RIP Michael Jackson the King of Pop

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The King of Pop is dead.

It's funny, I could never understand how people could boo hoo and cry and be hurt over the passing of someone they don't know on a personal level.

June 25th..I found out just how it feels.

I of course like many, have stayed glued to the television, watching the latest news on what happened, and checking out all the videos that Michael Jackson left us to enjoy..and being the mofo that I am..I've also been trying to mimic the dance moves that I once attempted as a child (now what makes me think I can do them now..who knows)

And each time I watch the same videos over and over ..I get this feeling I just can't seem to explain...almost like a part of my childhood has been torn away. Even writing this im a lil teary eyed.

Everyone has some sort of connection to MJ..I guess mine is similar...growing up listening to his music, glued to the tv for every video, performance, ect..

And of course when Thriller came out..I just knew I was gonna be "Wifey"

and of course all the years that I was a cheerleader..MJ and his choreography was always an inspiration..especially around competition/pep rally time...

but growing up, when i hit my lil writing phase..Michael Jackson and the Jackson family were always the topic of my essays or lil articles that I wrote just for fun..I guess I always knew I'd be a writer/journalist and hoped one day I'd be lucky enough to actually meet the Legend himself..

It never happened, but I did manage to see his star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame a couple of years ago..and I take comfort in knowing I was never one to judge him or question why he did anything, and I was still listening to his music as if it just came out last week...I just viewed him as a creative, magical, extremely talented force to be reckoned with..

Im starting to ramble..but im not quite sure how to end this blog except to say...

Rest in Peace Michael Jackson, you will never be forgotten...

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