Product Review: Time to Cool Off

Sunday, September 10, 2023

 Heyyyy Mofos!

If you've been paying attention then you know I had a hysterectomy and with that comes the fun times of someone pressing the button on perimenopause and the devil decides to turn the furnace on in your body when you are just minding your business. Hot flashes, night sweats, you name it, and for the past year, I haven't slept under a comforter because IT IS TOO HOT.  It's hard to be cute and sexy when you're waking up with your bonnet half on, your night clothes wet and not from the secks, but from your own body temperature being raised to a gazillion degrees. 

So I jumped at the chance to try out the Evercool Cooling Comforter from Rest Duvet to see if this would let me be great while I sleep. This comforter, I got it in Cool Gray, it was cool to the touch when I got it. It feels like a silky something, I'm not up on my fabrics game, but I knew it didn't feel like regular ass cotton. So, I put it on my bed and just laid there in cool comfort. When I tell you, I could actually get under the covers and sleep like a normal person?! WHY did I let this comforter sit for months before I decided to actually use it? Crazy as hell that's why. 

The company says the cooling comforter helps with managing your body temp changes by preventing heat accumulation under the blanket and keeping the skin cool. I don't know about ya'll but to feel comfortable these days, I need to feel cool. 

I recommend at least trying it out to see if it cools you down at night. Listen, your significant other might not want to feel cool but you can get a twin size to wrap up in on your side of the bed and you can turn the a/c back to normal so they won't freeze while you are trying to cool down. Make it work for you! 

Let me know if you try it out and what you think! I'm going to take a nap. 


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