I hates me a dirty nose mofo..

Saturday, February 28, 2009

What up fam?

It's CIAA week in the Queen City and you know dayum well what that means...plenty of mofos running the streets...

I swear fo gawd yesterday..the creepiest mofos came crawling out the cracks in the sidewalks...

I decide to venture to the mall since I was off and had time to kill...I stroll into Bath and Body Works..(now i have on a green jacket with my sorority letters on them..)..and a mofo makes a smart azz comment and I keep on strolling.. cuz im in Meik's world as usual...

He then responds with..Oh I guess that's why you stuck up as hell...not my fault you made a mistake and didn't pledge the better sorority...(now..at this point I take a deep breath, fix my face, then whirl around)...


Now..when I turn all the hell around..im facing a man..probably in his 40's..with a lil suga in his tank..clearly if he's in BBW...and a nose full of boogers. WTF..is he serious right now?!

He then launches into a tirade about how me and my sorors are the devil...

I politely tell him that he don't know me or my dayum sorors and he should probably seek professional help to overcome his grudge....

He just continues to follow me around the dayum store, bringing up ish that happened to him in college like i give a damn..

I'm just so disgusted a grown ass man has the AUDACITY to talk to anyone with a dirty nose like that..gross.

What makes mofos do ish like this?!

Im so glad one of his friend girls (LMAO..cuz i know she wasn't his girlfriend) came in the store to get his ass cuz he was a spritz away from being blinded by some Cucumber Melon...

Lesson Learned: PULEEEZE do a booger check before approaching a mofo...please and thanks.


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  1. Did you tell him about the boogers? That's how you shut a mofo up.

  2. I am just sittin here drinking my coffee and
    it is dribbling down my little white chin. You crack me up. Every time I check out what
    the mofos be doing next. Jennifer was right,
    YOU FUNNY. LOL FUNNY. Now I sometimes find
    my white granny self writing like Meik, and
    I hafta stop myself and start over. Peeps just would not have a clue.

  3. I'm mad that that this GROWN AZZ MAN left his house with boogers in his nose LOL!


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