A Mofo and his fetishes...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

What's up fam?

I'm starting to notice a trend ..mofos around the qc aint worth a dayum..and this lil blog entry aint gonna be no different..

Take a trip with me once again down memory lane...Feb 2008...

This guy I went out with was totally not my type but he is really nice and is really what we would call a "nice/good guy"..now don't get me wrong..there's nothing wrong with that but I need a brotha to have a lil edge to him...but i figured...the ones with edge aint paying me no attention so try something different plus..he's kinda cute..

So..we go out..meet up for lunch..and end up talking for 2 hours...convo was just that good..then later we ended up meeting up again to hang out...and since I've known dude..it wasn't a problem for me to invite him to my house to just hang out...NO BOOTY CALL..just continue our convo since the dayum restaurant closed and I lived right around the corner.

No problem right??

Well..we're sitting on the couch and he says...can i see the shoe you had on earlier..so i run upstairs and grab one of my boots and am like what?? what's wrong with it? then he says..in a low voice eerie voice "do you have any weird turn-ons?"

IMMEDIATELY im like WTF??? no...im like wtf is this fool bout to say??!!! then he continues talking in a voice he thinks is sexy (and its STILL creeping me out) and tells me a story about how he has a fetish for women in heels (okaaaay)...but it goes further than that..he tells me that he got this fetish by watching some movie with a dinner table scene with a couple playing footsies and the chick basically felt the dude up with her foot under the table..im assuming she had on heels..
so you know im fool...i said..so lemme get this straight..u want a woman to play with your willy wang with heels on???

he smiled..YUCK MOFO!

Needless to say I yanked my dayum boot and promptly threw that azz outta my crib..how the F do I manage to weed out the crazies???

Lesson Learned:
IF you tryin to keep a chick around..keep your fetishes and ish under control til u think she really like you ...otherwise you gonna be sitting outside looking crazy wondering wtf just happened...

But I gotta ask...What's some weird turn on's you've heard of or that you may have??


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  1. Meik... need I remind you of the guy who I went out with who, after kissing me a couple times, asked if he could lick my armpit? Feet? Definitely icky, but whatevs...

  2. Hey, at least he didn't want to suck your toe. I have NEVER understood that one...

    Didja like him? Ok, so introduce his wenis to your Manolo Blahniks... no big wup, right? But if he's a gross mofo, then introduce your shit-kickin' boots to his ass.


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