Still shakin my head at mofos...

Monday, April 13, 2009

What up fam?

I know its been a minute since I last blogged..but a sista has been busy...

I dont really have an isolated incident to blog about but more of an accumulation or observation of things that have been going on the past few months.

I dont know what the heck is goings on in some mofos heads..but there is a right way and a wrong way to approach women.

Granted, if you are just looking for a jump off..gawd can you have some class about yourself and at least be up front and honest?!

I have literally been in the floor screaming with laughter over comments I've heard when mofos think they are trying to be swexxy with it (and as usual they utter this ish within the first couple of convos)..and the sad thing is Im sure it works on some lame low self esteem chicks..

Some of my favs:

"Can we do it?"....umm are we in f'in middle school?? that the best u can come up with?

"lemme take you out for a hot dinner (as opposed to a cold one i guess) and then you can let me hit it"...WTF???

"I got a gift I wanna give you"...really??? wow...i so dont want it LOL..

The list goes on and on but seriously..what happened to the good ole days of getting to know someone without tryin to get in the drawz?!

I'm just asking...

Lesson Learned: Mofos need to learn some f'in etiquette..nuff said.

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