A Mofo and his ignat azz texts..

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What's up fam?
Been a minute since I've found a good mofo to blog on...and dammit if it didn't fall into my lap today..

So..I know this mofo cannot spell..or hell talk good for that matter..so I decide to engage him in a text convo...

lawd y?..who knows..boredom and just sheer messiness i guess..

So he sends me several pics ..one of which looks like a farm or just a big azz yard..

so i text back saying..hmm..is this your yard? do you have a farm?

He responds: no..i was on a field trip with my godson at the Am'nash Farm..

So..I ASSUME (and we all know what happens when you do this..especially with ignorant azz folks) that its the name of the property..ya know like the Am'nash's own this mofo..right?!

So I said oh ok..nice pic..

He responds with: I had a blast..I've never met any Amnash people before.




soooooooooo again...i dont wanna assume what im thinking so i ask again...

what kind of people are they??

he says..you know amnash people..just real plain like and live simply..




at this point..i dropped the phone and HOLLARED..this fool meant: AMISH FARM AND AMISH PEOPLE.

this is why i need to go sit in the corner away from everyone. i cannot take ignorant mofos. but then again..i blame myself on this one...


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