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Saturday, March 14, 2009

What up fam? I had the pleasure of interviewing one of the nicest men everrrrrr! And he's nice to look at...and can sang his azz off! And no..he definately is not a mofo! Check it out:


Don't Call it a Comeback..He's Been Here for Years.....

North Carolina’s own soul singer extraordinaire Calvin Richardson rocked the stage during the 2009 CIAA Rock the Rim Tournament. You may have seen him crooning to the ladies at the Celebration of Soul, caught him singing the National Anthem, or at an after party…regardless, one thing remains constant, his love for the fans, “I’ve gotten to meet a lot of fans from different places and the response has been great, that’s always a good thing,” says Richardson.

Over the past decade, Monroe bred Richardson has put out three albums, with the next to hit stores later this summer...some fans even had a front row seat as The Prince of Soul worked his magic for the cameras while filming the video for his new single, “Can I”…at Nikko’s Restaurant on South Boulevard.
Richardson is simply putting the spark back into what’s been missing for some these days…the art of love making, dating and chivalry.
According to Richardson, “Can I is a ballad that is about giving and taking in a relationship. And in the video, its about being out having a good time, where both parties are making sure each other is well taken care of.”
The Prince of Soul earned his place in soul music history by being an artist that stays true to himself and his art form. Richardson says soul music is all about what’s in the lyrics and how they can connect people on a real level. “If you come to one of my shows, you’ll hear music that’s about different situations that I’ve been through and others may be experiencing. I give you the reality and for some that’s a source of healing.”
Calvin Richardson is one of the rare artists that truly live by the motto, ‘what you see is what you get.’ He doesn’t have a separate persona onstage and off, but one thing he’s looking forward to doing in the future is giving back to the community by working with an organization dedicated to the well being of children, “The children are the future, so I want to be a role model for them so that they can see options are out there and help them achieve their dreams.”
Mr. Richardson isn’t just an artist, he’s also a businessman. He owns 2 year old Nu Mo Records which is based in the Queen City. “Nu Mo is short for the New Motown, it’s our way of doing the old music thing the new way,” says Richardson. While Calvin is the only artist out on the label so far, he has other acts that are currently in the development stages.
As a businessman, Richardson has had to learn how to juggle wearing two hats, artist, and owner of a record label. “It has definitely taken some adjusting, but now I have a better idea through trial and error on how to market and promote with the proper set up time”.
Don’t get it twisted though, this brother is a quadruple threat, he’s also a song writer and fashion designer.
The Grammy nominated Richardson is getting more national recognition by penning Gap Band’s infamous Charlie Wilson’s latest hit, “There Goes My Baby” which has been in the top ten on the billboard charts. “It’s not just about being able to write a song for yourself, you also have to be able to write a hit for others.”
Meanwhile, with his fashion designer hat on, Richardson's clothing line, Rich Wear, is urban wear for both men and women which is expected to hit stores soon.
If you’re looking to break into the music business, The Prince of Soul has nothing but words of wisdom, “Preparation is the key. You have to be dedicated. It’s an all or nothing type of business and you can’t take “No” for an answer. If it’s your dream, make it your goal, and make it happen.”
And..oh yeah ladies, Mr. Richardson is single……
For more information about the Prince of Soul, check out his official website

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  1. Ohhhhhh...he's yummy.
    Thanks for the info, Shameika. Ima get his album! :)

  2. he's one of the nicest guys i have ever met! and my fav album is When Love Comes...get that one!! lol..


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