A Mofo and his ignorance..

Friday, March 20, 2009

Whats up fam...

It's amazing to me the thought process that some folks have..and sometimes I just wanna backhand them and say R U F'IN SERIOUS??

I was talking to an old friend the other day and he asked me what my future plans were...so I tell him about how I've finally figured out what it is I want to do with my life (well at least this week) then he says.."What about a husband, what about kids?"

Well...I guess those will come when God sees fit for me to have them but for now..I'm focused on my career goal...

This mofo takes a deep breath and utters the most stupidest mess I've heard in the past few days...

"Some dreams aren't meant to be and you are getting older so you might need to find a plan B. Besides, people only have one great love in their life, and you already had yours, so you need to just find someone you can learn to love and make it work. I'm sure you can find a nice blue collar worker that will worship you."




I think I had to hold the phone away from my ear and shake it a few times...EXCUSE ME???

Now..if that statement doesn't have bitchassness all thru it and under it and around it I dont know what does..what in the hot hayle does a blue worker collar have to with me sitting here plotting out a new career path and what does yearning for a hubby and kids do for me but work my nerves??...but then I started thinking..IS HE RIGHT?? (point being one dose of bitchassness causes a snowball effect and makes you catch the disease too)...

After about a minute I said, you know what..If it was a great love in my life where the hell is it? wouldnt I still be with that person? Why should I settle just cuz you did? I really think I'd rather be on my own without having to deal with a mofo I don't even like lol..

How the F do you LEARN to love someone? In my book, you either love them or you don't..and I aint got time to be making myself LEARN to do anything ...now of course its different if you meet someone and you really like that person, but it GROWS into love ..you don't LEARN to love them...stupid mofo.

Why should i hang up my dreams just cuz you think i should? Folks kill me acting like 30 is knocking on deaths door and you will never ever ever have anything if you dont already have it.

Lesson Learned: So...my advice to simple minded folks is...you can settle if you want..but Meik will be damned if she does...
When its time..love will find me..and until then..im busy handlin my biz-nass...


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