It's a lost art....

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What's up fam?
Recent events over the past few months, hell ..make that years during my stay in the QC has forced my hand to write this blog..

Something clearly is missing in the lives of the men in our generation, and im not pointing fingers..but im guessing its either how these mofos were raised, their environment or the mofos they hang around..

It's a lost art...the art of the "follow through"..aka..."do what you say you gonna dayum do."

What that mean Meik?

Well..when I say follow through, lemme give you an example:

Boy meets girl...
Boy asks girl out..or vice versa..either way..some dayum plans are made..or the mofo just says imma call you, or something to that effect..
Boy never follows through and doesn't call or shows up
Girl left looking and feeling like WTF?!

I don't know if we need to blame the triflin azz chicks that allow this behavior and pat the mofos on the back like its okay or what...but some of us have standards and this ish just CANNOT fly..

You wouldn't do that ish in a professional setting so why in your personal life?

1. If you don't like a mofo...TELL THEM..well in a nice way of course..
How hard can it be to be up front and honest and tell a mofo you aint feeling them?

2. If you have been asked to go on a date...and you don't wanna go..don't agree to the ish..that eliminates the lies that i oh so despise..

3. If you just aint interested in ish but a booty call ...SAY can fix your mouth to say other ish..dont be scurred about your biznass and be up front..

4. All that rescheduling ish...and you know dayum well you aint going to begin with..Why? why waste folks time? again...just tell a mofo you don't wanna dayum go or u dont wanna do whatever it is they are asking..

5. If you sitting back waitin on a better that ish..just let the other person know you dont dayum wanna be bothered cuz you waitin on your dream jumpoff to call lol...

Lesson Learned: COMMUNICATION IS might find out the other person just wants the same thing..hell, you never know til you open your mouth and be honest..

Stay classy and follow through with ish...


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