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Saturday, June 13, 2009

What's up fam? I know I'm slippin on my blogs...but lawd knows I debated on blogging on this one..but I'm still laughing so I figured...aww hell do it.

Have you ever gone somewhere and just had an amazing conversation with someone and thought..dang..this mofo has some sense..I'd like to get to know this person a lil better??

Well...A while was a girls night out..we're all looking cute..chillin at the bar...knocking back a few and in walks this cutie that's in there all the i make my way over and start chit chatting and he introduces me to his friend. why is it when u tryin to talk to one mofo..the friend is always the one interested? dang it....well good thing he was cute..hell.

So..We get to talking...and he keeps handing me more moet to drink..on top of that goose i been sippin on and we exchange numbers and im thinking..ill never speak to his azz again...hell..least i got a good buzz LOL..

He calls the next day and invites me to dinner...ok he gets two for calling and inviting me to dinner and two for not running the red light and heading straight for the drawz...
So I'm all going on a date..with a black man in the qc..woo hoo..a mofo with some sense, a job, and he's cute!


remember...i was drunk right? I'm driving..I'm thinking..wait..WTF did he look like? All i can recall is he was light skin but no features are jumping out at i check in with a couple of my girls..they give their seal of approval so im good...

So I take a deep the door to the restaurant...and walk in...I see a cute guy standing at the bar..and he turns around and comes over..( least he is a cutie)...then we chat while waiting for the hostess...and I'm thinking...WTF is he looking at?

Fam..I swear to gawd..he was looking at me..but not looking at me..

I mean..his face was in my direction but his eyes were always looking past me..almost like a blind person would u know simple as hell..I turn around to see what he looking at...and I dont see anything..ok obviously I do this all nite and I realize..something is wrong..but I can't force myself to i just say f it..he's still cool..and the convo is on point...


his f'in phone is going off every few minutes and then he reveals to me...
he has..

umm Meik DONT DO THAT MANY KIDS. 1 is cool...but 4..awww hell naw...

well at least they are by the same that's a plus right?

So by the end of the night I've decided that he is gonna get the okey doke brush off..but I can't do it..cuz he's mad cool...lawd help me..i think i done developed a conscious and a soft heart...what happened to the Meik we all know and love????

The funny part is..I have no clue what that mans name I gave him a name..and fool answers by it everytime...

So..I made good on my new years resolution to give mofos a chance...and I believe one of my girls said it best "You gotta give even the critters a chance..they could turn out to be your prince"..

well...this one aint my prince charming but i do think i gained a friend..but the shyt is still funny to me..what's even funnier is that the next day..I go off on all my girls that gave the stamp of approval and these mofos gonna say.."oh u didnt notice that??"

Lesson Learned: Don't accept dates if u dont know what a mofo looks like...and DONT listen to the drunk azzes that was with u cuz they sho dont tell the truth when u need them to LOL....


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  1. Hmmm...was he looking past you for his wife to come storming in and cutting up on his ass? LOL


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