I despise a triflin mofo...

Saturday, March 07, 2009

What's up fam?

Gawd..one thing I hate more than anything is a mofo that just don't dayum get it.

Take a trip with me down memory lane...to a few months ago when I met this mofo...I needed some parts for my car..and he was the manager at the auto parts store..(shut up..you grin and flirt and bat your eyelashes and u just might get that discount..try it and lemme know how it works LOL..cuz i dayum sho got mine..and yeah he's an older dude like in his 40's)..but I digress..

He tells me he can fix my car at the time cuz the check engine light kept coming on..and since he seemed to know what the f he was talkin bout...so once ta dayum 'gain..i give a mofo my number...

We make plans for him to fix the v-dub ...and i tell him just come by my job..he can fix it in the parking lot....

Now maybe its me...but I'm feelin like if you coming to work on my car, you gonna have on ratty azz clothes right?

I go outside to meet him in the parking lot, and this fool is decked out in his sunday best..complete with Old Spice choking the ish out of me...




Come to find out..this mofo ain't got no plans of fixing my car..he talkin bout lemme just pour this gas treatment in there. FOOL I COULDA DONE THAT!!!

Fast Forward to two days ago...he calls me out of the blue with some ish about how he miss hearing my voice cuz it sounds like silk...

WTF?! I've probably had 3 conversations tops with this mofo!

He tells me he's gonna give me all his contact numbers and he's been researching my car and he now knows what's wrong with it (6 months later..)..fool...i been done had my ish fixed WTF..


Why must they act like they know ish when they don't?!

Lesson Learned: Maybe you shouldn't flirt in the auto parts store..hell.


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  1. No, you should TOTALLY flirt in the auto parts store. But don't leave (or stop flirting) until your car is fixed. IN THE DAYUM STORE/SHOP/WHEREV.

    I totally flirted, batted the eyelashes, licked my lips...the works...the last time I got pulled over. I still got a ticket!! Lesson learned: Always bring your husband, in case the cop is gay.

  2. LMAO..what if u aint got a husband?! This is exactly why i end up in mofo situations!

  3. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO I told you to stop messin' with them old arse mens... you gonna get worms.

  4. Okay, so what got me is that this dude was rockin' OLD SPICE!!! WHO IN THE HELL STILL WEARS OLD SPICE?!?! I mean, really, is this 1985??? LMAO!!!!!!!

    ...and LMAO @ Chy!!!

  5. what exactly is f'in worms chy?! gawd. i hate when u make me ponder ish.

    my dad luvs old spice..and remember so does LL Cool J according to that gawd awful commercial..

  6. YIKES! My bad...I just don't hear about too many guys wearing Old Spice. And don't get me started with that stupid commercial with LL...

  7. LMAO...well that's the point..men over 50 love that ish LMAOOOOO..

  8. Listen, Ima hafta stop readin the dayum mofo
    chronicles, cuz this lil White Granny is startin to write like Meik and talk badazz too. WTF!

  9. See now u picked the wrong dude. Keep yo flirtin' grl and he will fix yo headlites yo catalitic converter yo tail pipe and even give u a lube job for FREE.


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