriting, acting, playwrighting, and production. These are the people who will continue the legacy and become the next big things.." (umm sign me up!)

Now.. lemme just stop here and say.. Je'Caryous reminds me of Michael Jackson in the film "This is It".. if you've seen it, then you know the part where MJ tells Orinithi or whatever her name is, that it's her time to shine during her guitar solo, and they'll all be right there with her giving her the support she needs.

Je'Caryous is doing the same thing, by giving his student Renee Rivon her chance to shine. This girl is doing the dang thing..she co-wrote "Cheaper to Keep Her" and when you see the play, fam.. I'm telling you.. you'll understand what I'm talking bout.. its her time to shine and Je'Caryous is giving her the platform to do so..

I hope that you guys will take the opportunity to learn more about someone before you cast judgement and support those that are doing their part to pave the way for the future.

Oh and if you also get the chance, pick up his latest book "I'm a Good Man, You're a Good Woman: Why Can't We Find Each Other?" I give it two thumbs up!

I'm getting off my soapbox, but I just wanted to give you a more indepth look at WHY you can't just ASSUME someone's body of work is the same as something else that you've been exposed to if you don't even know the history behind it..

Learn more about Je'Caryous Johnson and I'm Ready Productions at jecaryousjohnson.com and imreadyproductions.com

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  1. wow dats deep...alot of ppl dont see it ur way...ppl cant judge a book by its cover....the problem with ppl is dat they have their opinion already without even knowing the issue or knowing sumbody's work...two thumbs up to ya lol

  2. I strongly encourage you to check out the play kidhunger if you get the opportunity! but im glad u enjoyed the blog and can see where im going with this..

  3. First off that is really cool you were an to do an interview with him. I have never heard anything about that play or him. This article makes me go want to watch it and bring other friends.

    Being a journalist I really like this article and it made me want to keep reading more and learning about him and the play. I hope it comes to Raleigh so I can go and see it.

    How did you get the chance to do this interview with him? I know you mentioned that the whole production crew seemed to be very open to audience members. You don't find too many people like that. Kepp posting and I will keep reading Shameika!

  4. u can always order the dvd's christian :-) thanks for the luv .. and err umm i aint revealing how i got the interview LMAO..

  5. Let me say that I am one of the folks who wouldn't give the play a chance.....lol. But I appreciate the insight you've given this topic b/c it will make me look at them differently from here on out. ;)


  6. Ro.. dare i ask WHY u wouldnt give the play a chance? oh imma drag u out the house for the next one LOL

  7. Wow! I'm so excited to see his work. Thank you for bringing this brotha to the forefront for us in other states! And I love that part where Orinthi or whatever her name is, gets schooled by MJ!!! Great article!


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