Movie Review: "Creed III" Shows Men Can Share Their Emotions

Friday, February 24, 2023


Hey Mofos! 

So I got the chance to attend a media screening for "Creed III" and let me tell you, I left out of the theater ready to enroll in a boxing class again. 

That's another story on the boxing class again part, but if you have seen the first two installments of the film, you will only be slightly disappointed in the 3rd one, so let's dig into the deets. 

Spoiler alert: Rocky aka Sylvester Stallone is not in this film and to me, that was the major piece that was missing. I read he didn't like the direction of the storyline and I can kind of guess on what parts he may not have liked, but I'm not a screenwriter nor a director so I'll just hush. Does the film address the void left by him not being there? NOPE.. so make up whatever story you want in your head for that, but I will say there are moments and references that still pay homage to the Rocky franchise. I'm glad that leaves the door open for Rocky to return in later films if they continue doing these. 

 I thought Michael B. Jordan did the damn thing in his directorial debut with this film. Lil Reggie done grew up (that's an old school "All My Children" reference for the soap opera fans out there). There were details that stood out that had someone else been directing, they may have made a different choice. I always think acting and directing in a film gives it a certain perspective that someone who isn't on both sides of the camera will ever understand.  

Can we pause here to reflect on the glistening sweat and rippling muscles and the close-ups of him and Jonathan Majors? Thank you Michael B. Jordan, because I think you KNEW what  some of us ladies and some men came to see. 

That aside, the story line--it was the tried and true story of two brothers battling for the championship, the underdog, the anger, the jealousy, and the only way to handle it is with fists. 

Sigh, I really didn't like Majors' character, but I digress. What I did like with this installment was the fact we got to dig into the emotional weight that Black men carry and see when they won't let anyone else help, we got to see Black men cry and show emotion, and be vulnerable. That spoke volumes, because in our community, men aren't supposed to show emotion (who the hell made that rule up anyway??), and men are supposed to be strong and not share past things that may have affected who they are today. So I appreciate the film for shining a light on that. 

My favorite character tho-- Creed and Bianca's daughter Amara. Her little cute self played by Mila Davis Kent, is older now and able to understand that her father is a boxer. I don't want to give it away, but I think the words he spoke over here in Creed II  are at play in this installment. 

"Creed III" will make you laugh, want to box, shed a tear, and make you check in on your own mental health. It's a definite must see!

It is in theaters everywhere on March 3. Let me know what you think! 


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