Cheap azz mofos..

Monday, March 02, 2009

What up fam?

I swear ta gawd..I need to just quit trying to mingle..cuz when I do..mofos show their azzez...

Friday night..I met what seemed to be a cool guy...very professional, had good conversation, great sense of humor...

We talked on the phone red flags popped up...well maybe one..when he told me he bought a big azz flat screen tv and he aint even got cable..but I digress...

So...He hits me know im a sucker for a mofo that thinks im just as beautiful as I do...but he buttered me up with that then ....asked if i'd like to meet for dinner...

Well, I've been on the grind working on some stuff for the past few days so I had to hit him back..and when I did..I swear I wish I hadn't...

This mofo here...

Tells me he's got a coupon for buy one get one free meals at TGI Fridays...and that he has to use it today before it expires.




Now..don't get me wrong, I get its a dayum recession...and I get that TGI Friday's has good food..but on a first date can you NOT BE SO DAYUM TRIFE?!

Take one of your some dayum chick u just met!

Needless to say, I took the nice way out and told him he should probably just go get those two meals for himself since he's on a tryin to help his azz out..

I just have no words for the mofos this week...they just make me tired..


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  1. So would you rather the man financially overextend himself instead of doing what fit's his pocket at the time? Not to mention...why can't you pay for your own food?

  2. Well..I can pay for my own food..but his ass asked me out...and if he can't afford it..dont ask a mofo out to dinner...come up with another date where u dont have to spend any money..that eliminates all this ish..


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